I'm home.

"Welcome back, helicopter."

Hari Mice!

Returning to Alice, the hare costume was already finished.I'll get it right away. I want to wear it right away, but I'll be looking forward to hanging out with my sister.

"Exciting. Exciting."

"Exciting Ren-chan is cute"

Ukiki-kun is so cute

You've changed all at once since the beginning.

I knew Renchan had to smile.

By the way, get dressed quickly.

Well, Alice.

Well, t... Alice Dashi

"What did you just write?"

Alice is a little angry.Maybe the commenter said something bad.But I didn't really understand it in the goodwill.

Pull the sleeve of Lulu's clothes a little.


"Nh... what's wrong?"

"Er... is it too soon? Is it too soon?"

"N-no problem. It's Alice."

"What does that mean?"

Alice turned around. Scary.

"I'm making a lot of clothes.That's exactly what the system relies on.If that's the case, it won't be long. "

I don't know much about Alice, but isn't it normal?

Normally, Alice is special.Alice herself made everything from scratch. "

"So the performance is much higher than others.It's going to take a lot of time. "

Well, that's a crazy producer.

"I don't need a word."

There seems to be no problem for now.Then I'll thank you properly.Now that Alice's sleeve was pulled, Alice quickly aligned her gaze with the spatula.

What's wrong, Ron-chan?

"Well, thank you, hare!"

"No, you're welcome."

Alice will stroke your head.It's a different stroke from oneechan's, but I don't feel bad.Ren naturally loosened her cheeks.

I can say thank you, Ron-chan. Great.

Hurry up, I want to see the halibut.

I'm looking forward to it now.

I'm looking forward to the rendezvous. Halibut with your sister.I'm excited just thinking about it.

While I was looking forward to the ren, I decided to have the sky fox's socks covered.

Night. Long-awaited night. I logged in early.

"Freedom! Ah!"

Shut up!

Stop screaming!

My sister really is a piece of shit!

That much?

These guys are a little bad, aren't they?

I don't hate studying, but it was a long day.I don't have enough ingredients for Renchan.Oh, I want to hug Len.What do you want? I wonder if Ron-chan will come soon.

Wow, that's so annoying.

I was wondering if Mirai could endure it without seeing Renchan, but it wasn't a good idea.

What's he doing on weekdays? www

That's what happens on weekdays.It's hard to say that I can't see you if I want to.But if you think about it for Renchan, you'll be able to study too. Maybe.

Is it okay to study?

Do you think you'll get a good score?

"What? You guys are so sweet."

Idiot, think carefully!

It seems that if Mirai's grades drop, she won't be able to see Renchan.In other words...?


Hey Mireitemee, are you okay!?

"Aren't you too honest with your desires?"

No, but I don't know how you feel.It's very sad when I think I won't be able to see Renchan either.Maybe I really do cry. That's why I haven't let go of my hand. Even if there is no problem.

"I've suddenly made it difficult from the mid-term test, and if nothing happens, I think an average of about 90 points would be fine."


"Eh? No... eh?"

I tend to forget, but Miray is a good grader.

Perfect superman, such as superior appearance and excellent grades.

"Still words and deeds"

"Ah... (Guess)"

"Shut up."

Lotus is cute. Nothing beats Renchan in this world, the truth of this world. Definitely.

"That's the woman who takes the positive and negative appearance with just words and deeds."

Rest assured with normal driving

If you don't listen to Mirai's words, you'll feel restless.

Are you okay...?

I think it's terrible.

Excuse me, you guys.

When I was talking about it, Len logged in.Ren-chan found me and ran with her face shining.

Hey, sweetheart!


Hold each other tightly. Oh, it's Ron's warmth. Mm-hmm...



I'm suddenly attracted to Len-chan's happy smile.

That's right, Miray!

Oh, that? That was awful. Was it terrible?