Sometimes he walks around like that, chaotically.Lotus is so cute when she sings a nose song.

Touch it!

It seems that Renchan's destination was a square in the woods.There are a lot of Deer and White Tiger.Without heart, the horse is scared... no.Pony, Fara and my horse are all majestic.

But your horse is trembling a little...?These girls are all Renchan's friends, but they're strangers to horse lovers. Maybe I can't help it.

Ren-chan came down from Pony and took Fara and the others to Dear.


When Ron-chan says that, Dee sticks out her face.I let Fara and Pony's nose touch me a little.Say hello or something?


My toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe, toe.

Very good, good nose.

It's nice to say hello to your pretty fufu. Watch and calm down.

After that, it's time to hang out with Renchan.A lot of wolves are coming to say hello.With Pony and Fara on the side, Renchan is covering everyone up.

Lotus, who seems happy, is cute.

"I knew my sister was the cutest in the world."

"Yeah... it's really cute..."

"That's right....."

Hmm...? Is that it?

"Alice? Why don't you observe the horse lover...?"

"Shit! Lotus is so cute!"

"Then I can't help it!"

If you look at Len-chan, it's going to be really nice!

Anyway, Alice is going to talk to the horse lover again.I went to talk to the horse lovers who looked at the lentils.

"Well, what do I do?"

Let's look closer.

I want to see Fara-chan more.

Instead, it's Renchan......

"Yes, yes."

I was hoping to stay a little closer, so I guess I will.

Go through the gathering of wolves to Renchan.Wolf and the others will make a way for me at once.Those are the good boys.

I stroked one by one as I walked by.It's cute to know that it's a wolf with its tail on it. I knew it was a dog.

It's a familiar sight, but it's a wonderful sight.



It seems like it will taste delicious.

I arrived at Renchan's place.Ren-chan is sitting there and stroking the pony sitting next to her.Fara lay down slowly and stuck tightly to Lenchi.A healing space.

"Ron-chan, can I show you the horses?"


Energetic reply. He wants to brag about his horse.

So, first of all, I'm Fara, who is taking a nap.

If you look at it again, it's really small.

Wouldn't you sleep with a horse standing up?

I've heard from horse lovers, but sometimes ponies and little horses fall asleep.


Yes, it is. I didn't know that.Fara always falls asleep.

I gently stroked Fara's body.It's not long, but it's covered in fluffy hair and feels quite comfortable to stroke.When I stroked my throat as it was, Fara opened her eyes thinly.

I thought maybe I woke you up and rubbed my face on my hand.

"What's so cute?"

That's good, that's good!

Miray, there I am!

You're so friendly......

Really. Unexpectedly, it's going to smell slightly. Wow, wow.

To my satisfaction, next is Pony.This one also fell asleep sometime.Your head is touching Renchan and seems satisfied.Is that OK? I'm sure that's fine.

I also saw the pony from the front.Because it's bigger than Fara, it's easier to understand horses than Fara.Fara is a horse, but she doesn't look like a horse...No, I'm sure she's cute.

Yeah, I'm happy. Finally, I stroke Fara and get up.Don't disturb Roon-chan when she looks happy....

"I'm not going home."


Soon you'll be surrounded by wolves.

"Predator surrounded by wolves."

Flock (200)

What is a herd?

The flock, I'm sure it's not wrong, but it's a strange size.Funny thing is, everybody's shaking their tails and looking at us.Everyone is so cute, sitting politely and shaking their tails.

Ron-chan, Ron-chan


"Come on, it's cute."

When she called out to Fara and Lotus, who was stroking Pony, Lotus raised her face and looked around.Looking at the wolves shaking their tails, Ren-chan also shined her face.


Ron seems to be having a lot of fun.When Len-chan asked for a little help, she walked in one by one.


No, Renchan, that's so sad...


"Do it!?"

Hands ww

It's completely wild ww

Are you a wolf...?

This is Roon-chan's virtue too. Definitely.

When Wolf put his foot on Posun and Renchan's hand, he licked her and left.And the next Wolf walks in.I'll do the same again, and I'm glad. Repeat that.

"It's like a handshake..."

You can't go wrong.

Wolf was us......?

"All men are beasts... Beast...?"

Such a big beast wow

You're just a dog, no matter what.