"I'm sorry."


"I'd like to buy a horse...Can I tell my uncle?

"Oh, a horse.Wait a minute. "

My uncle put his finger in his mouth and made a high-pitched sound.Wow, that's a finger flute.

"I sometimes see it in cartoons and animations, but I still don't know how to do it."

I understand www

"Try to practice with admiration, and stop being so annoying without knowing how to do it."

"That? When did I write that?

I wonder if it's the same for everyone.

After my uncle's finger whistle, about ten horses ran from the back of the pasture.Well, I guess this is how you call it and choose.Convenient.

"Well, what kind of kid...Nnh...?

Wait. No, wait.There's something really small...!?

Ten horses came running to us.Eight of them are common horses.A horse the size of which is often seen even in horse racing.Of course, there seems to be quite a difference in the way muscles are attached and the color.Honestly, I don't know.

Of the remaining two, one is called pony.With a horse smaller than the average horse, this horse may be able to ride Len-chan.I think it is cute with light brown body hair.

The problem is the other one.It was even smaller than pony.I think it's smaller than a big dog.Is it really a horse?


Len-chan quickly headed for the small horse.A small horse staring at each other a little further away.Little by little, Len-chan gently put out one hand, and the little horse walked straight up to Len-chan's hand.

What a cute thing.

"Oh, what? A horse?Or is it something different from a horse?

No, I don't think so...

I've never seen it before.

I know you like horses for times like this, but where did he go?

Speaking of which, it looks like there aren't any horsey viewers today.You said you'd definitely come and see me yesterday.I wanted you to tell me if you could.

I've checked it out!



Probably, but it's a kind of farabella from Pony.It's smaller than a pony, so it seems to be distinguished from a miniature hose. "

Miniature hose. A convincing name.I'm playing with my spam right now, but I feel smaller than my spam just because of its size.

However, Miray, there's a little problem with that one....

the comments of the audience flow,

"Hey, I like this kid!

It was at the same time that Len liked the miniature hose.I wonder if I can't ride a horse or something.Well, that can't be helped.If you like Len, I'd love to take her home.

So let's buy it.

"I'm sorry, how much is she?

I'll ask my uncle.According to the audience, it ranges from one million down to five million up.On average, it seems to be about two million.With the cooperation of the audience, I brought $5 million, so I'm sure it's okay...

Uncle glanced at the miniature hose where Renchan would play properly and said.

Twenty million.


"Goddamn expensive www"

Literally different digits www

Isn't there a lot of zeros!?

That's the problem.There was only one sighting in this game, but I couldn't buy it for a better price than the others. "

I guess so. I hear it's at most five million, so no one carries 20 million.

Of course, you don't have to carry your wallet because it's game money, but this game is a spec that loses money when you lose a fight.To prevent it, you need to deposit the money in the in-game bank, and I think most people deposit it.

So suddenly you say 20 million, but nobody has it.

How much did you get yesterday?

It must have been 10 million.It's not enough to go back to the bank and give up the money. "


Yeah, I don't know what to do.Renchan loves the miniature hose, and the miniature hose is playing with Renchan, so I definitely want to take her home...

Mirai-chan. I'll lend you about 10 million. "

"Ah, uh, Alice?No, but.... "

It's okay. If it's true, I can give it to you.In the meantime, I'll send you the money. Can you go to the bank and get it?

"Yes, thank you. I'll let you sweeten it."

I'm sorry to have to borrow it from Alice alone, but I'll let you spoil it this time.I've got a lot of clothes and so on, so it's probably even better now.It's kind of pathetic, though.

If this game is not a direct transaction, you have to go through the bank, so you have to go to the bank now.Is it okay for Len to wait?If anything happens, Leggett will come out.

That's Alice.

"But I think it's too late."


"This miniature hose is what horse lovers are looking for all the time, right?So, what if they were on their way right away because they were out on the air?


Yeah. Well, I can't say I don't, or it's a normal story...

And what should I say after all?

"Get in the way."

A man came to the pasture.A beautiful young man with long hair shaking in the wind, riding a cool black horse.Somehow he's got about three horses.I know very well that I like horses.

It hits me so hard that I don't like it...How can I apologize to Len...



Len-chan is coming with the miniature hose.Shit, it hurts.I feel terribly guilty. If this were the case, I should have bought a horse and gone home.