"They're cute to wear.Dogs, cats and such trivial issues.The clothes are cute. If you turn your smile towards me and look a little embarrassed with your fluffy clothes, you'll be happy.It's heaven, it's an ideal place. I think so. "

Mirai-chan, I'm sorry, I'm a little sick.


Always goodwill home. Alice, who seems to have logged in since this morning, sent us a message as soon as we logged in.He said he wanted to give you something.

You've been invited to your home and given a lot of clothes.Some dogs, some cats.There are sheep, there are dragons, there are things called this.Besides, there are a lot of color differences rather than all kinds of clothes.

"Are you okay? Are you trying in the wrong direction?"

"I mean, I don't want to see Kurumi-chan."

"I don't think so.That's the right direction to go! "

"That's right, Mirai-chan, you're loyal to your desires!"

"How did these two meet?"

"Don't worry about it."

Rather, I tried to be different.

I'm convinced.

I wonder what that means.

Well, I got a lot of clothes, so let's get Lenny dressed up.I'm playing with puppies in this brownish dress.


When Len says, the lucky ones start snapping.Wolf and the others pretended to be tails and seemed kind of happy.Sooner or later, we won't be able to penetrate the colony.

"Won't I... wow!?"

Ah, the wolves got caught in it.

Well, okay.

I don't know, wow

I've always heard a funny laugh.

I have no idea what's going on in that wolf dumpling...Though it seems fun.I wonder if we can put it all together.

After playing there, get dressed as a cat and return to the tigers.

Cats are whimsical.Even if Ron-chan comes, we'll all be quiet and flush appropriately.That's what I thought.

"Nyan. Nyan."


Ha, ha.

Cats and tigers are gathered around Renchan.I don't jump like the wolves, but I'm so cute waiting for you to stroke me now or now.




"My sister, who imitates cats, is cute!"

Calm down, Mirai-chan!

"No more, sister."

My sister in a cat costume has a sister who gets excited?

You guys are still here. I'm used to it.If you don't look at this, you'll have to calm down. "

"That's terrible, Mr. Comment. Are you okay?"

I didn't expect my sister to worry about it.

No, because I think he's penetrating one leg into a pervert.

Well, next up is the rabbit.It's a rabbit costume.

"Death to anyone who imagines a bunny suit."


Right, Souzounanteshina Katayo

"He's lying. He's delusional."

Shut up, boy!

Are you insane to imagine it with Lotus?

Rabbit costumes are really just costumes.Fluffy and fluffy clothes with cute tails and long ears.My ears seem to move according to Renchan's feelings, and when the tension rises, my ears get up, and conversely, when I'm not feeling well, I seem to hang down a bit. I want to see both.

Anyway, I think it's a good use of the game's system.Well, there are quite a few places to use it.

Such a bunny is delighted to have a rabbit.There's only one giant horn rabbit here.

"Alice, I can't let Len know."


"I don't know what happened, but I thought it meant the rabbit was delicious."


That's what my friend said too.

Textbooks were so hilarious ~

I thought it was a terrible song.

I understand ww

I don't think anyone remembered the wrong result because I couldn't ask anybody anymore.If you think about it properly, you might realize that it tastes a little too cruel.

And then penguins. Penguin Ron-chan lined up with penguins.A penguin of children lined up next door.The penguin walking around is followed by the penguin, and the penguin of the child is followed by the penguin.




Confusion! Confusion Troops!

Medic! Medic!

Let me handle it! It's too late! Kill it!

It's a quick decision.

The comment is a nose scream. Looks fun.

"This is how the world became peaceful...."

Mirai-chan, what are you talking about?


I don't care what you think, it's distopia.

I won't deny it. Ah, Ron-chan broke.My child's penguin came into contact with me, and I wondered if you were worried. The penguins began to gather together and get caught up by my child's penguin.It's all fuzzy. Moufufu.



Alice is pulling in silently.

I know how you feel, but ww

Isn't it terrible?

After playing with the penguins, it was almost time for me to log out.Alice says she'll be working on the endurance delivery after this.Even if it's durable, it'll be over by night.

"Don't push me."

"Ahaha. yeah. But I don't think Mirai-chan wants me to tell her."

What do you mean...?