In the meantime, put the charger on and hang the phone on the bedside shelf.Comments should be read aloud on the occasion and put into speaker mode. I hope that's it.

Well then, it's a durable delivery.

It's too sudden!

Yeah!? I'm going to work now!?

Good luck with the cattle.

We'll keep an eye on it!

Damn it, yeah!

The noisy commentators left alone and brushed their teeth for now.Go to the next room with Renchan.In an almost dark room, Renchan brushes her teeth and washes her face with dexterity. Wow.

I'm getting dizzy!

"Yes, well done."


"Pee!? Pee!"



What the hell...

I don't know. Ron seems to be having fun, so it's fine.

Ron's breakfast is at 7: 30.The nurse will bring Len-chan because she can't pick it up herself.So you brought me exactly the time.

Ron said that breakfast was different from rice or bread at that time.Ron doesn't like or dislike it very much, so it seems he eats everything that is served.


Ron, it's amazing.

"This is something we should be studying."


It seems a little happy to be praised.

Well, actually, Ron likes it a lot.But I'm just saying I'll eat everything that's been served.I think it's more amazing than not liking or disliking it.

When I don't like it, Len-chan's expression becomes a little bitter.You're just going to be strong for a moment...But I'll hide it right away, so if I don't look closely, I won't notice.You could have told me more.

"Hey, what about your dinner?"

"This is me."

Remove two rice balls from the bag of convenience stores you brought.A familiar triangular rice ball. Salmon and plum dried.

Incidentally, it seems that Renchan's breakfast is Japanese today.Miso soup on white rice, fillet of grilled fish and spinach sauce.

So many menus.

But is the overall amount small?

It's getting hot. It's a cold image of me eating in the hospital. "

Maybe it's the hospital.In the case of Ron-chan, I think you probably brought it first, so it seems that there is always something else.

Hey, is that all you got?


"Hmm... Want some?"

"Ahahah, don't worry about it. Eat plenty."

I want you to eat a lot and grow up.If you grow up physically, you may get sick.Because there is still the possibility of natural healing.

Take a leisurely look at Renchan, who started eating.Mouthing with a small mouth seems very delicious.I'll take a look.

I'm getting hungry.

I'm going to have some breakfast.

"Me too."

Looks like the commentators are having dinner too.It could be a little dinner terrorism.The rice itself is nothing unusual.It's a regular menu.But Lotus seems delicious to eat.

Take 30 minutes to finish your meal, 8: 00 in the morning.As Len says, it looks like she's taking a break from dinner.

Get out of bed, put the stuffed toy you slept with back on the shelf, and bring a new stuffed toy.Today's partner is a cute tanuki.Speaking of which, I don't think I've seen Tanuki in the game yet.

What kind of asshole is in the game?

There he is.

I think it was a plain on the Saz side, and I think it was different.

Which way is it?

You mean you can't remember. Then we can't help it. We'll find out later.




Go back to bed and wipe your balls off.It's a deformed tanuki, but somehow my face feels so good. What a stuffed animal.

Well, I bought it.

You can relax and gaze at Len-chan who keeps sucking his balls off without getting tired.The commentators are also quiet.

"What's that look like on the other side of the screen?"

Please stop.

Don't make me look real ~

I was fine with that, but what?


I don't want to be told just by you ~

Excuse me. I've got a pretty good idea.

From 9 o'clock, VR is available.I usually study, but I'm off on Sundays.The teacher who teaches me how to study is on holiday.

There's plenty of time for VR, so it's okay to play plenty of games.By the way, I plan to rent the teacher's VR machine.Of course, I have permission.

"Well, Ron-chan, what do you want to do from nine?"

"Hmm... I want to have a good time."

Renchan is so cute!


I didn't hug Len-chan and come home.I'm so glad you said something!


"The pervert is just naming the little girl."

It's just a crime wow

"Shut up."

Well, what do we do now?Of course, it's good to play as usual, but sometimes you have the option to try a different game.Renchan's freedom.


"Yeah, well, yeah."

I mean, it's the usual!