The costume is a witch, but the dragon knight is doing something like that.

The dress is just a witch, but the skill composition is not near.

Witch (Dragon Knight)

Because I'm a witch.

Lulu inflates her cheeks with dissatisfaction.I won't say anything more.I wish someday it could be implemented like a flying cymbal.I would definitely buy Lulu even if it was a billed item.

All right, let's get back to dinner. So I sat back and immediately Ren-chan headed towards Lulu.



Looks like Lulu knows about it, so I summoned the Empty Fox Sora immediately.It's the same small, fluffy fox as ever. It's cute.

Len-chan is pleased to have you at once.I'm smiling. And I think Ron's head is jealous of Lucky...I feel like I'm staring at you.

Hmm... I want to play fox too.So I called Black and lifted him up.Kuro is cute enough.

"Ah, Kuro!"

Ron noticed. Kuro jumped to Len.Lotus is so cute that she looks happy holding her crown together.Very cute, but...


It's supposed to be my Tammmons, but...?No, of course there's nothing wrong with Ron if he's happy.I'm just happy to see Fuhafuya-chan.

In fact, Kuro-chan's Taimmons...?

You don't really understand Mirai's popularity.

Well, Mirai Dashi

"Shut up."

Alice is taking pictures of Renchan at some point.Of course I take pictures too. Lulu also takes pictures. Cute is justice.

It's over for such a lively, little party.Leggett sent me back to earth.Let's stroke the tufts to welcome you.Puppies are cute, but adults are cute. A wolf.

"Running up and down while swinging my tail is too cute."

"I remember my parents' dog."

Me, too. Sometimes when I come home, you'll be happy to follow me.

I understand. I'm starting to miss you.

Sometimes that's what animal videos do.I don't know because I don't have animals in real life.It's not that I don't want to keep it, but if you do, it's better if Roon-chan's illness is cured.

I stroked the wolves.Next door, Ren-chan stroked Shiro too.I don't know why Shiro hasn't come to me.No, it's fine. Lotus is so cute, I can't help it!

"Mirai-chan is looking disgusting again."

It's not bad.

I can't help it because it's true.

Try to fix it before you think it's terrible... no, it's impossible.

That's impossible.

"Shut up."

"Ahahah... Um, Mirai-chan.Thank you again for today. It's been a long time since I've had you celebrate your birthday, so I'm so happy. "

"Really? Really?"

"I had a birthday party with my friends in elementary school, but I don't think I've been a junior high school student since."

I wonder if it is something like that.This may all depend on the school atmosphere rather than on people.

Alice lowered the puppy she was holding next to Len.The kid I've been holding since I was on Leggett's back.Unfortunately, Alice stroked, and the puppy licked her hand and then returned to Renchan.

By the way, Lulu is holding you.They're so cute in Lulu's arms.

"Oh, yes, Alice, this way."


Pull Alice's hand and leave.The light bulb of the camera's role is set for Renchan's tracking.Welcome, wave your hand to Renchan, and sneak away.

Far enough away, I'll go to the other side of Renchan's house.If you're wrong here, you won't be seen or picked up on the feed. It's been checked.

Mirai-chan, what's wrong?

Tell confused Alice. No, it's original.

"Hey, Alice, can you give me a real address?"

This is a clear violation of manners.You can't do that.This alone is not strange even if friendship breaks down.That's why I was a little nervous.

"Huh? Yeah, sure."

What a quick acceptance.I'm more surprised.

"Are you sure? It's a real one."

"Yeah, I know Mirai-chan won't abuse it."

I don't know what to do. It might be nice.Because I didn't expect you to trust me that much.

Will you tell me about Mirai-chan?

"Of course, I'll tell you more than I ask.Well, I'm known to some extent. "

I didn't hide it from the hospital.I think everyone expects me to live nearby because I go to a visit every day.And that's the right answer.

But, of course, I've never told anyone the address itself, but I think Alice would be fine.I'm sure Alice wouldn't use it for anything bad.

"Well then... I wonder if it's a phone number for now. I'll send it later."


As long as you have a phone number, there is a service that allows you to freely exchange messages and images.Everyone has an app on their phone, so they should be able to use it without any problems.If I hadn't let it in, I wouldn't have asked for the phone number.

I decided to sneak back to Len and exchange the phone number.

I'm home.

Oh, I'm back.

"What were you talking about?"

What a lewd thing to do.

Can I banish you?

I'm sorry!

I don't want you to say weird things.

Now, when I looked for Renchan, I rolled the empty fox's sleigh and made her hungry. I like that.

Moufuwa Yasha

It's fluffy enough to look at it.It really looks like a little fox. It may be cuter than a child fox.

"He's cuter than a fox, but he's the most powerful monster."

It's a flying combat ability.

The feeling of battle was stronger than Kimira.

Liar Yan


Kimira is supposed to be the boss.

But considering the actual status and technique, I can't say anything.Because it is related to the size of the body.Sky foxes are small and quick, so they're hard to hit.

"Lulu did well, didn't he? She's a witch."

"Good luck."

Ah, yes.

Eh, heh heh heh heh heh heh.I don't think I'll be able to do anything with my hard work.

When I was satisfied with my funeral, I was dissolved on the spot.

After logging out, use your phone while lying on your bedroom bed.I will send a message to Alice from the telephone number you gave me. Will it arrive properly?

Well, I was about to send it, and the phone rang.


Surprised. When I looked at the notification, it was a number I didn't know... Oh, no, Alice.

Hello, too.

When I answered the scared phone, I heard voices I heard in the game many times.


"Uh-huh. It's Mirai. Alice?"

It's Alice. Fufu, I've never heard her voice on the phone before, so it's weird.

Yeah, that's right.

Honestly, I wanted time to prepare my mind.I see you often in games, but I get a little nervous on the phone.

Well then, I'll send you a message with this number.Just an address and a name?

"Yes, thank you."

But why? Can I ask you what it's for?

I take that for granted.Besides, don't worry, I don't use it for strange things.I'm sure Alice would love that.

There's a real letter from Renchan.


"Renchan's paintings are real."


"I'll send you a birthday present."



I said I didn't know if I could send it to Roon-chan, but Roon-chan did her best to write it.I wanted to send it to you if possible, so I'm glad to hear it.

"Wow... I'm so happy. Thank you, Mirai-chan."

"No, tell Renchan when it arrives safely. I'm sure you'll be happy."

Yes, of course.

I'm not worried because Alice would be in good shape around here.

Afterwards, for about an hour, we relaxed and talked about each other's daily routine and finished the call.Yeah, I forgot my time. It was dangerous.

Incidentally, since then, I've been just exchanging messages and making phone calls.