Okay, let's start the delivery.

Oh, I'll see you later.

You're late today.

"And sudden dining scenery."

"Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo"


What does this look like?

No, it really looks delicious!?Where did you buy it?

Hmm? I mean, it looks like a store seller for now.That's reassuring. The audience won't know the flavour until then, and that's enough.

"It's not for sale. I made it."

Mirai's handmade...?

If you say so, I made you lunch too.

Are you highly skilled in cooking?

"Alice also told me that we can only do this in real life.I don't rely on skills. "


I didn't know Mirai had a real stunt...

Excuse me, these guys.

In the meantime, this dish seems to have been a success.Len and Alice are both eating delicious food.I'm happy for the side that made it.

"I don't know, Alice."

"It's so delicious! I can eat it forever...!"

Ahahah. Honestly, I'm glad. Really.

"It would be helpful if it were a game like this.I'm not full, but I'm not worried about getting fat. "

"Very well."

She nodded at Alice's murmur.You don't have to worry about calories or anything. I think it's great.

Renchan is biting big cookies.It's like a squirrel. It's so cute. You're lucky to be on the bottom of the cookie. So cute!

"It's a really big cookie."

"I tried my limits."


"Challenge the Limits (Cookie Size)"

Well, I think it's some kind of romance.

There's something that leads to a sweet home.

Hmm. Sweet house. Let's try it again.It won't bother anyone if you make it at home.But it's going to take a lot of time.

Renchan, is it delicious?


Lotus nods as she squeezes.I want to feel really tight. I won't do it because it seems like it will interfere with eating.

But why are you suddenly delivering meals?

It's Alice's celebration.

What happened?

"It's Alice's birthday."

Really!? Congratulations Alice!

"Eh, ah, yes, thank you?"

Didn't you expect the audience to celebrate, Alice? Just a little smile.

"This dish is a gift from me. Doya!"

"Who's so special?"

Renchan's throat and face are so cute.

So please show me Len-chan's throat and face.

It's not bad. How do I do with Len's throat and face...?

Alice and I looked at each other, and then we saw Renchan.Soon there will be half a cookie left.Still eating hard.



"Lotus is so cute! It's so cute! My angel!"

"Yes, yes."

Oops... I've been washed away quite appropriately.That's just a little depressed. Maybe I should have praised Lucky.But maybe it doesn't make sense for me to praise you.I'm sure you're used to being praised.

So this is where Alice comes in.My gaze drew Alice's cheek. Good luck.

Beep, Renchan


"Do I want to hold a puppy, too?"

Oh, that's good. He's not the lucky one he's always watching, he's picking a kid he doesn't see much.

Len-chan leaned her neck and summoned me right away.Renchan opens the menu and operates quickly.I'm used to it.That's how the puppy that always plays in the fence fell right in front of Renchan.Ignore the intrusion of wolf.

Ren-chan picks up the summoned puppy and for the time being, even herself.I was satisfied and gave it to Alice.

"Thank you, Ron-chan. Wow, that's amazing...I knew it was cute.... "

Yeah, that's fine. No, I know how you feel.

And Ron.


I'm a bit of a fancy face.This is Len's throat and face!




I felt like I was with the audience.

Well, anyway, I'd like to wipe my puppy off...Can't you? When I was looking at Renchan with such expectations, she immediately called me another one.That's so sweet of you, Ron.

I'll hold the puppy. Fluffy and fluffy as ever.A little puppy who looks at me in my arms.When I gently stroked you, I narrowed my eyes to make you feel good.

"I like puppies after all... It might be comparable to Renchan."

Of course I'm kidding, but...


Len saw me.I got up, walked over here, and sat on my lap.It's pounding.