Lulu-san gave me a lot!

"Yes... Lulu, is that okay...?"

"Of course, it's a waste of time. Because of Tame's failure."



"Ah, haha. Really? Ahahaha....."

I don't know what to do, I can't comment...!You mean you defeated the dragon so easily that you could lift this wand?How many times have I failed this kid?I don't ask because it looks like it will touch the darkness.

By the way, there are a hundred!

I didn't want to hear it.

Well, what is it, eh...

Well, how's it going?

Laugh! Point and laugh!

To be honest, it's too pathetic to go so far...

Now I have a need-head, but that's all I've done until I took him down.Of course, the probability is biased, so I don't know the actual number.

Instead of Tame being so unsuccessful, he had a lot of canes.I still think it's too bad.

"Hey, let's get fireworks."

"Oh, yeah, that's right."

Ron is excited.But as far as I'm concerned, I'd like to do it in a darker place.Fireworks aren't bad for lunch, but they look better in the dark.

That's why.

Len-chan, let's go to the dungeon for a minute.


Let's go to the dark dungeon.

There are many types of dungeons besides the cavernous dungeons where the tigers live.There are towers and places like mazes.The high difficulty dungeon we can't get in is a completely different one every time we get in with a narrow dimension or something like that.

This time I'm taking Renchan to a dungeon north of Fatos.It's a dungeon or a canyon.It is a very dark dungeon with narrow roads on thick rivers and cliffs on the left and right, covered with trees or something on the top.

This dungeon, and the recently implemented dungeon, is a place for people who want to experience the outdoors in VR games.That's why there are no monsters in the dungeon. What is a dungeon?

Incidentally, there has been a sudden increase in the number of people who want to experience the outdoors recently.I wonder if it is the influence of some kind of distribution.Whose influence is that?

"So, it's a canyon dungeon.People who say it's too dark can set it bright when they come in.That's a handy game. "

It's convenient or something.

I often go here. It's fun to experience things like going down the river.It may not be enough for the Battlejunkies. "

The strength of VR games is that you can experience them easily.

It doesn't have to be this game!

"I promise not to say that."

That's right.Even if it's not this game, there are specialized games where you can experience river descent.Rather, there should be different types of rivers over there.

"But I think it would be better if you could play with Fred here. Like that."

Beyond my gaze, Len is launching fireworks with pleasure.Lucky guy jumped under Renchan's feet and looked like he was having a lot of fun.On the other side, Deer is relaxed in a standing position like a guardian.

There are even more legends.I'll be a little further away so we don't get in the way.But this looks like fun, too.

Of course, there are also shiro. I'm jumping with a lucky guy.

It's nice to play with Tammmons!

Whatever it is, I can get on the boat with Mons.It's okay to flip over, don't worry about drowning.Because I'm a monster!

I'd rather help you!

Come on, Master, it seems like it's coming to me ~

Rather, I'm scared that Shiro always thinks so.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! Dohhhh!"

"Yeah, yeah, that's amazing."

I'm glad Len seems to be having fun.Yes, he handed me the wand, so I will shake it too.Beautiful fireworks. Excellent.

"It's a mystery why the dragon dropped this."

"If you touch it, it's Akan."

That's because the dragons are up all night making it for the kids.

"A player who relentlessly kills and steals it."

It's too evil, isn't it?

"If you're kidding, you won't be able to play."

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I see, I'll stop.

I hope Renchan is not obsessed with fireworks and sees no comments.Every time I launch a firework, I run around.Ah, here we go. Wake up. And I ran again.

"Ha-nabi! Dobhhh!"

"Renchan's broken...."

Don't tell me it's broken.

"You'll always be broken."

"Shut up."

But it looks really fun, doesn't it?Maybe it's better to be able to launch at the time of your choice.Just looking at it makes me dusty.

"Lulu. Thank you. Really."

Don't worry about it.I enjoyed watching it too. "

Lulu said it was a comment and the character was shattered.

"You're so illuminated, you're so embarrassed, you can't think straight."

"Shut up. Shut up."


Wow, I'm scared of Lulu. No, I guess I can't help being angry.

"Lucky! Shiro! Let's go! Dohhhh!"

Innocence. I'm already happy.

I ended up playing with fireworks for as long as I could.

By the way, since Renchan fell.

"N. This is an additional amount"

"Are you sure? Thank you. By the way, Lulu, I could ask you how many of them you killed...."

"I don't want to remember, so don't ask."

Ah, yes.

The light disappeared from Lulu's eyes.Let's not talk about this topic.