"Are you going to see a halibut?"


That's what happened.Well, that's about the game after that.Now I spoil Lotus plenty.Hang on to your cheeks. My skin feels really moist.



"Doesn't a hare hurt?"

Does it hurt? Oh, the needle on my back.What do you think? Sometimes people put it on their hands with videos, and I don't think it hurts...

Sorry, I'll check it out.


I put a stuffed hare toy in my hand and I'm catching my stomach.Do you want to do it?

When I stood still, Len told me.

"You know, I'm a TV animal, and I was wearing a hare's stomach.The halibut-san is so cute! "

I see.

I don't know. No, I've been thinking about it somehow, but I don't know if it fits.Maybe I'll look for the video later.


Well, anyway. I'm in serious mode today.

Bring the table in the corner of the room to the side of the bed, and I sit on the bed.There are various reference books to take out from the bag.Yes, study. Why did you say that?Because there's going to be a trial soon.If you don't do well in this simulation, you'll be restricted from seeing Ron.

Hey, are you studying today?

"Yeah, I'm sorry."


Mr. Hariri also apologized for not being able to play.

Well, the table I brought is a horizontal one, like the one in the conference room.Speaking of which, when I start studying, Renchan will do it too.

When Len brought the textbook from the shelf where the book was kept, she sat next to me and spread it out.

Okay, well, let's study together.

"That's what happened."

Why are you telling me now?

Why don't you deliver it?

What a useless sister!

Well then, we'll finish the delivery.

Wait a minute.

I'm sorry. I'm just kidding. Please forgive me.

That's the deal.

Don't promise.

That's why it's delivered at night.Play with the halibut at home today.It's Tame, but the halibut is in the same pet frame as the chicken and you just have to buy it.So I bought about five of them.

Lotus ran around, and Lotus smiled, surrounded by rats.One of them is slowly rolling and naked.

"Did the halibut look so cute..."

Some people just feel disgusted with rats.

"What a waste. You're so cute."

Don't 'remember' disgust.

Shut up, I'm going to hit a rat!

"Please don't. The halibut will die."

What are these people doing...?

When Len-chan was stroking the belly of the halibut, the stroking halibut narrowed its eyes and weakened.I spread my legs and felt dizzy.

"Mr. Halibut is cute."


My pussy.

My pussy.

Renchan smiles. I'm in love. Ehehe.

Mirai's bugging again.

"Don't worry about it because it's the usual thing."

It's normal for Mirai to be bugging.Mirai is more bugged than usual.

So Mirai's bug is normal, ordinary is bug, bug is bug.

What do you mean?

"Mirai is a bug in existence."

Hieeww, it's true.

"Shut up."

Lotus is cute.

While Len-chan is playing with the halibut, I let Shiro back me up and relax.Goodwill is obsessed with hares today.I just look at it.

"I want to be a hare."

What are you talking about?

I fully agree. I want you to be Len-chan. "

There are only perverts here...

Self-complete ww

Phew, Ron-chan raised her face.View comments. I will.Well, pervert-related comments just started to circulate.

Ren-chan turned to me and walked towards me with a hare.

Oni-chan, gelohn



"Like this...?"

He wants me to lie down. Turn around and lie down on the meadow.



Ron suddenly stroked my stomach!No, wait, wait! Tickle!

"Len-chan, what!?"

"Mr. Hare."

"Hee!? Ah, that's it!?"

I said I wanted to be a hare, so you're doing what you did to me!I see you're convinced, but you don't have to do it, Roon-chan!