After taking a bath, ask Ron-chan to sit on the chair and shave her hair with a hairdryer.Because Len's hair is so long, it can be a bit difficult.I don't think it's bitter, but the nurse who does it every day really can't get up.

Ron-chan told me to come and have a nice chat.

It's hard to have long hair.

In that case, is Ron-chan's hair as long as the game?

I think it was quite a long one.

"Yeah, it's about the waist.It's not like I don't want to cut it, but I'm afraid of cutting it.No one will do it. "

We need a hairdresser to come and have him cut in this dark room.There are some people who come to see me when I ask for it, but they refuse because they can't be held accountable.

I got injured once when I actually cut my hair, and it seems that Len doesn't want to do it either.So now, I'm going to fix the tip of my hair.I'm pretty scared of that, too.

I didn't think it might affect my hair.

But the more I was told, the better.Sure, I'm afraid of cutting people's hair in this room. "

It's also a young child, and it's probably different than usual.I'm convinced to avoid it. "

We know that too, so they're coming to see us first.Don't expect anything.

"Yes, it's good, Lotus. Sarasara."

"Thank you."


Take Len and dive into bed.I brushed my teeth as soon as I got out of the bath, so I can sleep like this.She always goes to bed right after taking a bath.

Well, Ron-chan, what shall we do?


Ah, do you want some more?

I'm in trouble. I've been playing a lot today, so maybe I'm tired.Then let's sleep like this.

Well then, go to sleep.


Renchan nodded small and hugged Tanuki's stuffed toy.Sleep tightly... when I think about it, Tanuki goes to her pillow.


Yes, yes. Gyu.

Hold Len-chan tightly. Soon after that, I began to take a gentle, well-rested breath.

Sleeping face is also an angel. Cute. Too cute.I want you to have a good dream.

"Well... because Ron-chan's asleep, we're done with communicating.Thank you for watching. "

When you turn off the comment reading feature, say so.I see a lot of comments on the screen.


"Good night, Mirai-chan."

It's too early to go to bed... Thank you. "

Watch everyone's greetings before you finish delivering.Put your phone around your pillow and I'll sleep too.I don't like it when Roon-chan moves around.

Lastly, let's stroke Roon-chan's head.You look like you're sleeping well.What kind of dream are you having?Sometimes I dream of playing with lucky people.I would be very happy to be there, too.

Goodnight, then.

Six o'clock in the morning. I woke up with a phone alarm.Even if it's an alarm, it's a vibe.Stop and wake Renchan right away to avoid waking her up.

I can't do this.

Ron is hugging me. I can't get up.

"I don't know what to do...."

Waiting till seven o'clock is a bit subtle.I don't think we'll make it, but we're barely ready.

I'm sorry, but let's get you up.

That's why I'm pounding on my cheeks.I pee my throat.

"Renchan, wake up."


Len-chan opens her eyes.Lift your face up and keep your eyes on me and close again.No, wait, wait, wait.

"Ron-chan, Ron-chan. At least let me go."


"Oh, well, that's not gonna help."

I can't help it if Len says so.Let's take it easy.Len is cute.

When I did that, Len woke me up.Maybe she was depressed.No, I don't think so, because you're going to hug me.


"Yes, I have to go to school."


I feel sorry for seeing a lonely Ren-chan, but I can't help it.If Ron-chan insists, I'll skip it, but I don't think Ron-chan will.

When I got out of bed, Len also came out.

Renchan, can I sleep?

I'm going to give it to you.


What should I do? I'm so happy.

Brush your teeth with Renchan, wash your face, and drink water.Lightly dressed and ready.

"Well then, Ron. I'll be back in the evening."


It's just a little dull. I think I miss you.

"Ron, let's go find Tanuki today."


"Er... well then, let's go."


I want you to do your best.But Ron won't tell you.Because I don't want to cause trouble.

That's why I hug Ren-chan.Until you come back, don't miss it, stay warm.

Well then, let's go, Ron-chan

When I stroked Len-chan and said so, he waved his hand with a smile.

"Welcome, Onee-chan"