"Hey, rice!"

Ah, yes.

I wonder what sweet potatoes have been so far, Roon-chan.I'm excited to be back in bed soon.No, yeah. I don't like it when the rice gets cold.Yeah, I get it. I get it. I know, but...

Such a happy, lonely, complicated expression?

Good dinner, I'm ready too!Only three minutes left!

Cup ramen, huh?

I'm going to sprinkle more sauce on the special assortment of yakisoba!


I almost had a heartburn just imagining it.Let's just say we didn't hear it.

I put the food in front of Renchan.Well, it's just a big plate and dessert.

Children's lunch is a plate featuring small plates of curry rice, omelet rice and hamburgers.A flag, of course, for omelet rice. Naples, fried shrimp, and so on.There is also a chocolate pudding attached.

I'm Doria, full of cheese.I like the mellow cheese because it is delicious.

"Children's lunch and Doria are going to be really good."

Well, it's just what it looks like. It's just what it looks like.

Mm-hmm. This Doria is my favorite.I feel a little nauseous when you say it's just how it looks.So I'll take it with a spoon and raise it up.The thick cheese makes the hot air fluffy.


No rice terrorism! No rice terrorism!

You're kidding, you're making my yakisoba look like junk food!

"No, I think your yakisoba was worse than junk food."

Of course, the flavor is exquisite. Fufu.

"Hey, honey, not yet?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

Keep your hands together, please.

Renchan grabbed the spoon and carried curry rice to her mouth.Of course it's sweet. The little smile on the cheek is so cute.Next up is Omelette Rice.



Good, then.

"If a child is eating a delicious meal, it will make him happy."

I understand.

Children are straightforward in their emotions. It really looks delicious. "

I know. I'd love to eat more than the cooking show.

Oni-chan, let me stop you.

"Oh, yeah, that's right."

I'll eat, too. Melting cheese on rice is delicious.

"I tried to melt it with cheese on the yakisoba, too."


Yakisoba Niki weighs herself?

"Seriously, I feel sick just listening to you."

Just listening is going to cause heartburn....!

Relax after dinner.What do you think it's like to take a nap or read from one to two o'clock at lunch? So...

"I'll take a nap."

Sleepface delivery!?

Can you see Mirai's sleeping face too!?

Mirai is somehow a beautiful girl.But if you keep quiet. "

"If you keep quiet, beautiful girl."

"Open your mouth, crazy sister."

"Shut up."

These are rude comments.

"Hey, Ron-chan, that's a terrible thing to say."

"Maybe there is."


I knew.

Rather, it's until Roon-chan knows best.

It's probably the longest relationship I've known.

Wow, that hurts a little bit.When I was just a little depressed, Len smiled a little.

"That's a good thing for Roon-chan!"

"Woah! Already!"


Counterattack incoming! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The tickling began.

Very rare

It seems fun, but above all...


You don't have a sister who can beat your sister.

"What the hell are you saying?"

Mirai can't beat Renchan.

"I'm so tired of playing. I'm so cute."

Ron is sleeping on the bed.Lie flat on your back, flattered.Maybe I'll go to bed soon.

"Then until Ren-chan goes to bed like this...."

"Hey, you too...."

Ah, yes.

My hand was pulled, so I also lay down in bed.I'll stroke your head because it's so tight and sticky.All right, go to sleep a lot.

"Well then, I'll cut the comment. Good night."

Good night ~

Sweet lenticulaaaaaaaa!

Don't go mad at the end.

Turn off the reading and good night.