In the meantime, I'll ride a horse too.I'm sorry to suddenly, but I ran quickly... and then Ron-chan came back.It smells like a lot of fun.

I'm home.

Hmm, you mischievous child! Forgive me!

"It's really sweet for Renchan, Mirai-chan...."

Not now.

"Shut up there."

Lon-chan is justice. Definitely.

Since Renchan is back, point the light bulb at Renchan.Next to Roon-chan across the pony, there is also Mochiran Fara.It's circling around the crawling pony.


I'm on a pony right now.

Renchan is cool and cute!

Len leaned her neck strangely and hugged Pony.

"Cool and cute!"

Yes, but I was going to tell you about Ron-chan.

It's the most important thing for Renchan, so I can't help it.


Fufufu! Mmm... mmm... it's so fuzzy! "

Pony leans his neck when he asks if he feels fluffy, but I think Fara feels quite fluffy.I may just look that way because my body is small.

"Now, as I said yesterday, today I'm going to take a relaxing walk through the home on a horse.Ren-chan, Pony and Fara will follow her a little bit. "

Chubby chubby chubby chubby chubby chubby chubby!

It's so small ~

But that's cute.

Yeah! Fara is cute!

Ron's happy voice.Fara also went around happily.But calm down. [M]

I wonder if the little horse won't be able to turn his eyes anymore ~

"I've been wandering around forever..."

In the meantime, the next step.

"And I love horses."

"I like horses, not as much as I call them.... I can't say I just missed my plane... "


If you say so, it's never been named.

Huh? You like horses, don't you?

"That's enough..."

That's right.I haven't been introduced myself either.Actually, I know his name.However, the person told me that it was okay to like horses.So, if that's what the person says.

"The other one is Alice.A one-day stalker for horse lovers. "

How to say it!

Stalker www

I can tell you what you want to do because it's Alice, but did you come with a stalker?

Whatever my intentions, I'm sure my actions are right......

"You can't say that...?!"

Alice is stunned.They've noticed by now. Though for the armor of the horse lover, the action is the stalker itself.Maybe if the horse lover calls, the game master will call.No, it seems that some gamers are watching this, and I'm sure it's okay.

"Forget the jokes, I'll send them to you today as a luxurious member.... is it gorgeous? "

"Style of asking your own questions"

Luxury (I didn't say luxury)

Except for horse lovers, I'm a regular member.

Alice also appears on this feed frequently.There are definitely comments that you can tell it's Alice even if she doesn't show up.If you think so, surely there are only additional members who like horses.

"If you're a horse lover, it's not luxurious...."

"That's true, but that's what I'm saying in front of him."

Horse lover's cheeks are pulling. I'm sorry.

"I'm more surprised that Mirai-chan was treated as a member of the broadcast."

"Isn't it because it looks too much...?"

"I can't hear a sound..."

I wonder how this really happened.Of course, we don't hate it.More like a quasi-regular than a full-fledged member.

"Besides, as far as I'm concerned, I think Alice could stay with me."

"Eh. Ah, yeah... ah, thank you..."

Ah, it's lit up. It might be a little cute.

Well, anyway. If it stays like this, it could end with a chat, and we'll go for a walk.

Get on the horse and give Len-chan a signal.When I waved to Renchan, she didn't notice that she was wearing a pony on her back. I knew it.

Len-chan, let's go


I got an immediate reply this time.Ron's pony started walking slowly, followed by Fara.It's time to take a relaxing, casual walk.

Will Renchan lead?

Have you decided on your destination?

I don't think there's anything in particular about the destination.I plan to walk around the home meadow for as long as I can. "

I see.

Looks like it's going to be a relaxed broadcast today.

Okay, the futon is coming in. Sleep while listening. "

It's not even 7: 00 yet...?

It's too soon for anything, isn't it?It's still time for Len to get up.No, I know the hours of work are completely different from person to person.

I don't know if it's a good night's sleep, but I don't plan on getting noisy, so I just want you to listen.

Twenty minutes later. I was in a deep forest.

"What is a meadow...?"

"Horse lover, stop it!This is a meadow for Mirai-chan too! "

The horse lover smiles bitterly and Alice chases him down. It's not bad.

"If you have any complaints, please ask Ron.Roon-chan, there's something horse lovers want to say! "



Ron-chan looks back strangely.The horse lover who saw it is already in a hurry.I'm in a hurry about what the role-play was.It's interesting to take a look.

This is terrible!

Well, Ron certainly chose a destination.

"Good luck, horse lover. I'll pick up the bones."

"Bad guys!?"

Ahahah. That's what I do all the time.