Relax and wait at the game's home.Looking slowly at Shiro and the puppies playing, Len logged in.Lotus stood down in front of the house and looked at the puppies first.

Of course I'm lucky to be the first to react to such a lentil.As soon as Lucky got up, he ran into Renchan.Climb up on Len's body and head.Lucky for me, I was in my usual position.

Lucky to stroke, Ron-chan walks over here.

"Hey, what are you doing...?

"Mr. Sheep Massage"

Speaking of which, I have a sheep on my back.This feels surprisingly good.It's not heavy because it's a game, but it feels very heavy.And fufufu. Okay, that's great.


You know, your gaze and voice are kind of cold.I feel like I've lost my sight.I wonder why.

Thinking about that, Ron took out the branches of the tree from the inventory.I don't know why I put such a thing in it, but I wonder what you're going to do with it.


"Ah, hey, stop."



Somehow they're stuck over there!?Why!?

When I endured Len-chan's brutal attack for about three minutes, I was released.I wonder what it was.

When the sheep moved in, Len hugged the sheep./(adv-to, adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (on-mim) pounding/pounding/pounding/pounding/(2) (on-mim)

"Fluffy and fluffy...."

"Hmm... I see.You wanted to wipe it off. "

What? Why does Kasumi's gaze feel cold again?

"Already.... Horse, shall we go?

"Roger that!

Yeah, I'm a little scared, so I don't mind.

"With Miray!


"Mufufu, yes!

"My crazy sister started doing crazy things early on."

The difference in tension between Mirai and Renchan.

"A diagram of a sister who has no choice but to go out with her sister."

"Eh? You're my sister, aren't you?

I see.

"Shut up."

I've always tried it because I haven't decided how to get started, but it's very unpleasant.Len was stunned from start to finish.I just miss you a little.

"Take it easy, I'm coming to Fatos' ranch today."

Oh, about yesterday.

Did something happen?

"I want to buy you a horse, so please cooperate a little."

Ok, I understand.Do you have enough money?If it's just a little bit, I can get it out too. "

"Ahahah.We gathered in five minutes after asking for help.What a surprise. "

"Five minutes www"

You guys are doing too much, aren't you?

"Oh, you sent me that, too, anyway."

Oh, I sent you a million dollars.

You're sending the minimum amount of horses by yourself ~

No, really. I want to buy you a horse, but it's a little short, so can you help me? Because I sent you a lot of money right after I asked.Honestly, I was a little scared.

"That's why the horse is a gift from the viewer to Renchan."

I did it.

"In other words, if you send me more money, I can give you a lot of gifts...?

"What are you doing?"

"Please don't. My stomach will die."


No, but it's really something I care about.I just want to give you something back...

"I can only love Renchan....!


I don't want to catch Renchan from behind.Looking at the other side of the fence, Renchan leaned her neck and looked back at it.I want you to be more comfortable.

Renchan's Throughout Skill High

Suddenly I can't even move my sister's strange behavior, Renchan, just like that.

It's the usual thing.

"Shut up."

I think it's time to go.

This is one of several ranches in Fatos, but it doesn't have any particular features.There's a wooden fence in the vast grasslands where animals spend their leisure time.

In addition to cattle and sheep, there are many horses in the fence for this purpose.He was eating the grass slowly, and even as we approached, he just glanced at it.


Lotus stares at the big horse with his sparkling eyes.When Renchan gently reached out, the horse stopped eating grass and stretched its neck towards Renchan.

Ron-chan stroked slowly, and the horse licked Ron-chan.


Oh, Ron jumped up.That's what surprised me.

I said I'm sorry, but my horse chewed at Renchan.Ron-chan is slowly stroking around her neck with a smile.

"You're so sweet, horse."

If it were real, no one would buy it if the game was full of wild flavors.

Some ranches seem to have animals that don't like people.

Are you going...?

"I wonder if that's right....."

Realistic people may like such things, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd like to refrain.Maybe even Len. No, maybe Roon-chan will still accept it.

"So, how do you buy horses?

Just check it out then.

There's an old man at the entrance to the pasture, right?

If you say you want to buy a horse, they'll call you a horse you can buy.

I see. That's convenient.

That's why we're taking the unfortunate Len-chan to the entrance to this pasture.There was a middle-aged uncle by the gate of the fence.