After the game, it usually seems like exercise time after studying.When I came back to Len-chan's ward, she was jumping a rope.

I'm home.

"Ah, Onee-chan!"

"You can keep going."


Resume delivery on your phone while watching Renchan jump. Little bit.

"Oh, I'm back in the hospital room."

I'm jumping rope!

Isn't it dangerous?

"Ron's ward is pretty big, so I'll be fine."

Roon-chan's exercise space is properly secured so that he doesn't run out of exercise.I wonder if you can tell the size by using the room for six people alone.Well, half of them are baths, so the room with the bed is half the size of a six-person room.I still think it's enough.

Of course, there is no medical device in the exercise space.There is some running machine in the corner of the space.

It was an image of Len-chan being sick and weak, wasn't it?

I don't know how long I've been jumping ropes, but it looks like I'm still going on.

Are you actually a physical ghost?

"Oh, yeah. I'm not weak, but I'm not a physical ghost.Ren-chan seems to like to move her body, but I think she's not healthy because she's only been exercising for the past hour. "

I tend to be mistaken for a strange illness, but Renchan is never weak.Rather, I've never even heard of a cold.Except for that mysterious hypersensitivity, health itself.

I explained it lightly, but I don't really know whether I am sick or not.

"I've been in this room forever.We disinfect ourselves with alcohol, and we don't go in if we're not feeling well.It's not a sterile room, but I think it's close to that. "

There are no windows and only a few people come in.The ventilation fan is obvious.

"Doesn't anyone catch a cold?"

Well, I don't know if he's really sick or not.

"But when I hear you like exercise, it's even more painful..."

I see. I want to play under the sun.

Really. I hope it gets a little better.

Watch Ron's exercise for about an hour.Sometimes I get a break, but I've been moving around for an hour.It'll be fun somewhere.

After exercising, wipe your body with a towel soaked in hot water.The nurse knows that Len always exercises at this hour, so she brought me a warm towel squeezed with hot water before 12: 00.


"Hmm? Oh, yeah, that's fine."

Lotus looks at me with a towel.I think it means I want you to wipe my body.They usually do it alone.

"I'm going to cut the footage. Enjoy just the audio."

Oh, no.

Don't say that! Just a little!Just a little!

You guys www


I can see how despised you are ~

Thank you!

It's a reward in our industry!

Is there only a pervert here...

It's not crazy, really.

Put a blue towel on your phone.It's a dark room, and I don't think I can see anything anymore.That's what the comments are about.

Yes, Ron-chan. Banzai


I took Len-chan's shirt off and wiped her body.Don't put too much effort into it, be gentle.


"Oh, Roon-chan, don't get mad."


I want you to hold on a little longer.


"Ah, hey, stop!?"

"What...? What's going on...?"

Somebody get the footage! Move the towel!

Idiot, I don't suppose that's a good idea because there's no footage.


I'll wipe your body quickly and put your clothes on.Yes, well done.

"I'm so glad!"

"Well, I'm gonna take a bath at night."

Huh? Yeah.

Oh, I wonder. I wonder why I just tilted my neck.Did you say something strange...?

Well, look.

Well, it's lunch time.

What a restaurant on the ground floor in this hospital.Restaurants that are available to patients without dietary restrictions.I have an application in advance if I use it.I'm going to have too much to eat.

I've told you many times, except for the hypersensitivity, Len is healthy.Of course, there are no dietary restrictions.I don't have enough physical strength because I only exercise for one hour at lunch, and that's why it's so small.

When I say what I want to say, I can eat anything, so if I can just go out, the restaurant will be fine.I can't go out there.

And I know about this restaurant, Ron-chan, and they give me some kind of special treatment.If you go get it, it will be packed in a takeaway container.It is carefully packed and put in the bag for takeaway, so the smell doesn't leak much.It's all I've got.

I told the nurse this morning, so it's dinner at the restaurant.

"Ron-chan, I'm going to the restaurant to get dinner. What do you want to eat?"

"Saraton? It's okay!?"


By the way, dinner at the restaurant is occasionally a luxury.Nothing, I think it's okay every day, but the nutrition is a bit skewed.The basics are hospital meals.

Okoma lunch!

I knew it. It's the usual one.

Well, wait for me while I wipe your balls off.


It's time to relax with Roon-chan, who's hugging Tanuki's stuffed toy.