Of course, Renchan is much prettier.

Put the puppy on Len-chan's head and keep going.I'm glad to hear that.I'm glad to hear that! But if it's too much, it leaves, so I have to keep it that way.

"By the way, I want a toy."

I want to say what happened suddenly, but I somehow understood. I did. "

You guys are poisoned too much by Miray.

"It's pathetic of me to be able to understand Miray's thoughts."

What do you mean, let's do this?No, but I guess I have such an easy-to-understand character.I wonder...

Hold Len-chan close, why are you scratching your head and your throat?Len-chan narrows her eyes so that it feels good.I knew Renchan was overwhelmingly cuter.Little animal cuteness?I'm going to get mad at you if you say so.

Lift Len-chan up a little and put her on her lap pillow.I put a puppy over Len's strange face.


What are you doing, Mirei?

Still, it seems that it's Lotus who won't resist.

Just games don't make it hard to breathe.No, it seems a little uncomfortable.Don't let Len's stomach get naked.No resistance. It's in spoiled mode.

"Please tell me how it feels to be hit in front of you."

Alice www

You're completely forgotten.

You're the star today, aren't you?

"No, it's fine.Just watching makes me smile and feel happy. "

I understand.

"Something similar."

I wanted to celebrate with you.I don't know why you didn't call me. "


Is that it?

"Ah... maybe, Lulu...?"






It's okay. I'm not angry.Because I'm not stubborn. It's okay.


Looks like Lulu came when I checked the comments while looking after Len-chan.I should have called, but I didn't know if I could.

"I'm sorry, I didn't understand the relationship between Alice and Lulu very well, so I didn't know what to call it."


I'm convinced.

I know I'm a friend of the game, but I don't know if it's time to celebrate my birthday.

I wouldn't know if it was just a game and not a party.

Looks like you could've called me when you saw this.I may have done something bad to Lulu.After this, it will be dissolved so far, but will it still come?

Almost there, will you come?

Let's go!

Instant Answer W

I know how you feel, but ww

So Lulu also participates.I got an application right away, so I'm going to ask you to come home.Now, I need Lege to get back on the ground...

"I'm going straight. Just a minute."


What do you mean you're going directly...? I kind of have a bad feeling about this.

Alice looked up with a bitter smile, as if she had immediately noticed.When I realized it, Roon-chan's eyes were sparkling as well.What is it? I saw the sky and noticed immediately.

Lulu's Tammmons needs heag was empty.I don't think so...


With such a call, Lulu jumped.

"I thought so!I was! Are you serious? Normal!? "

That's weird and thoughtful, Lulu.

Lulu is just not good at talking to people, and he's going to be quite bold.

That said, you broke down one of those doors.

Don't remind me www

Ah, yes, yes.Conversation seems pretty grown-up, and being with you is really grown-up, but if there's no one to stop it, it's a soft kid.I noticed it when I guided the second.

While doing so, Lulu stood on Lege's back.Land beautifully and stand up.And he smiled dressed up.No, but I was really dressed.

Lulu-san, wow!

Renchan's unstinting applause!It looks like it's going to be so much fun, it blinks my eyes.Lulu saw such a lentil his face turned red and leaned down.If only you weren't embarrassed.

"Nh... Um, Alice... it's my birthday..."

"Yes, thank you, Lulu."


Lulu nods so hard. I always think...

"Too different in character than when commenting"

Even if they say it's someone else, you don't doubt it.

"I still think I'm someone else."

"Rather, I think it's a double personality."

"Don't give me weird attributes."


No, but it's so different.I'm sure you're aware of that. "

It's not bad, but I have trouble reacting when I see it for the first time.

"Still, that was a surprise.I hope Renchan is happy too. "


Lulu-san, it's so cool!

Oh, Lulu's in a lot of light.Put your hat on your eyes, and somehow, it's a lovely reaction.Alice is also smiling.

"But you didn't look like a witch."

When I suddenly murmured, the lulu became hardened.Look up, look down, somehow look at me, look up again.


She thought so herself. I don't mind having a witch riding a dragon.But I can't imagine a witch jumping from a high place.As long as it floats with magic or something along the way, it naturally fell to Leggett's back.