As she sang her nose in a good mood, Lotus walked into the great hole where the Quessaran Pasalans lived.In the back, oneechan and Alice are talking about something.Oneechan and Alice are close.It could be a real story.

"How about playing with Quessaran Pasaran?"

"Very well, Alice. Very well. I want to see it!"

A short walk led me to the big hole.It is a little hard to understand when it looks like it, but if you look closely, you can see that there is somehow a boundary.When we got to the big hole, some Quessaran Pasarans gathered around the fluffy spaghetti.

"Wow... hey. Hello."

Say hello to Quessaran Pasaran.Quessaran Pasaran didn't speak, but he replied by moving up and down.

Lower your lucky head to the ground.Then Lucky started hitting the drifting Quessaran Pasalans with his forefoot.When the lucky one hits, the Quessaran Pasaran falls off.But as soon as it comes up, it comes closer to the lucky side again. It's a repetition.

The two players are so cute, they just look at it and they smile happy.Everyone is best friends.

Well then. I'll play with the tennis too.

"May I come in?"

Questioning the Quessaran Pasarans, the Quessaran Pasarans swayed.Yes, it should be positive. Rather, I've never seen a reply saying no so far.

"Hey, sweetheart! I'm coming!"

Yes, I'm broadcasting it.

"Be careful, Renchan."

Looking back at the sisters who waved their hands, the broom turned back to the hole.


Dive into the hole in the Quessalampasaran.I feel it all over my body.If you think you've sinked for a moment, your body will slowly rise.I'm sure the Quessalampasalans will support us.It was different from when I hugged Lege.It is fluffy and fluffy. It is fluffy and fluffy. In other words, it's also fuzzy.

Lie on your back and fluffy. It feels so good.

As he smiled, the light bulb flew to the side.Looks like it was set to track the spawn.The letters flowed on the same board.


Say hello with a smile.It sounded kind of weird.



Renchan's melting away ~

Fluffy. Looks like you're in the sky.

Oh, are you lucky?

Len-chan's head is wrapped in a fur.

Lucky's that way.

I will point to my sisters.The sphere of light also turned towards you, so I also looked at the tendon.

Lucky was held by her sister.The same goes for the Quesalampasaran. Quessaran Pasaran is still on his way.I think there's been an increase in the number of Quessalampasalans playing with lucky people.I knew it would be fun.

Lucky what are you doing?

You're a puppy playing with toys.

"Can you believe that puppy is a wolf?"

Seriously, I forgot www

That's right. Lucky is the wolf. Ahhhh.


Renchan, what are you doing?

Lucky you're barking too, wow

I can hear a pretty lucky chirp.Cute. I'm starting to miss Lucky.Maybe it's time we went back.

When Leng started thinking about it, he heard a lot of sounds like footsteps. I wonder what.

Have you heard anything from Miray and the others?

They're here.

I don't care how you look at them, they're wolves.

"Hmm... is everybody here?"

Looks like it.

It seems so. I wonder what happened.But if everybody's here, I'll go back with the rendition.

When she told them she wanted to go back to the Quessaran Pasarans, the body of fluffiness and spasms rose further.Oh, my God, you're flying in the sky.It's a little off the ground.It seemed to be supported by a lot of Quessalampasalans.


I'm a little surprised. I lie down and look around.Looking at oneechan, both oneechan and Alice had a round look.When I waved my hand, oneechan looked back at me with a bitter smile.

Can you fly in the sky?!

"Calm down, fly normally... no, is that just drifting...?"

I didn't expect it to be a means of flying ww

It looks like the altitude is really low.

Is it about the same height as when you were riding Deer?Deer was with her sister when she thought so.I'm shaking my tail and it's so cute.I want to play with you.I don't have any business going out today, so let's play with Deer and the others.

Fluffy move to oneechan.

I'm home.

I'll lend my hands to oneechan.Oneechan held me up with a smile.

"Welcome back, Ron. Did you have fun?"

"Fluffy and fluffy! It was!"

"Ahahah. Really? Really?"

Oneechan smiled and stroked Leng's head. It feels so good.