Everyone's celebrating, and Ron seems a little embarrassed.My face is just a little red. But more than that, it seems very happy.I'm glad, too. As a sister, I have a tall nose. Hmm.

Roon-chan learned Kuju safely, so this is the end of her studies.It's almost five o'clock in the evening. Len's dinner time.

After five o'clock, the nurse always brings it to me...

Lotus, come in.

That's what my mother came in for. I'll see you later, Dad.

"I was watching the delivery. Ninety-nine, you're remembered. That's great."

Your father strokes Renchan.Even though I'm being petted, Ren-chan still looks happy.I praised my mother and stroked her, and she smiled.

"This is a good family."

Funny and cute

I'm glad you're here, Ron.

It seems that my father brought me dinner.Because there are many people this time, I will bring a folding table.It's in the corner of the room.The menu is the same as Renchan's inpatient meal, but it is for three adults who have increased the amount.I asked for it in the morning.

Rice this evening is beef bowl, miso soup, dessert and pineapple.

It's almost six o'clock, and we need to eat and go home soon.

"I'll take it."

Maybe I'll have dinner too.

I asked for it before I left.

I'm going to get it frozen properly.

Make Yakisoba Noodles


Yakisoba niki, aren't you a three-meal yakisoba?

"Of course."


I was impressed that my father was desperately laughing at what was happening.

After dinner, clean up the dishes and almost six o'clock while you relax.Visiting hours are over. I have to go home.

"Well then, thank you for watching for a long time.It's time to go home. "

"I thought I was going to sleep because I said it was a close delivery."

There are restrictions on visiting hours. I don't know. "

I somehow learned about Renchan's life.

Yes, honestly, it was a broadcast that was neither exciting nor fuzzy, but I would be happy if anyone would be happy with it.



Ron-chan looked at me with her eyes round.

"Hmm? What's the matter, Renchan?"

How would you like to stay?


"Aren't you staying here...?"

I'm happy to see it.Looks like I made a mistake.

Oh, yeah. Finally. I was wondering when I told you about the bath, because of this!When I was staying with you, I thought it would be strange to say that I would come alone.I should have noticed at that time...!

I feel guilty for betraying my expectations.I want to stay with you, but I'm going to school tomorrow, and suddenly, uhh...

"You can't stay here...?"

"No way!"

School? I think we should skip it!Your father has a head, but I don't care!Your mother's laughing hard, but I don't care!

"What are you going to do about school tomorrow?"

"Get up early and go home. Is that what you're complaining about?Don't tell me you don't have one. "



Scary www

Bad pressure wow

That's how sorry your father is for you. Wow

Ron is the center of the world.I won't let anyone complain.

"What's your sister's unusual self if you don't make it come true!"

"Cool Inner"

"Ihana Cidana"

This is crazy!

"You came straight to the end!?"

Sudden stays happen occasionally, and it's okay.

My father and mother eventually forgave me.Can't you watch out for Renchan?He seemed to have been a strong enemy. I know very well.

"Renchan's Strongest Theory"

Miray Special Attack

Family Special Attack

It's coming to us too!

In other words, a human special attack......?

Cute is justice!

I think you're right.

Len-chan, you're so cute!

Len-chan, you're so cute!

Renchan, you're so cute!

Renchan, you're so cute!

You guys www

"It's grass that screams so subtly at my parents."

Notice, Len's eyes are cold.

Whoa. Let's not do this anymore.

Sitting on the bed, putting Len-chan on her lap and cumming from behind.

"Good night, then."

"Oh, yeah. Good night, both of you."

"Sleep tight."

Father and mother waved their hands with a bitter smile and left.