When I put Len-chan on, she was distanced from me in the open.Don't look at me with such vigilant eyes. Let's go down a bit.

Yes, Onee-chan


A sudden trade screen appears.What Renchan came up with was a hare costume. The producer is Alice.

"No, it's too soon!"

Good work!

Your face looks so loud www

"Come on, Miray, get in there.Ren-chan is waiting for you.


When I saw Len-chan, I found her eyes very radiant.I'm already excited. Stay with me.This is the one you can't refuse.

"I see...."

Change of equipment with great care. Just for a moment, I was wrapped in light and I finished changing.Oh, it's quite comfortable to wear. Um...Yeah, I don't know because I can't see it myself.

When I thought about it, Renchan was also changing clothes.It's a halibut. There's a thorn hanging on my back.It seems that I also have it, and when I reached out, there was a soft protrusion.

The ideal was for the thorn to harden when I put my strength into it, but I couldn't...

"No, it's too much. It's dangerous."

Looks like Ron is satisfied too.Looks like it would be fun to spin around.

When my eyes met, they came rushing towards us.

Hey, sweetheart!



Eh, ah, yes.

You want to do it? It's fine.

When I fell asleep on the spot, Roon-chan just got hungry. It tickled a little.



Mirai's laughter wow

"I know you want to endure it, but it's really disgusting."

"Shut up....!"

Oh, this time it's over soon.I just got in the mood and I lost my temper.

I'll take a look at Len.He lifted the hare... and put it on my stomach.

Hariri mice!


"Let's not hang around like that...."

"Halibut Running Around Miray's Belly"

A desperate oneechan

No, it's not as ticklish as it looks, but instead, it feels strange because it runs intermittently on my stomach.But if Ron seems happy, that's all I'm satisfied with.

But pretty soon the halibut were recovered.Ron-chan turned up and thought something, and then she came to my stomach.Rather, you put your face on it, didn't you?


"Hmm... is that okay...?"

Rub your head on my stomach.As for oneechan, I'm very happy, but I wonder if this goes into the lid frame. Well, look.

Hold Len-chan and stroke her head.It's a little hard to stroke because of the hood, but it's okay.Looks like Renchan is satisfied, and she's laughing.After all, my sister is the cutest in the world. Hmm.

"What is this difficult state of expression?"

Et...... no no......

Seriously, what is this? www

I don't know!

I was in that position for about 30 minutes.I feel happy, but I'm a little tired.

Oni-chan, oni-chan!


Oh, my God!

Ron changed again.Now you're dressed like a witch. You look like a witch, or the same clothes as Lulu.Did you get it?

"It was Mr Lulu's!"

"Wow... let me show you my face later"


"Scary, scary, scary."

When my sister is involved, the boiling point is too low!

Use Lulu's apprentice, or magic.Fighting, I guess.That's a little unacceptable.You may be subject to further hostility judgment.No, that's not good.

When I said that, I was a little convinced.

Well, that's what I'm worried about.

If you do start fighting, you might get that kind of awareness in the future.

"Don't worry. I didn't really take it to my apprentice, and I didn't teach him magic skills."

"Hmm... Well then, that's good. But...."

When Len-chan shakes her wand, a fire ball or something comes out.It sounds fun, but I wonder if that's a magical skill.And I remember fire, water, and wind.I don't know how many skill points I used.

When Len-chan shook her wand up, a large fireball was thrown and turned into a fireworks.


"Rest assured, Miray, that's not your skill, that's your wand."

Doesn't Mirai know as much as that wand?

"No, I know, but... Yeah....."

If you don't use skill points, it's reassuring...No, but is that wand okay...?

The wand Len-chan is using is more like a tool than an equipment item.A rare tool to drop when defeating a Dragon in a High Difficulty Dungeon, as you can see.However, since strong magic cannot be used and fireworks are fired when shaken in the sky, it seems like a little play tool.

However, it's a rare drop. The chance of dropping it is one percent.In other words, whether or not you can defeat a hundred and get one.Because of that, it's just a play tool, but it's also an item that's traded at a fairly high price.I don't remember the price clearly.