Okay. I'm back, Renchan. Home.It is easy to understand how many of the reindeer I brought in each of the ten in summer and winter.There are individual differences in size, as well as small tanuki. A kid?

Ron strokes one by one.Whatever happens to your head, your throat is slightly stiff and gentle.In the winter, the balls seem kind of fluffy. I want to do it too.

So I tried holding a small winter banana waiting in turn.Wow. It's a fufu.

"What is this? Fuzzy and fluffy. Wow."

Okay, I want to touch it too.

You're both a pussy and a pussy.

"Maybe I'll go see Tanuki, too."

Next time you show up, you'll have a good competition rate.

Really. I have a lot of comments about going to the next meeting.This is going to be quite crowded.I can't tell you whether it's good or bad.


"Oh, I'm sorry."

Looks like this kid's in order.As I lowered my child Tanuki to the ground, he walked towards Ron-chan.Ron-chan rushes the girl who came to the side.

Maybe the kid is big enough for Ron-chan.It seems a little difficult to hold, but it's getting better.The kid Tanuki was licking Len-chan's cheek with joy.

Tanuki wanted to kill me.

Calm down, www

Do you have a sister who burns against animals?

You may not believe it, you may doubt your sanity, but it's the truth...!

"Shut up."

Ron seems happy, so that's fine.Len-chan is so cute.

Ron-chan lowered her balls and rolled them down.It's the usual one. I'm still hungry.Tanuki also seems to accept it as pleasant.Not with wildlife.

Ron with a smile started singing in a good mood.

"It's just a tampon..."




"Mirai's reflexes are amazing."

"You really noticed and stopped... w"

Awaya broadcast accident www

I don't think that many people will say anything about it because it is a chant that many people know, but I still don't want to hear the word from Renchan's mouth.I know it's my best friend, but please give me a break.

Len-chan tilted her neck and opened her mouth again.


"Stop!? Len, let's stop that song!Let's sing another song! "


"That song sucks!"

Ron leans her neck strangely.Don't look at me like that.My innocent eyes blame my filthy heart...

Len-chan's gaze hurts....

Hmm, that's not weird. I'm going to... "

Well, what is it, that's it.... a pure child's gaze is so tight... "

Len-chan kept her neck tilted, but for the time being she understood.I started singing songs that had nothing to do with Tanuki. I'm relieved.

I heard a lot of footsteps when Len-chan was covering his balls.As for Tanuki, or are you about to greet a new companion, as you can see, the lid is pushing in.The wolves, the tigers and the foxes are all together.

Only Reggie looked down quietly at the situation.Should I say I'm watching?You're the guardian of this dragon. A guardian dragon.

Everybody fufufu!

Whoa. Ron's tension is starting to rise.I'm starting to hug a lot of kids.Even if you hug her, hug her again.It's very funny to watch.


Mufufu, huh?


It's fluffy.


"Do you like it?"


I wish Renchan had fun.

"I'm just happy to see you playing with pleasure."

"Come on, ladies and gentlemen.



"Mm-hmm, m-hmm!"

It sounds a little strange, but it's getting kind of fun.

I wonder if this is the end of the day.Imagine watching Ronchan-no-Furu. Wow!