Sunday morning, I snuck into Len's room.Of course, I'm going through the formalities through my father, so I'll come and say hello to the nurses.It's important that you keep it a secret from Ron.

I've asked my dads to give me special permission to visit me in the morning, so I can't come early in the morning very often.


"Good morning, I've been sneaking around since the morning."

What are you doing at a time like this?

This time delivery is unexpected.....

It's only seven o'clock.

There aren't many people because time is running out.

Less than half of your current audience.Rather, I think they gather so much in such an early morning.

At least I want you to let me know.

"If you notice, you can just look at it.So you're lucky today.'Cause I can see Renchan's face sleeping raw! "


Expecting a live sleep!

Isn't she cute?

It's exciting. It's exciting. I don't have to wonder if it's okay for these guys to get excited with the little girl's sleeping face, but it's a bad part to say.

So, I'm sorry to bother you.

"It's as dark as ever."

"The light source in the corner of the room is sad on the contrary."

That looks good.

I know you live there, but what do you really see in Miray?

I think I'm used to it. Actually, I don't see that clearly either.As far as I can hear, Ron-chan seems to be seeing clearly.

I gently approached the bed.She is a sleeping sister with a lovely face.The kid is a dog stuffed toy. I put it around the pillow.

"Renchan's sleeping face is cute. Ehehe"

It's ruined at the end!

Really, come on, this sister is coming.

It's cute to sleep too.

Oh, my God. I can hear you breathing.No, but that might be true.Ron's ward is soundproof, so it's pretty quiet in the morning.That's why you can hear a little noise.

I'll know when I get close to sleeping.

/(adv, adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (on-mim) flapping/(2) (on-mim) (on-mim) flapping/flapping

Hey www

Stop it, www

You're sleeping so well, just leave him alone.

I got angry. No, but Renchan's cheeks feel really good.It looks like it's going to bite.But I don't like to be angry with Len, so I think it's time to stop.

"Well, what do we do? I wonder if I can deliver Roon-chan's sleeping face like this for a while."

I was wondering if that's true, but the commentators still seem to be enough.The comment that this is definitely the case stands out. I like things.

So I thought I'd sit in my chair and look at Renchan.

The moment it was seven o'clock, the alarm rang.

"Good morning, honey. It's morning. It's time to get up."


Hey www

"Huh? This is Mirai's voice, right?But Mirai didn't open her mouth... "

Wake up, this is it ~

I'm surprised, too! I didn't think my voice would come through!No, no, I'm really surprised.

When I wondered if I could wake up with this, Len woke up slowly.She looks sleepy and drowsy, and her eyes shine. Pretty.

He looked at me and tilted his neck.

Hey, sweetheart?

"Good morning, honey."

"Mmm... good morning..."

Oh, Ron's hugging me.The customer's cheeks began to tickle.She's so cute. She's my sister!

Mirai's expression wow

Hey hey hey! Without Mirai's expression. "

"I don't hate styles that ruin everything with expressions."

"Shut up."

Ron is cute. I want to spoil you with all my strength. Why giggle?

"Nhm... that? Onee-chan?"

"Are you awake? Good morning again, Renchan."

"Good morning."

Lotus is also cute to laugh at.

"I was surprised to wake up."

"Aim? Hmm...?"

Lotus leans her neck strangely.Hmm... I thought, ah, I think I thought of it.

Oniichan's Aim Clock!

"That's it."

"Dad gave it to me!"


Yeah. Yeah. I think my dad asked me to record the morning greeting.No, I didn't think I was using it in places like this.

I am a little worried that it was used on my own, but I think this is fine.If Renchan is happy, I'll give you everything.

Hey, you're early today.

"Yeah, I was free."


Oh, yeah.

I finish my pre-study review in the middle of the night.I have no other promises, and today is a free day.That's why I want to defeat Renchan.

"By the way, it's on the air."


Look at Len-chan's phone.I swollen my cheeks.

Hey, sweetheart?

"I'm sorry."

Why don't you reflect on this? This guy is... wow.

Well, it's Mirai. I knew it. "

It's not bad.