"Um...Sorry, Ron.I don't have enough money.... "

"Eh... Ah, yeah...Yes, what is it.... "

Ah! It looks so dull!I want to do something about it, but I can't do anything about it...!The rules are the rules...

Look at Renchan's horse lover.Horse lovers look at the miniature hose properly.I guess that's all I've learned.Renchan stroked the miniature hose for the last time and stuck to me.

Even at times like this, Renchan doesn't do her best.I couldn't do anything, but I wanted to be angry anyway.Seeing me endure crying makes me want to cry.

Of course, the horse lover is not bad.Even a horse lover has been looking for a miniature hose...We just happened to find it.So, yeah. Yeah....

"How much is this horse?

Twenty million.

Let's buy it


I bought it right in front of my eyes.

The miniature hose looks at Renchan and goes to the horse lover.The horse lover looks at the miniature hose and strokes it only once.

And I said it.

"By the way, as you can see, I already grow a lot of horses."

"Huh? Ah, yeah.Is that right?

"Even though it's small, I can't think of buying a horse right now.I wonder if anyone could raise me instead. "

"Ah... Ahahaha....."

"What's with all this radish?"

"I'm sorry I thought you were dead, you son of a bitch."

"What? I mean, is that what this is all about?

"Ah, um..."

When Renchan saw a horse lover, he smiled.

I think Len can handle it.

That's what came out of the trade screen.I wonder if the horse lover will give you a title book, this one.

"Oh, of course I don't need anything.Keep pushing Done. "

"Eh, ah, uh...."

That's how Roon-chan is confused.As she nodded to Len-chan as she was about to laugh, she flashed her face and pressed Done.By the way, all of Renchan's screens are Hiragana.

A statement of rights came into Len's hands, and a miniature hose came to Len's side.


Ron hugs the miniature hose.The miniature hose looks happy somehow.Yeah, yeah. Good. Good.

"Hey, horse lover!You're going around!

Even though I knew it wasn't bad, I started to despise myself.

"Why are you doing this all the time?"

No, really. Honestly, I was in a lot of a hurry.

"Am I not the only one watching the broadcast?It's no wonder Mirai bought it while she was at the bank.Then I just thought I'd buy it first and give it away. "

"You really are a good guy...."

I've reviewed it, I love horses!

"Ahahah. Don't be illuminated."

Ah, that's it.My face is red because I was embarrassed.You're a good man, really.

"Horse lover. Um, it's not enough, but just for now...."

"Oh, I don't need it.It's cheap to think I could preach the horses of this world. "

"By the way, that role-play doesn't suit me."

"Would you stop that!?


Return the favor with vengeance, that's Miray wow

This is terrible www

No, I mean, if you were a knight, a samurai, or something like that, you know, horse lovers are cool on the side of actors rather than samurai.I don't know if it suits the cute one.

So, yeah.

"It doesn't suit me...."

"Can I cry?

No, but I'm sorry, I know I can't talk too much about people's role plays.

"Wow, I like horses.Honestly, it doesn't suit me. "

"Hey, horse lovers, why don't you hide your face like that?

"Money's gone."

Ah, yes......

Shit, I can't say anything for a reason.

Yeah, I'm sorry.I wish you would at least accept my hand, but for some reason I won't accept it.I don't think it'll be enough money to buy cool armor.

"You know, Mirai-san.I have a pride, too.I always enjoyed it, so I gave it to you as a thank you.So I want you to shut up and take it. "

"Ah, I'm a first-person."

"Shit! Aah!I was going to be careful!

"Grass w"

Periodic grass to grass

What? I love this horse, it's interesting!

I thought it was a little tricky.

Well, I still want to thank you for something.Especially when I see Roon-chan playing with a little horse.I'm hanging on for some reason.Looks fun.

Horse lover. Could I have a moment?I'm Alice.

"Eh, ah, yes.What is it? "

Yeah. Are we done with the role play?

"I gave up today."

Oh, yes.

Honestly, I'm sorry.

"The reaction was too interesting."

"Very well...."

Horse lovers laugh bitterly.It's not like I'm angry, so I'm relieved.

Should armor be samurai style?If you like, I'll make it for you. "


Ah, yeah. "Of course."

Eating Yabeyew

Well, Alice isn't the only one who can ask me for money wh

Incidentally, it seems that the number of orders for Renchan's clothes has further decreased.No, I'm really sorry.

I'll take it from you. Horse lovers, do you have a concept?It will be easier to imagine if there is a role play trigger. "

"Ah, that's...."

I don't think I should ask much more.Focus on Len-chan.


He's lying down. The horse's head is on Ron's stomach.Don't put your stomach on your head, fufu.It's peaceful...

Looking at Renchan, it seems that the discussion with the horse lover is over.When I noticed, I stood next to him.

"Is it over?

"Oh, it's over.Thank you. "


If I suddenly return to the role play, I get a little impatient.

The horse lover looked at Len-chan for a little while, but he immediately turned to me.

"Well, Mirai-san.I just said I don't want to thank you..... "

"Ah, do you want to go?I can save 20 million... "

"No! That's not true...."

I wonder. My teeth are cut badly.Soon it will be sophisticated.Unless it's too much, I'll take it.I really appreciate your help this time.

"Say anything.I'll do my best. "


I'll do anything.

I told you, didn't I?


The curse of the direct ball ww

Thank you!

Is there only a pervert here?

Including you!

I'm not saying it's just a pervert, but I think there are a lot of strange people.Trouble. I'm relieved that the operator seems to be playing the comments of the bad guys.