"Well then... what shall I do..."

"Nh... Renchan, this way"


Just walk to Lulu.The trade screen then opens.Lulu put clothes on the screen.When I tilted my neck, I was told I would lend it to you.Ren continued trading and received his clothes.

Are you wearing it?


Lulu nods. Then I'll wear the clothes I received.Of course, it's a moment because it's a game gear change.

So the goodwill was wearing the same black robe and a triangular hat as Lulu.

"Nh... witch"


It is an unusual black costume. It's just a little fresh.

It's a little witch!

Magical girl!


I feel kind of like a wizard.I'm with Lulu.This may be good.

"Nh... let's make Renchan an apprentice."

"That was great!"

That was great! Shit! Looks fun!



Lulu is illuminating wow

"The red face is hidden with a hat."

But Renchan is even more cute.

"You don't have to say that."

Well, what did he do?Thinking for a moment, Ren pounded his hand.




The apprentice is going beyond the master.

That's why it's, uhh

Is that it? Something's wrong.I don't think so.

Would you like to try magic?

I'll try it!

Speaking of which, Ren has never used magic in this world.No, is Tame magical?Anyway, I would like to try magical magic.

Isn't magic a skill point?

There you are. What are you gonna do, Lulu?

Lulu sent me a small cane in the trade.With this, they say you can use magic if you shake it.I wonder what kind of consumables anyone can use magic on.

When I tried shaking my broom wand, a small fire burst out.It disappeared quickly, but I think it was undoubtedly magical.


It's kind of fun. If you shake your wand many times, fire and ice will pop out.It was a very strange wand.


"Nh... if you shake it in the sky, you'll have fireworks."


I quickly waved toward the sky.Then the spark pops out and rises high in the sky.After about ten seconds, a beautiful flower bloomed with a loud sound.


Amazing. Very beautiful. I fall in love with you unexpectedly.

What do you think?

"Wow! It's beautiful!"

"Nh... I'm glad you're happy.I didn't think so. "

"Because I can't see it!"

"Ah, uhh... that's right..."

Sudden heavy story......

If you think about it, it's only natural, but you can't see fireworks in real life even though the light isn't working.

Hey, I'll see if I can make some fireworks.

Ren waved his wand many times afterwards.A lot of fireworks paint the sky.Very, very beautiful. Just looking at it makes me kind of happy.

After shaking the wand several times, nothing came out of the wand.

"What...? Lulu-san, I can't answer anymore."

"Nh. It's a consumable. It's over."


Does that mean that the goodwill has broken?That's a bad thing. Lulu said he was in a hurry because of the brick.

"Come on, Len. Don't worry about it.That's why, there's still plenty more. "

Lulu shows me a lot of canes.All the shapes were different, but Lulu said, what is a magical wand that can do all the same?

"I'll give you another bottle. Next time, I want you to do it in a dark place."

Are you sure?

"Of course."

Lulu probably received the wand that he offered.I would like to use it carefully this time.In the meantime, I want to show it to my sister, so I put the wand in the inventory first.

After that, I tried to return my clothes to Lulu.

"Nh... did you like the clothes, Renchan?"

Yeah! It's cute!

"Okay, I'll give it to you."

Huh? Are you sure?

It's okay.

Oh, my God, I got it.Later, I heard that the clothes I received were clothes that had no special effect.

"So I want you to wear it whenever you want."

Yes! Thank you, Lulu-san!


Light, Light, Lulu

Lulu is cute. Lotus is cute too.

By the way, that wand...

"Don't say anything."

A strange comment was flowing.Is there something on the cane?Lotus leaned his neck, but I knew he wouldn't tell me when he heard about it, so I pulled Lulu's hand and went to Alice.