Shh. Shh. Shh. Who am I? Where the hell are we?

Don't make jokes like this.After a moment, it seemed that the Quessalans had moved from themselves, and they were free.Keep it clear. It's full of Quessalampasarans.


And I heard Len's voice of Tension Max.It has become a little diagonal to my expectations, but as for Renchan, it seems that there is no problem.I can't see, but it sounds like a fun laugh.

By the way, I don't see any light bulbs or comments about the camera's role.When I thought about what to do, the Quessalans gave me a sphere of light and a board of comments. Oh, thank you.

What is this? Wow.

Eh, all this white Quesalampathalan?

"Wow... like an envy, like a drag."

It was nice in the event area

No, really. I think this would have bothered a lot of people if it had been done in its original area.We're the only players in the area dedicated to Okelan's event this time.But I may have troubled the NPC people.

But I have to go to Renchan's for now.

I'd like to go to Ron-chan's.

When I said so, the Quessalans moved and made their way for me.Beyond that path is a happy Lotus who embraces the Quessaran Pasalans.That's right, Renchan, you don't bleed...!

"Ah, Onee-chan!"

Len-chan raised her face.On his head, Lucky slapped Quessaran on his front leg.Like a puppy playing with toys. Pretty.


It's full.

Roomy Roomy. When I stopped by surprise, I hugged my neighbor Kessaran... Ah, that's Okelan. It's hard to understand.

I'll touch the side of Quessaran, too.Fufufu. Sometimes it's cute that a lot of people come together just to stroke themselves, and it's just a little annoying. Too many.

Renchan seems happy and reassured too.

Is it Quessaran that you're pretending to be Ronchakan?Is it okelan?

"Maybe Okelan."

It's hard to tell if it looks like it.The size should be completely different, but the contours are a little too vague because of the collection of Quessarans.I feel like we're all together if we hug each other.

"Mufufufu fluffy"

Lotus looks happy. My face is melting.Even with me, I'm very happy to have you.I can only thank the viewers who gave me the Cokeran.


In the meantime, I know that Renchan's tension is high.



Renchan, you're so cute!


I don't know. I'd like to be here, too, but when the people around me, or the commentators, are making noise, they just calm down.It's a bit complicated.

Hey, sweetheart!

Ron-chan ran when I looked at her with an unspeakable expression.With this smile, yes, I'll give you a chunk of Quessaran.Take it, Fufu. Then he nodded his face. What does this feel good about?

"The ideal place was here....."

What are you talking about?




When is this gonna end? www

I don't even know that! Wow!

I finally stroked Okelan, said goodbye, and returned home.A lot of Quessaran Pasarans are with us.And this is the Quessalampasaran.

"I have a special place to stay at home....."

A big hole appeared on the side of the snow mountain.Maybe, but I think it's really, really deep.Because there's a whole bunch of Quessarans in there.

Looks like a hole to the bottom of the earth.

It seems to be connected to another world. There seems to be a demon king. "

"Strange Fantasy Starts Suddenly"

"No, it won't start."

I think there is usually a bottom, and I don't think Quessaran will let me through before that.If you ask me, it seems like it will slowly lower me down.

Ren-chan was very excited to see such a Quessalampasaran hole.I sneak up and try to get my hands in the hole.Ah, my face is glowing.Then he ran away a little and jumped in.

It's a splendid dive.

If you're telling me, wow

It's a home, so whatever happens, it won't be a problem.

I wonder what it's like. I'm really curious. "

I know what it feels like to hug Deer and Leger again.They have a tight body, but they can handle it properly.

But I don't think each of them is as big as a ping-pong ball of table tennis.There is no body that can hold us.But when I looked at the jumping lenticula, it was fluffy without sinking.

What's it like, Renchan?

"Hmm... on the clouds?"


I don't know.

Even if I try to ride in the clouds, it will fall as usual.

Don't be serious. You know what I mean? "

"I'm sorry. Of course I know."

In the meantime, can I jump in too?So, Dive!

Oh... I wonder. I wonder if it feels like a lot of hair balls have caught me.No, it stays the same. But I can only say that.If you dare say so, it's heaven.

"This is good... this is really good..."

I also feel like I know what Renchan wants to say about the clouds.I'm sure this is what it would look like if I could ride in the clouds...

"It really supports my whole body, but it doesn't have any hard parts...If you sleep like this, it'll definitely feel good.... "

Don't live it!

I said I was curious, but come on!

I want to feel it in practice, not in words......!

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, but this is amazing, yeah."

Relax and drift. Quessaran Pasaran is amazing.This will certainly make you happy.Definitely. It doesn't mean anything.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Renchan and I continued to drift slowly. Happiness.