Well, I'm alone with Renchan.

"We'll be alone in the evening...Ehehehe..... "

Hey, let's play cards.


"Finally, I can't even curse anymore."

You're supposed to hear it, but you can't hear it ww

In the first place, I've been almost alone since the morning, so what's the matter now?

That's true, though. That's true!That's why you say you're a little lonely when you're thrown through? What a sad thing to say!

Oni-chan, are you kidding me?

Leave it to me, Ron-chan!

"When I'm relied on, I feel better in an instant. It's just grass."

It's too simple www

Receive the cards from Ren-chan and let it go.Now is the time to show off your practice!It was cool watching it on TV, so there's something I practiced!

Rifle shuffle, half at a time on the table, stirring gently.I practiced a lot and was able to do it in the air without putting it on the table.That last one is so cool.




"Oh, the one I've seen on TV."

That's what magic looks like.

Wow, I have to put it on my desk.

This is really cool at the end!

Yeah, yeah, those are the comments.I know very well. Ron's cheering is also pleasant.Come on, finish it off!



Buwa (Babasabasa)

Typical failure.

What a splendid scatter ~

No, no, no, no, no. I tried my best to practice, and I shouldn't have failed.Uh, no, yeah. Um...

"Oh, oniichan, that's amazing. It was cool."

"Renchan's concern is on the contrary painful...."

Len-chan's cheeks are pulling.Something, yeah.


I'm so embarrassed to be doing this with confidence! I want to get in the hole!


"Ah, uh, uh..."

I'm so upset! I'm so upset!

Miray, calm down, get back to your senses!

Look, you're in a bit of a hurry, too!

I don't care if they say that!Your face is bright red as you can tell! Ahhhhh!

"Oh, onii-chan. Come on, giggle, giggle."


"Gyuu... Okay, Onee-chan did her best..."


Ah, it's kind of calming down. Hehe...

"This is Mom."

"I feel the taste of my mom."

Renchan, Mommy!


And this is it.

"Even if this is the solution, I don't doubt it."

Since the symptoms have settled down, the rash is removed again.Now it is mixed as usual.

When we do it together, we move on quickly.That's why I have two pieces left, and Renchan has one.It's Len's turn to pull.Of course the joker is here.

I put one on top to make it easier for Renchan to choose.

Too explicit www

Mirai is supposed to make Renchan win, so it's better not to let her out, right?

"Yeah... I was always taking babies because I was like that, but before, it was better to let them out..."


Mirai's guy, he's learned something.

Lotus trying to take a baba, Mirei trying to give a number.

What is this composition? www

Are we trying to make each other win?

It's a little brain battle wow

Len-chan will come and see me.Put your hands on one sheet and look at my face.Of course I'm not even expressionless.You can now confirm it with your facial expressions, and the opposite is happening.Nothing now anyway.

Hold still. Hold still. I'm losing my mind as I stare at Len.This is... the truth...

"Ah, baba."


Was it taken sometime!?

Not that I didn't resist, but that my soul was completely gone.

Mirai's soul went to space.

Have you finally come to the truth......

"No... yeah... I admit I didn't notice at all..."

That's how I emptied my head.

Now it's my turn to take it.I wish Ren-chan would give me my aunt...But that's the hardest part.

"Yes, Onee-chan!"

I'm going to show you the card, Ron.Ron-chan doesn't do small things like me.She smiled and gave me the card.When I reached out and grabbed one, my face glowed.When I grab the other one, it gets dull.

When I take my aunt, Len-chan gets bored.If I take the numbers, my victory will be confirmed, and I will actually lose.I mean, it's packed.

This is terrible!

Miray, you did well....

So give up now and show us Renchan's smile.

Fine. None of my allies hurt me.

That's why I grabbed the number card from Renchan.Of course, I won because it was all there.

"Oh, yeah, I won."

I lost!

Loser seems happier now.

I don't know if I won or lost ~

Next time I lose!