The Cocherans are gathering well, but they're actually pretty tight.I wonder if we can replace the Quessaran Pasalan by the end of the event.

I think it would be okay if I tried my best on the way, but I'm still a little worried.So I decided to ask for a little help.Write to the page that always announces delivery.

The Cokeran gathering may be exhausting.I would be glad if you could give it away so that it would not be a burden.I would like to thank the person who gave it away, but please don't expect much. "

I apologize for the rather vague thank you, but it would be troublesome if you complained later that it was different from your expectations.Is this okay for now?

Now, let's take the lesson seriously.

"For now, I know you're either stupid or stupid."


But let me say this.I didn't expect Miray to be stupid. "

Most of the people who saw it were able to predict the outcome.

"Ugh... Well, yeah... I was an idiot too....."

I went home and logged in a little early to see the results first.The amount of Cocheran that arrived was, to be honest, crazy.Are they stupid?Are you stupid, me? Everybody's stupid.

"Um, just for now, thanks don't change with the number you sent me.I'll give it back if I tell you to.Someone like that will be in touch today. "

It was a fairly vague reward.

There was no upper limit or lower limit.

Does it mean that one or a thousand remains the same?

If you don't make a difference, you'll be dissatisfied.But I can't make a difference, so I have to convince you.If you're not convinced, you have to give it back.

Oops, I got a message... I don't know. Why are you even carrying your stuff?

"Why would I increase it when I say it's the same!?"


I knew it ~

I'm not looking for a reward.I want to see lots of Quessaran Pasarans playing with me. "

Likewise, I will continue to send it to you. Shake and wait!

"I'm sorry, I'm trembling!"

No, really. What are we gonna do with this?What should I do with this?

How many now, by the way?


My predictions are over 100,000!

"More than a million, but what?"

Hey www


You guys take care of yourselves ~

How many of those did you send?

Yeah, about 10,000.

I guess it's because there's someone like this wow

Why are you so crowded!?

No, but if you think about it, of course.Considering that if you play for two hours a day, a thousand animals will gather for now, it is no wonder that more players or people who gather efficiently already collect more than 10,000 animals.

"But this is just too much!"


I knew it would be a mess, but I was surprised at a million of them.

"Really? I think I'm going to end up with about 10 million."

'That's exactly what I'm going to say, but you can't deny this'

It's still growing...Honestly, it's hard to handle. But when I dropped it on the way, I was thinking of sending it at night, and they said something like that.

"No, but thank you for this.I wasn't expecting more than a thousand. "

Thousands of people www

Was the number of people unusual?

Well, honestly, I didn't expect to thank you.

But I still think it's bad to do nothing.Oh no, this is no good.

"So I'll take a survey.Some of you may find it hard to say in your comments, so please answer the questionnaire later on on the delivery page. "



Well, I'm looking forward to hearing from you, but I'm also worried.I'm the ultimate choice, so I'm not gonna let you do anything weird.

"There's still a lot of Cocheran left...Are you sure you want to use it? "

Of course.

Hurry up, I want to see Ron-chan who plays Quessaran Pasaran.

What kind of replacement Quesalampasaran is that?

Since there is no objection, let's try to be sweet to your words.

After a while, Len logged in.He walks toward me with all his legs and puppies.I was tilting my neck when I saw it was already on the air.

"Hey, are you already broadcasting?"

"I do."

"That's right... Good evening!"



How nice of you to say hello!

Lotus is so cute today too!

Isn't it too soon for the dangerous one to come out?

I really do.

"Well, Ron-chan, I'm going to see Quesalampathalan today."


"And I'll have my pet Quessaran Pasaran!"

"You can always fap!?"




I'm just glad to see you looking happy, too. I'm happy.

What is this? www

Lotus who looks happy is also cute

Any Lotus is cute

I mean, Renchan is always cute.

This is... the truth...!

What the hell are these guys? Yeah, I don't know what you're taking for granted.

Now, let's go to Fatos Square with Renchan.