Unlike the first day, there were fewer people today.Still, there are some people.

Inside the ball of light, feeling your gaze.Soon, as before, we arrived at a square with no players.And a big orchestra.


Quickly, Renchan is hugging Okelan.No, I know. I know. It's the best thing you can feel all over your body.

I'm going to hang on to what I want to do and replace the Cokeran.I'd like to see any Quessaran Pasaran soon.

"How do I replace it?Is there an NPC in charge of exchange? "

She's gone.

Tell the Okran I brought the Cokeran.

Then the replacement window opens.

Okay, let's try it.

After thanking him, I would like to say... to the front of the Okran, but unfortunately I don't know where he is.Let's hear it for now.

"I'm sorry, I protected my child, Quesalampathalan."

When I said so, a window suddenly appeared in front of me.Many item names have detailed effects.When you look at it like this, there are many things...

"Still, I didn't think you'd suddenly come out..."

"I don't suppose Okelan talks."

Well, I was scared when I talked.

Well, that's true.

Select the Quessalampasaran and have it replaced.In the meantime, about ten.

When I finished exchanging, I had less Cocherane on hand.When you open the inventory, there are unfamiliar items.Uh, the cotton wool of Quessalan Pasaran.Cotton hair? No, it's fine.


"Nhh... haah"

Len came back to me away from Okelan.I'll give you the item I just gave you.Little cotton wool. It's a game, so it won't fly away in the wind.

Len was strangely tilting her neck, but she laughed, "Thank you, sweetheart."

"Maybe it's an item from Quesalampathalan."

"Really?...... ah......"

Suddenly, the cotton hair fell over Len-chan's head.Something that looks like cotton hair and is fluffy and drifting around Renchan.Yeah, well, Quesalampathalan, I guess.


Lotus is so cute that she's blinking.

Isn't that the size of okelan?

'More than Cokeran, do you feel Okeran below?'

Looks like the size isn't uniform?Some of them are the same size as the Cokerans. "

I was told to check and found out that there were really small cotton wool.Maybe smaller than Cokeran.

Those Quessaran Pasarans are fluffy around Renchan.When Len-chan reached out, one fell into Len-chan's hand.I'm a kid about the size of a baseball.


Len-chan stroked the child. I chewed.



Happy Ron. He was satisfied.As far as I'm concerned, I can only see this face now.Fuhafuya-Ren-chan.


Oh, I thought it was time.

When Renchan flirts, Mirai bugs.

"Shut up."

Ron is so cute, I can't help it.

Quessaran Pasaran and the others get together with Renchan.I'm rubbing my body against Len-chan's hand.It seems ticklish, but Ron seems to be having fun.

Oni-chan, oni-chan!



Len-chan returned a piece of cotton hair.At the same time, there's a Quesalampathalan coming this way.Looking at Len-chan, she seemed to be filled with expectations.

Are you sure?


It seems that it is mine.I don't have to worry about it.There's still a lot of Cokerans...No, but didn't you tell Renchan clearly?

I wonder if it's the happiness part?

Renchan's a good kid.

It's not strange that I want to be alone.

Renchan is still an angel.

I fully agree.

The Quessaran Pasaran came to me in a size that I could easily get into my hands.As soon as I opened my hand, I came down on my hand.Wow, that's fluffy.

"Mufufufu fluffy!"

It's so fluffy.


"Ufu... what?"


I know that Renchan's tension is high.

Wachawa-chan feels so relaxed......

Yeah, well, I guess it's cute.

Dancing with lots of Quessaran Pasaran.I enjoy watching it.I'm worried you're saying it's fluffy. It's fluffy.

"Now that I have nothing more to do, I'll finish by looking at Renchan."

Thank you very much.

What are you doing tomorrow?

"It's up to Renchan, but I want to find Tanuki."

There are also foxes, and personally, I want you to have tanuki.I don't like tanuki better.I just don't know what to do, I'd like to be with you.

But after all, Roon-chan's feelings are our top priority.Maybe I'll play with Quessaran Pasaran at home.

... ah, but... I have to think about thanking you...