Talking about the Tamer Sisters

201. Unnamed

Oh, are you the only one delivering today?

202. Mr. Nobody

I don't know if that Mirai is with you or not.

203. Mr. Nobody

Well, Mirai's meeting with the operator.

204. Mr. Nobody

If you think about it, it's only natural or too late.

I've been cutting it for a week.

205. Mr. Nobody

I can see the dragon again...

I'm looking forward to it.

206. Mr. Nobody

By the way, this is where Ren-chan is.

207. Mr. Nobody

It's so... fufu...

208. Mr. Nobody

I knew this was a legend.

209. Mr. Nobody

It feels fuzzy to know even if it's close.

210. Mr. Nobody.

This is fine...

211. Mr. Nobody

I wonder if you're going to play Legend all day?

212. Mr. Nobody

They're exploring.

213. Mr. Nobody

Explore Fatos!

214. Mr. Nobody

Renchan alone!?

215. Mr. Nobody

Ron's fatos solo strategy and chest fever!

216. Mr. Nobody

* It's just a city.

217. Mr. Nobody.

* It's just a village.

218. Mr. Nobody

Don't tell the village.

219. Mr. Nobody

You said the village was forbidden!

220. Mr. Nobody.

Even the NPC calls it a village.

221. Mr. Nobody

"Welcome to the village of the beginning... no, to the city of the beginning, Fatos!"

222. Mr. Nobody

That laughs no matter how many times you ask.

223. Mr. Nobody

There's a clause that even NPC is already telling us about.

224. Mr. Nobody

Even so, I can't believe that overprotective Mirai admitted it...

If you think about it, it's just grass in the comment.

225. Mr. Nobody

No, I was expecting it.

I was ready, but come on!

226. Mr. Nobody

Even though it's a no-name comment, I can tell immediately from Mirai.

That's right, Mirai-san, I don't want to be numb there!

227. Mr. Nobody.


228. Mr. Nobody

I wonder what I'm going to do with Fatos.

229. Mr. Nobody

A dog or a cat...

Fatos dogs and cats are quite friendly, aren't they?

230. Mr. Nobody

Really? If we get close, we can get away.

231. Mr. Nobody

I hear it's different for different people.

I still don't know the criteria.

232. Mr. Nobody

First Village Dog Found!

233. Mr. Nobody


234. Mr. Nobody.

The dog's gone!

235. Mr. Nobody.

I wonder if Ron-chan can escape...

236. Mr. Nobody

No, it's more surprising than running away.

237. Mr. Nobody.

I was screaming so excited.

238. Mr. Nobody.

Don't say that to the village.

239. Mr. Nobody

240. Mr. Nobody.

First village dog, huh?

I was flushing it completely.Well noticed...

241. Mr. Nobody

Don't give up, it's a village anyway.

242. Mr. Nobody

Why not? They say it's officially one of the first cities!

243. Mr. Nobody

Oh, the countryside.

244. Mr. Nobody

I miss you, I haven't been to Fatos lately, so I haven't seen you in a while.

245. Mr. Nobody

Are you Saz's Battle Junky?

246. Mr. Nobody

No, I'm a craftsman apprentice who even forges at the secondary level.

I may be able to master blacksmithing in a little while...

247. Mr. Nobody.

Welcome, blacksmith!

248. Mr. Nobody

The cushion is ready!

249. Mr. Nobody

Would you like some tea?

250. Mr. Nobody.

Oh, what are these guys? Scary.

251. Mr. Nobody

Connections with high-level craftsmen are invaluable...

252. Mr. Nobody

I don't have a name, and I recommend going through.

253. Mr. Nobody

Ok, I will.

254. Mr. Nobody

Damn it, don't say anything extra.

255. Mr. Nobody

Well, I'm not even talking about it here.

256. Mr. Nobody

The dog must have gotten away because of Shiro.

257. Mr. Nobody.

It is only natural to be told.

258. Mr. Nobody

Sure, www

I only saw Renchan, but if she's chasing me, I'm chasing Shiro too.

259. Mr. Nobody

Wolf Pursuit With Young Girl (High Level)

260. Mr. Nobody.

Bullying is not a level!

261. Mr. Nobody.

That makes the dog desperate too.

262. Mr. Nobody.

Lotus is so cute when she fuzzes her dog.

263. Mr. Nobody.

You look very happy and happy.

264. Mr. Nobody.

It feels so soothing to watch...

265. Mr. Nobody.


266. Mr. Nobody.

It's a delicious apple.

267. Mr. Nobody.

The freshly harvested quality of this game is unusual.

268. Mr. Nobody.

That's the only reason we have players who are farming for us.

269. Mr. Nobody.

Apples too.

270. Mr. Nobody.

The apple sounds amazing...

271. Mr. Nobody

I will buy apples when this delivery is finished.

272. Mr. Nobody

Me, too.

273. Mr. Nobody

Sooner or later, the dog will be leading us.

274. Mr. Nobody

What is this weird party?

275. Mr. Nobody

Dog, Lotus, Wolf, Fox.

276. Mr. Nobody


277. Mr. Nobody.


278. Mr. Nobody.

Fox!? Why fox!?

279. Mr. Nobody.

The black fox seems to be a Mirai tame monster called Kuro.

280. Mr. Nobody.

It's a Mirai name.

Good or bad.

281. Mr. Nobody.

No comment on the naming sense!

282. Mr. Nobody.

You came to the pond.

283. Mr. Nobody.

Normally there are a lot of fishermen, but now there's only one.

284. Mr. Nobody.

Well, there are a lot of players in Fatos who like Renchan.

285. Mr. Nobody.

What do you mean?

286. Mr. Nobody.

I'm sure you're watching this delivery!

287. Mr. Nobody.

I was convinced.

288. Mr. Nobody.

A cat.

289. Mr. Nobody.

Why are kittens so cute...?

290. Mr. Nobody.

Fisherman Niki! Fisherman Niki!

291. Mr. Nobody.

You know what? Comment!

292. Mr. Nobody.

I don't know!

293. Mr. Nobody.

That's what I'm talking about, but it's just a normal person.

294. Mr. Nobody.

Is this the person who missed the delivery?

295. Mr. Nobody.

You look unlucky, and you're actually the lucky one.

That's how you were born. I want to kill this jealous guy.

296. Mr. Nobody.

Relax www

The decision will be made after the distribution is finished.

297. Mr. Nobody.


298. Mr. Nobody.

You guys....

I won't stop you, but if you find out, you won't be able to see the delivery.

299. Mr. Nobody.

That's troublesome.

300. Mr. Nobody.

You saved my life, fisherman Niki...

301. Mr. Nobody

Why are viewers so radical when delivery is peaceful...?

302. Mr. Nobody

A lot of them are overprotective.

Maybe everyone does.

303. Mr. Nobody

I can't deny it.

304. Mr. Nobody

A splattered scene where cats eat fish...

No, it's a game, so it's mild.

305. Mr. Nobody

Above all else.

306. Mr. Nobody


307. Mr. Nobody

After all, the world!

The World of Weak Lunch!

308. Mr. Nobody

It's peaceful just because one letter is different.

309. Mr. Nobody

Some kind of dog cat war is about to break out with that comment over there.

310. Mr. Nobody.

When it almost broke out, I settled with a cry from Renchan's crane.

311. Mr. Nobody.

If Len hates you, you can't live.

No, if I can't really see it anymore, it looks like a dent.

312. Mr. Nobody.

Because it's very healing...

313. Mr. Nobody.

Oh, Renchan, fishing challenge.

314. Mr. Nobody.

Fishing rod!

315. Mr. Nobody.

Shake it!

316. Mr. Nobody.

I threw it!

317. Mr. Nobody.

What are you talking about?

318. Mr. Nobody.

Fishing rod.

319. Mr. Nobody.


320. Mr. Nobody.

Honestly, I thought it was gonna happen www

321. Mr. Nobody.

I can't believe it's real.

322. Mr. Nobody.

Shinbori-chan is so cute.

323. Mr. Nobody.

I don't mind trying fishing again...

324. Mr. Nobody.

/(adv-to, adv-to) (on-mim) (on-mim) slightly/slightly/slightly/slightly

325. Mr. Nobody.

I know you wanted to help.

I know, but....!

326. Mr. Nobody.

Nice throw, huh?

327. Mr. Nobody.

The sashimi looks delicious.

328. Mr. Nobody.

So this fisherman Niki has cooking skills too...?

329. Mr. Nobody.

There must be a lot of alcohol.

330. Mr. Nobody.

Well, I'm not drunk because it's a game...

331. Mr. Nobody.

I want to taste a little drunk...

332. Mr. Nobody

I came to the grazing land while I was doing that.

333. Mr. Nobody

Mr. Sheep!

334. Mr. Nobody

This game has a crazy level of sheep.

335. Mr. Nobody

Real sheep and all that you know about it are so fluffy and fluffy.

336. Mr. Nobody

Renchan is also very happy!

401. Mr. Nobody.

I knew it would be easier for Renchan to relax at home.

402. Mr. Nobody

I know, somehow, you're the most relaxed.

403. Mr. Nobody

I knew Mirai would be close.

404. Mr. Nobody

Mirai herself is out of her mind.

405. Mr. Nobody.

Rather, is that why Roon-chan trusts you...?

406. Mr. Nobody

No, nonetheless.

Lulu was watching this delivery too.... w

407. Mr. Nobody.

Lulu always delivers after Ren-chan's delivery, so I'm grateful.

408. Mr. Nobody.

Isn't that just because Lulu is watching Ren-chan's delivery...?

409. Mr. Nobody


410. Mr. Nobody.

I'm so convinced www

411. Mr. Nobody.

Penguins next. Enjoy.

412. Mr. Nobody.

What a penguin.

I've never seen it before, so I look forward to including it.