It was the encounter of fate.Little cutie running around in a cage.Stop and stare at me with your crushed eyes.Very, very, very cute hare.

So I bought a small stuffed hare toy. Satisfied.

Come in ~

Enter Ron's ward.I thought maybe I was in bed as usual, and when I looked at you, there was a round thing on the bed.Rounded silhouette. Futon, huh?

It's a bundle of sheets.Turbulence mode. It doesn't make any sense.

I'll try to get closer. No response. I'll follow you. It's twitching.



No reaction. Hmm.

Remove the small chocolate that you bought when you came.30 yen chocolate per grain.I put it gently on the side.

"It's gone...!?"

No, yeah, it's just that Len-chan took it quick.I wondered if it was moving, and then Len-chan's hand came out and left the chocolate wrapper and went back.

Hmm. What is it? It's cute.

Well then, the next one is destiny.Remove the small halibut stuffed animal from the bag and leave it gently.Len-chan quickly took it away again.

Thigh. Thigh.


Lotus is coming out. That's a hare.

"Wow... wow... so cute! So cute!"

Apparently, I liked Len's stuffed halibut toy.You look like a cute stuffed animal from me.It's a plush handheld toy, fluffy.I think I made a good purchase.

Lotus seems to be in a very good mood with her cuddly hare toy.

"Do you like it?"


Ren-chan nodded happily and immediately glanced at me and hid in the sheets again.

Yeah. That? Why? Did you do something to piss me off?I'm getting really worried.

"Len, what's wrong? Are you angry?"

When I asked in a little hurry, my face began to pout.He stares at me.Just stick out your face and stare at it.



"Ah... you must have been a lying face."

An unexpected sigh of relief. It got pretty rough.

"What do you want to do, Naughty Len-chan?"


What is a rendition?

I slowly went back into the sheets.Hmm... I wonder if it's all right if it's just a taut-na-taut-na-cha? It's good, right?

Still, it won't come out. Even if I pinched the sheet, it wouldn't come out. I'm familiar with it.

When I was worried about what was going on, Len-chan put out her face again.



Lotus stares at each other perfectly. Hmm...

Remove the confectionery from the bag. It's an elongated gummy treat.I pinched the tip and drooped it in front of Len's eyes.Oh, Ron's gaze is nailed to the gummies.

"Yura yura"

Shake loosely in front of Renchan.Then, when I came in front of Len, I felt like I was puffed.Len-chan is in trouble.

Lotus who eats. When I pulled the gummies, Renchan followed me. What a cute thing.

I'll wait. Len-chan kept eating and eventually came to me.Renchan, who was eating deliciously, noticed my hand, looked at my face, and looked at the hand.


Ah, it's gone. I thought I'd go back to the sheets, but I came down from the bed and took the rabbit stuffed toy off the shelf, and then I came back to the sheets.

And then you show your face again... it's a rabbit.

"Looks like there's only a rendition left, so should we go home now?"

It twitched and moved. When I stood up and deliberately made footsteps,


Len jumped out and stuck to my arm. You're holding on tightly.


"Ah, yeah, I'm just kidding...."


"It's okay, so calm down!?"

Ron-chan's pulling my arm!I couldn't shake it off, so I resisted lightly and stopped moving, and this time I tried to raise my arm.

Not anymore...

Yo, yo.


I can't help it. I can't help it.I don't think it would be useful or happy.

What's going on?


Yes Gyuu

Gently stroke Len-chan's back.Lotus narrows her eyes to feel good. She's cute.

When I was satisfied, I put Len-chan down to bed.

"So, what's up, Goodwill?"

Oni-chan, suki-chan

"I love it too!"

Put it on your knees and cum from behind.I'm so glad you said it clearly.He likes it. Hehe.

Did Len-chan calm down? She began to wipe off the halibut.I put a hand-held halibut on both hands.It's the cutest place to laugh.