Ren was soaking up an empty fox's sleigh.You're lucky to be holding her with you, cuff cuff cuff cuff.I'm happy, but I'm a little short.

I don't have a sister.I can see you at night, but you can't come to lunch. I miss you.

I know I can't help it.Study is important.If oneechan's grades drop, she'll even be banned from visiting.I think compared to that, I still miss things that I miss.

Renchan, are you okay?



Alice and Lulu will be with you.Alice and Lulu are there to make sure we don't miss each other.Lulu also calls for you and your dragon's need-head.

Now it's on Needs Heg, and it's all over my head. Moufufu.

"Hmm... I wonder what to do with this..."

"Nh... maybe if Mirai doesn't come back, there's nothing I can do about it."

"That's right...."

Alice thought for a moment and said.

"All right, then, Roon-chan, I'll have some fun for you."

What's wrong with you?

"Yeah, I'll make you some of Ren-chan's hare kiwis.Onee-chan and I can be halibuts! "


Yes, it's perfect!

That sounds like a lot of fun.I can't be a hare with my sister. Looks like fun.

"So, Renchan, I'm glad you're looking forward to it and cheering up.That way, I can do my best to make it. "


Ren rose up vigorously.Put your lucky head on, hug your lap, and wiggle it in.Yes, don't bother Alice and the others.Oneechan is getting bored.


"Ooh! I think it's good!"

"Nh... let's suddenly collaborate."

That's why it's delivered. I will prepare it thoroughly.What should the title be?

Yes, Mr. Lulu

"Eh... ah, yeah..."

Lulu thought for a moment and gave me a title for the delivery.Sudden collaboration, content to be determined. Let's do it.

Now that we've decided on a title, we're rolling it out.

Sudden delivery!

Sudden collaboration!


Lenchaaaaahn! And finally Lulu!

I don't care about Lulu, but Luluaaaahn!


Lulu's cheeks are a little tight.You seem angry. Perhaps the commentator is doing something wrong.

"I don't know, but I can't."

I don't know, but I got angry.

I'm sorry.

"(I haven't said anything yet) I'll be careful."

Looks good for now. I'm sure it's fine.

So what are you going to do now?

Mirai isn't uncommon, is she?

Does Alice or Lulu think about it?

"Nh... I started because Ron told me to deliver it.I haven't decided anything. "

I don't know what the details are, is that it?

It was nothing but a metaphor www

Anything is fine. If you can see Renchan. "

Should I decide on the contents?I thought a little about Ren and then looked back.Alice takes a step back and takes out a lot of sewing tools.Ren stared at it and said.

Well then, let's see Alice's tingling!

"Nh. I think it's good."


Kannono www

Alice is surprised wow

"I'm sure you didn't tell him anything."

Alice seemed a little confused, but she laughed a little bit.It is not something to be reduced, and it is.Now that you have forgiven me, I will look at Alice's sewing.

Alice took out a lot of cloth.And I saw this.




Alice's mouth is twitching. Do you have a cold?

Then Alice took out some tools, looked at us again, and said.

No, I'm distracted!

Isn't that right www

You've been working with an unspecified number of people ~

"Unspecified majority (2,000)"


She can't concentrate when she's watching.Is that what it is?I don't know a bit about the rendition, but if it gets in the way, you can't.I'm sorry, but I'm going to do something different.