"It's getting a little hot..."

Return from school. I think so, walking the usual way to the hospital.It may have gotten a little hot.Of course, it's not so hot and humid yet.But it's almost July. The season when the ice cream tastes so good is just around the corner.

No, it doesn't matter if I say it doesn't matter.Ron's ward is always comfortable.

Enter Ron's ward.Ron was hanging out on the bed.I wonder what they're doing.

"Hey, sweetheart, I don't know yet...."

………… What should I do?I'm so happy.

Today Goodwill's girlfriend is Tiger.The tiger stuffed toy I picked up for 300 yen in a crane game at the Game Center feels very good.I have something for myself in the room, but I stroke it occasionally.

Walk up to Roon-chan with a tiger in her arms.Len hasn't noticed yet.In the meantime, I put the new kid today on the direction of Ron's progress and the part of his face.


And I bumped into it immediately.


Len-chan stares at it.Horse stuffed toys. Defaulted horses, of course.She's staring at each other with her crushed eyes.

Next, Ren-chan looked up at me.

Hey, Ron-chan


Lotus laughs happily.Cute.

"This kid, what?

It's a horse.


"He said he wanted to ride a horse, so I brought it."

"Yeah, I don't know what that means."

That's right.

I just came up with the idea that I shouldn't have said that about horse stuffed toys.It doesn't make any sense.

"But cute."

Put the tiger down and pick up the horse.When Len seems happy, I'm very happy too.

"Isn't it cute?


I'm glad you liked it.Mm-hmm.

Well, Renchan


"I'm going to see your horse today."


"Of course."

Ron sees a horse stuffed toy.Ron-chan says, whilst looking after your horse.


"It's a horse."


It's not that I don't like it, but Len seems to be better off small.

But I want you to rest assured.I've done some research.

"Most horses are big, but some are small."


Oh, yeah.

It wasn't implemented for Renchan.I used to be on Fatos' ranch.It can be purchased as a pet with the money of the game.I can't fight because I'm a pet, but I can move on my back.I mean, it's one of those rides in the world.

Horses have special specifications among pets and can be taken out of the home.Thank you very much for exploring the vast field.It's a little shameful, though, because you can't ride around the city or in a dungeon, so you don't need to be the only one to dive in the dungeon.

Well, it's more expensive than anything else...

I can't buy real money because I'm not a billing pet, so I have to keep saving the money in the game.Still, I was going to save up a little bit, but I heard you wanted to see your horse.

So, when I secretly consulted on the delivery, a large amount of game money was sent that day.I don't think it's bad for me to say you guys are stupid.No, thank you.

Anyway, the audience didn't have to worry about the purchase cost of the horse, so I decided to go see the horse today.

A small horse is in the list of available horses, and it seems to be of that size.Maybe it's a pony.It seems to be real, but of course it's not for horseback riding.

But I think Renchan would be just fine.

"It seems to be on Fatos' ranch, so it might be fun just to go and see it."

"I want to go!

Yeah, yeah, that's what I thought Renchan would say.So, I'm going to see your horse today.

"What kind of kid is there?

"You don't know that."


I'll tell you the information I've been investigating to a certain extent while gently relaxing the horse's stuffed toy to Renka-chan.

It seems that the horses on the ranch are replaced once a day in real life.They're going to be completely different in size and color.It's something players can buy, so it looks like they're using it to meet their favorite kids.

In fact, horse lovers appear on the ranch every day.Looking at colors and personalities, waiting for the horse you want.Amazing, isn't it?

Well, the information around here was given to me by a horse lover.

"Looks like he's been waiting for a horse.He said he was a horse that only had one sighting, and he's been there ever since. "

"That's right...I hope it fits. "


Anyway, let's hope we have a nice meeting on the ranch.I wish I had a cute horse.