It's lunch. Wake up, Ron-chan.

Yeah. Yeah. Something about an alarm in my voice makes me feel weird.Was there also a daytime alarm?That's right.I do feel like I've recorded it before.

My body wakes up because of the moisture and Len-chan.Fluffy, cute little missed lenticula.

Turn on to read comments. Little bit.

Good morning.

"Sister Awakened by Her Voice."

Amazing surf......

"Yeah, I feel weird."

I guess so.

If you like Len-chan, I have nothing to say.I'm a little embarrassed, yeah!

Next time you take a nap, you usually have time to watch TV.I'm watching TV that's darkened to its limit, but it seems like a very pleasant time for Renchan.However, it still seems painful.

But the doctor is off today, so television is off.So relax and chat.

By the way, but...

Just a few things you can't say to Len while she's gone to pick up the stuffed animal.

"It's television, but I'm also observing progress.I wonder if the pain is stronger than usual.It's kind of like an examination in a sense. "

Oh, wow.

"I honestly didn't want to hear that."

It's not just time for fun...

It should be a pleasant time for Len.

Put Renchan back on her lap and squeeze from behind.Ron is tilting his neck, but I don't care.This will calm you down.

Hey, sweetheart?


"Hmm... giggle"


What are you doing?

"I can watch it with confidence and friendship."

Ron-chan, Ron-chan. What do you usually watch on TV? "

Oops, that's a question for Ron.Speaking of which, what are you seeing lately?I used to watch animal shows, but lately I can play a lot of games without having to watch them.Is that it, is this it, is it still an animal?

"Hmm. I'm watching animation. Camp Animation"


That animation is pretty good. I get it.

"Good animation that makes me want to go camping."

I know you well. I didn't think Renchan was watching the animation either.Besides that, he sees a lot of cartoons.

After animated conversations with the commentators for a while, it was 3 p.m.Usually two hours of study from here.Well, it's my day off!I don't know what to do!



Ron brought me a math textbook.It seems to be the same textbook as when studying in VR space.With that, Ron is staring at me.I'm staring at you with my sparkling eyes.I have dazzling expectations.

"You said you had to stick around every day!"

"Ah, yeah... that's right..."

Mirai's face is attracting me www

"They're telling me, guys."

My ears hurt....

"If we had studied properly, it would have been a different life..."

Stop it!

I think the stray bullets are hitting the commentators, but let's not worry about it.

Do you want me to teach you math?

"Yeah, I'm doing my best!"



"99. Think normally."

"The First Gate of Arithmetics"

I see. If I stumble here, I may still hate arithmetics.

That's right. You reminded me of it earlier.You don't have to understand the meaning now, so recite it little by little.I didn't know how to multiply it at all, but it took about six months to remember everything.No, because I don't remember exactly.

The more I could recite, the more convinced I was that I would be when I was a sophomore.Still, I recited it with my friends.

How long have you remembered Renchan?



I almost remember!

Renchan is amazing!

I'm trying!

Really? Really?

Lotus is so cute.Unexpectedly, my cheeks peel off. Ehehe.

All right, well, good luck with the ninth stage today.


Energetic reply. Fortunately, Ron seems to enjoy studying.I wonder if I can remember the ninth stage right away.

Five o'clock in the evening.

"Kugoshigu... Kukugoshigushi..."


"A little more... a little more..."

"Kushiro Kuju... um... um..."

Good luck, Ron-chan!

Kushiro Kuju-san!

Oh! I saw it last time!

Keep going!

"Kuhanna-ju... Kukuha-chu!"

"It's my fault! Well done, Roon-chan! Perfect!"


It took me two hours, but I managed to remember the ninth stage.This is awesome. I think it's enough.You're such a smart genius, Ron!



"Well, there's something emotional about it...."

Yabe, tears are coming out.

We've only been together for two hours, you guys.

No, it certainly is.That's right.I'm surrounded by mysterious emotions, but I've only been doing it for two hours.

"Still, I'm happy with what I'm happy about."

It must be.


It's curry rice for celebration tonight!

I thought you were eating it earlier.

Then let's eat my yakisoba.

"Seriously, stop it."