After school. Looking at Len-chan's ward, I noticed that Tanuki's stuffed toy was being used as a toy.You're gripping Tanuki's forefoot and squeezing. Pretty.


When I closed the door and called, Len turned to me.



Where's Tanuki-san?

"I didn't forget, did I?"

Yesterday ended up in Quessalampasaran...Let's go see Tanuki today.

Oni-chan, oni-chan




Len-chan sticks out a stuffed animal.When I received it and stroked it, it felt fluffy.These tanuki are supposed to be old among the stuffed toys, but they still have a fluffy feel because they are carefully cared for.

"Tanu, tanu...."

Ron leaves the bed and goes to the stuffed toy shelf.I pulled the other one out.I was handed over a pretty realistic tanuki, but what Renchan brought was a cute, deformed tanuki.



I don't know. I think it's very appealing.I don't think Renchan wants to do that, but I feel like she's been blaming me very much for what I forgot yesterday.

Renchan cleverly put the deformed banana on her head and brought out another banana.This is the last tanuki in this ward.This tanuki is a small stuffed toy, palm-sized. Probably close to the key holder.


"That's so cute...."

I guess I missed Tanuki-san so much...No, yeah. I'm really sorry.

When Len came back to bed, she lined up Tanuki on the bed.I went back to the shelf.This is supposed to be all of Tanuki's...


Now I brought a fox stuffed toy.When I thought about it, I brought a lot of cumming and cats and lined them up in bed.Arrange beautifully from pillow to foot, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

What do you think?

No, what!?

Oh no, Ron wants something!You're looking at me with such sparkling eyes!I wonder what they want.This is a mystery... Think, think, think about the future!If you make a mistake here, Lotus will swell up!

All right... all right... I see. Yeah. Yeah.

I don't know.

It's cute!

Answer as usual without difficulty.If you laugh, laugh, I didn't think of anything else...!


Well, apparently it was the right answer.Ron smiles.

And I said it.

"Which is the best?"


Difficulty Berry Hard. How do I answer this?

Lucky to be here in trouble...You're on the shelf.You want me to choose from something other than lucky...?

"Eh, well...."

As far as I can think, there's no way I can tell.Then I will honestly choose what I like best.

Tanuki. Fox. Dog. Cat. Some tigers, some horses. Hmm...

"I don't know, they're all cute."

When I answered that, Ron laughed at me.It seems that there was no problem with this. Good, good.

Renchan lay down on the bed and hugged the stuffed animals.You're so cute with your favorite stuffed toy.

"Tanuki-san, I want to see you. No?"

"No, I can't. Let's go see him today."

Because it's Ron's hope.Let's go see Mr Tanuki today.

So, this is Tanuki time.

What do you mean, ww

Even if you think back inside Miray, we can't see it.

Learn more about the situation.

"Ron wants to see Tanuki.Is there any other reason? "

I don't need it.

Well, that's important.

I completely forgot yesterday.

A little reflection. I just didn't have enough time to forget.

Well, it's a tanuki, but it's actually very easy to meet.Tame is also relatively easy.I just have a little wait time.

"Well then... let's find Renchan."


What's missing?

Come on, guardian!

I am very weak when you say that, but I want you to give me an excuse.

"Hey... As soon as I got to the Fartos countryside, I was playing, and I ran off on a shiro.Looks like he's nearby, and Shiro's with him. "

That's why I'm not worried.

"Finally, Shiro followed Renchan without waiting for my orders."


I bet that's better for a cute sister than a crazy sister.

"You don't have to think about it."

Huh? Isn't it Ren-chan, the master of shiro?

Isn't it bad?

No, I do think there are more of you with me these days than I do.If Renchan wants it, I think I can give it away...No, but only Shiro... but when it comes to Ren-chan... mum...

"Hey, Mirai's starting to get serious."

Leave it alone, it's Len-chan's fault anyway

"Flower fields as usual."

It must be.

That's why I'm so mad at you.

I get angry when I get angry, too. Maybe.