Horseback riding. Prohibited throughout the city and in the dungeons, but there are exceptions.No, it's an exception or an unexpectedly hard place to notice...

Well, that means home.

So today is a horseback riding experience at home.I plan to take a relaxing walk with Renchan.Well, I'll see you later.

I'm busy playing with horses now.

Ron-chan brushes a small horse lying down.Carefully around the stomach.It seems like a big character, and I don't have any disgusting gestures.

By the way, a small horse, Farabella, was named Fara.Too much. Pets don't seem to get caught in the naming restrictions.No, it may be that you just call yourself that and don't register it with your name.

Roll Fara slowly and carefully.Fara is small, but she seems to have a lot of hair, and she is quite fluffy.

Fara is also approaching Ren-chan with a pleasant feeling.Behind that lenticular is a pony.Do you want me to play? Ron's back is sticking with his nose.

"Hold on a second. I'll stroke you later."

Oh, I don't want you to play, do you want me to stroke you?Both are friendly horses.

By the way, my horse is lazy eating grass.This child is very my-paced, and when I stroke him, he will come by, but he won't come to be stroked especially by himself.I'm relaxing on my own.

Do you like the atmosphere? There's a crow on her back.He's facing the sun on a horse.It's peaceful...

Fara is caressed happily with her face on Renchan's leg.Pony was lying down too, and somehow Ren-chan was stroking her.That's it, flowers in both hands!

If I had spent such a relaxing time, it would have been the promised time sometime.A horse lover has contacted me.Let's invite you to our home.

Renchan, I'll call the horse lover.


That's why I invite you.Soon the horse lover came into the house.The black horse I was riding when I first saw it was with me.


When he told the horse lover, he nodded,

"Thank you for inviting me."

Yeah. Role play, huh?It's a bit fresh because no one is familiar with role-playing.

That's why I was observing the horse lover, but I feel a little vigilant.Rather than being alert, you seem to care about your horse...

Oh, maybe.

"Horse lover, horse lover."

"What is it?"

"That's what happens when you have someone else's kid."

"Ah, oh, yeah.... I'm glad..."

I knew it. Lotus is always there for first time visitors.Looks like he was on guard.This time, because the horse lover's horse is coming, Len said she won't do it.

I don't think it's going to be a big problem, but I still don't know how people's Tammymons and pets react.Just in case.

If that's what you're talking about, we'll follow up with your application.It's Alice. As usual, as soon as I gave her permission, Alice came home.

"You're annoying me, Mirai-chan. Hello, horse lovers too."


Horse lovers nodding in hawk.Alice looked at the horse lover a little funny, but she turned to me without saying anything.What was that?

Mirai-chan, why don't you take a relaxing walk on the horse today?

"Yeah, that's what I'm going to do...."

Well then, can you give me a lift to Shiro or Deer?Because I want to observe the horse lovers on the horse in order to make the image sound. "

"Well, that's fine... Do you mind if I flip?"

"Of course."

That's why Alice came with Shiro.I'll ask Shiro first.I don't think so, but just in case.Shiro looked a little troublesome, but he seemed to take care of it.I only know the atmosphere, so maybe.

"Okay, Ron, we're leaving soon."


When I called Len-chan, he came here as soon as he could.Of course, take Fara and Pony with you.Sooner or later, there's a lucky guy on Ron's head.Looks like he was able to safely defend Renchan's head today.

Anyway, let's go. Let Lenny ride the pony.That's because Fara is too small.


Roon-chan on the pony. It doesn't seem stable because there are no saddles, but it doesn't seem to be a problem as long as it's just a game or riding skills.

Ron-chan looked around as she spanned the pony.


Sounds like a fun voice. I think Renchan is used to seeing the view from a height higher than her own, but maybe the horse is different again.

"Well then, let's start delivering.Renchan, stay still a little longer. "


Hmm... Do you know...?Stay on the pony and go over there or this way.I don't think he'll come back.

"Is Alice and the horse lover okay?"

"Yes, of course."

"Of course."

Alice was covering herself.Shiro also seems kind of pleasant...Does it feel better than I did?No, no way, ahahaha...

The horse lover gave a firm expression on the horse.It's cool to be a picture.I wish there was at least a little more tannin.But wouldn't you be surprised if they told you you were an actor?

Both of you are fine, so we will start the delivery. Little bit.

"What?... ah, Mirai-chan, Len-chan is far away!?"

"Eh, hey, Lenchaaaahn!?"

When I realized it, Pony ran away!No, no, hey, hey!?


When I think about it, it suddenly seems like a case.

What's wrong?

"Ron ran off with a pony!"

What do you mean...?

I don't know what that means.

It's okay, I don't know!