Now, it's time to take Renchan seriously...

I'm home!

When I thought about it, I came back.Ron-chan, who got on the shiro, is holding something.To be a little more specific, it's a fufu.

"Hey, Tanuki was here!"

"Ooh... you're early. I can't believe I found it myself....."

I thought I'd show you around.No, it's fine.

Shiro showed you around?


Am I all-purpose...?The operation may have done something. Well, look.

I don't see a lot of tanuki, but where are they?

"A Field Boss in the Fartos Countryside.It comes out in the countryside at regular intervals.It is also the target of Quest Enemy at the beginning of the story.Otherwise, I can't touch anything. "

Narrative Niki! You must be the missing Narrative Niki!

Well, that's what I mean.I didn't notice because I didn't tell the story.It's just a pitfalls. No, as far as the general public is concerned, it doesn't matter.

"Hey, check it out. Mufufufu!"

Looks like Ron-chan is going to roll on Tanuki.A smile full of faces. She's so cute with her tail swinging.But it's kind of more like a fufu than the tanuki I checked beforehand...?

"Is this game's balls so fuzzy?"

If you go, you'll see.


I don't know, but let's follow the audience.That's why I moved to the place where Tanuki came out with Len-chan.

Tanuki and the others were on many roads in the countryside.Ten or more of them. Looks like a lot of them come out when they come out.

Well, that's a bunch of assholes, but it looks like there are two kinds.I wonder if the hair is different than the colour.One is relatively smooth and the other is stiff.

The monster's name is Summer Tanuki.This one is the winter tanuki.Well, in other words, it seems to be the difference between summer and winter tanuki.

"No, I don't think so!Your name is as it is! "

"Where are you from, Kansai?"

I know what you're going to say, but wow

If you think about twisting it a little bit, it's really as it is now.

No, this is a surprise. It's easy to understand.

Speaking of which, Ron-chan was attacking a bunch of tanuki.There is no hesitation. That's right, Lotus!

The tanukis were stiff for a moment, but they didn't escape.Lotus is holding me tightly.Rather, it's gathered around Roon-chan.

"Tanuki is also cute. Somewhat prefer winter tanuki.I'm rubbing it. "

I try to hold a winter tiger wandering around Renchan.Oh, it's fluffy. In the winter, Tanuki glanced back at me and relaxed.What a friendly kid.

"Well, you're certainly very vigilant, aren't you?"


That's right, the wild tanuki is so cowardly.I can't keep it, by the way, so be careful. "

It seems so.Sometimes I see videos that grow tanuki, but for some reason, I protected them.

Anyway, he's very vigilant.


"I promise not to say that."

Tanuki here is very friendly.If you don't have a weapon, even if you don't have one, you'll come very close. "

What a cute thing. I guess I'll go too.

Now that it's a super popular spot, it's just a little competition.

Uh, what's that? I'll look around.There's nobody here. When I saw Len-chan, I saw her riding in the summer whilst squeezing her in the winter. What?

Well, I don't think there's anybody here.

Do you think there is a fat sprayer who won't give up when I hear that Renchan is coming?

Isn't it?

Ah... it looks like you've taken care of me.I'm sorry, but it's very helpful.

No, even so, this is the winter tanuki...I'm happy, too.I'd like to take it home as it is.

"I doubt the sanity of a quest to crush this tanuki."

That's it, wow

I understand ww

Sometimes I see a novice with a weapon in conflict.When that happens, it's easy to give up the place. "

What are you talking about?

I wish I didn't have to do such a quest.

Well, Renchan...


Ah, it's buried. Soon, the tanukis will be hanging around and underlaying it.It doesn't seem painful, so I don't think it will be okay as it is.

Pikon, Ton-chan put her face between Tanuki and Tanuki.He seems very happy.

Tanuki-san, full.

It's full.


"Ah, yeah... when...?"

Maybe it doesn't have to be all...?I guess so.

Stable Tame

It looks so cute when I look at it like this.

I want to wipe it off. Every Renchan. "

What the heck......

Kill. Punish. Absolutely.


Isn't everyone a little too murderous?

In the meantime, it looks like Tanuki is safe, so let's get back to home.

Shall we go home?


Mozumo and Len-chan crawl out of the mountain of Tanuki and face the Tanuki.Then he raised his hand and said.


Oops. Tanuki were lined up for each type of summer and winter tanuki.I wonder when I told you that, Ron.Looking at Len-chan, something satisfied me.Let's stroke it for now.

Hey, sweetheart?


It's the usual one.