"Ah, hahaha, hiihaha...!"

"Hmm...? Something's wrong..."

"Hah... hah... That's right...?"

Something's different since I've been tickled ~

"Millay, you did your best, well done, well endured."

"No, well, that's fine...."

It tickled, but this was good. Yeah.

Lean your neck on your lap.Hmm, calm down...

Don't capture Sarasara.

Ron-chan, I'm sure there's something different about the halibut ingredients.

I mean?

Mirai's going to be a hare!

Too much chaos www

I feel like I was told that I don't really know how to become a hare.What do you want me to do?Do you want to try it again?

Oh yeah!

Are you convinced!?


That's fine, Kan-chan.

This is how the Miray Halibut transformation plan began......

"Something started magnificently, but it wasn't magnificent or anything."

No, really, what should I do with this?It's not like I'm looking for a big hare.What am I supposed to do?

This is my turn.

It's Alice that you came at this time!

Alice is here! We can win now!

Whatever it is wow

I'll take care of it. I'll make Mirai-chan's hare costume.


It's mine!? It's not Renchan's, it's mine!?Is that what makes me a halibut!?

"Who deserves my costume!"

Are you telling me yourself ww

Thank you very much for understanding ww

It's okay because it looks like a beautiful girl. It just looks like it. "

Appearance! Only!

"Don't emphasize it!"

I'd like to see as many as I can, but I wonder who would want to see my clothes.I thought so, but when I saw Renchan, she looked at me with excitement for some reason.This one can't be refused.

Um, Mirai-chan. Mirai-chan wants to see Len-chan's costume, and vice versa.

"Hee, hee...."

I wonder what that is. I'm happy, but I can't say anything about this feeling.

"Alright... alright. Alice, please."

I'll take care of it. I'll make you a cute costume.

"Please don't do that..."

Make it a regular dress, please!

After that, relax as usual.I'm putting Len-chan on my lap to catch the halibut. It's a happy space.

"Oh, yeah, Alice and Lulu, are you there?"

Something Mirai-chan. I'm busy making Mirai-chan's costume.

"Isn't it too soon to move on!?Do you have any other requests? "

My client, Wye, is convinced that I'm late because of an emergency.

Are you convinced ww

Emergency use (making Mirai's costume)

I see. It's urgent.

You guys www

Soon my client will be mad at me. Really!


Yes, what can I do for you?

"This guy is really too different when commenting."

"Honestly, I don't know who this is."

It's Alice, I'm sure she's next door.

It's a novel form of identification.

It's a forced confirmation. Well, that's fine.

"Do you have time from lunch tomorrow?I'm going to log in, but I have to study a little, so I want you to play with Roon-chan at lunch. "

Mirai-chan is prioritizing her studies over Renchan!?

What's the matter, Miray? Are you okay?!Is it a fever!?

The premonition of a natural mutation...... Japan will sink tomorrow......

"Shut up."

I don't think you should react that much.No, I know it's unusual for me.But I need to study hard at the end of the term.

"I can't give up at night.I think I'll study around lunch.I'm still a high school girl with flowers. "

I wonder if it's Laflecia?

I wonder if it's a fly trigger?

"The second one is not a flower. It makes me angry."

I'm sorry.

I can't help it. I'll forgive you.I'm in a good mood today.Ron has been on my lap for a long time.The annoyance is purified in an instant. Hmm.

So, what do you think?

Of course!

I can't refuse.

Yeah, I thought you two were gonna say that.Well, let's leave it to the two of you tomorrow lunch.

"So, tomorrow you can play with Alice and Lulu."


Young-chan is catching up.I wonder if you think I miss you.

Hold Len-chan and stroke her head.Nanarinari.

"I'll see you at night.Let's play a lot at night. "


Is that it? Is this a big responsibility?

"Good luck, super good luck."

I also expect delivery.


I don't think you two are going to be okay.For now, I'm going to make Renchan feel lonely, so let's do our best tomorrow.