On the way from school to the hospital, I thought I'd buy Len-chan some sweets, so I stopped by the supermarket, and there were a lot of children gathered in the corner of the store.I wonder if Len would have been in that circle if she hadn't been sick.

I wondered what I was doing, and it looked like I was about to put a rectangle on a little bamboo.Speaking of which, tomorrow is the seventh of July, the seventh evening. I completely forgot.

Of course, there should be a bamboo tree for children in the hospital.Not only the children who went to the hospital, but also the children who were in the hospital were decorating a short book with wishes...

I didn't even notice because I only went straight to Ren-chan's hospital this year...Maybe he's doing it.

So, tomorrow is Tanabata.There were small sausage tree flowers, so let's buy them.... it's a bit expensive, but... Never mind.

Come in ~

Enter Ren-chan's ward and close the door immediately.

"Ah, Onee-chan!"

Tap, Ton-chan rushes in and hugs you. Pretty.

"Renchan is still fine today.Oneechan is very happy. "

"I'm not feeling well, because I can't take care of you!"


Wait a minute. That's how you recognized me!?I'm a little shocked!?

When I was stunned, Len giggled and said it was a joke.It's bad for your heart, Lotus.I feel like I deserve it because I remember too much.

Renchan pulled her hand to the side of the bed.He wrote something on his desk.... oh, it's a short book. I wonder if you're making a wish.

"Tomorrow is a long day.If I write you a favor, you'll come to my tree! "

I see. I can't go directly, so the nurse will decorate it instead. Thank you all the time.

It's a present for such a sweetheart.

I took the sausage tree flowers out of the plastic bag and put them on the desk to Len-chan, who leaned her neck.It's not that big because it's about the size on the desk, but it should be able to decorate the rectangle a little bit.

"Wow...! What is this?"

"It's a bamboo tree. This is an artificial flower, in other words a crop.I think you can taste Nanaka's mood. "


Len-chan has an interesting foliage.I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Well then, what about the wish?Save up to six. "

Probably because I think that's the limit of this artificial flower.Size and weight.

"Yes, then, yes, Onee-chan."


"And then with my mom and dad....."

Ah... I wonder if you think it's one piece at a time.As far as I'm concerned, I don't mind any of them.

"Ron-chan, can I write all six?"


Ah, yes.

I don't think so. Hmm...

Well, let's ask Alice and Lulu the other two.The people at the hospital will write something else. "


So I will call Alice.I answered the call once.Are you free?

"Hello, Mirai-chan? What's the matter?

"Please make a wish, Alice. Come on, come on!"

"Ah, I see. Nanatsu?"

You're a genius, aren't you?

"Yes, I did. I bought a little artificial flower, so I'll decorate it in Ron's ward.There are no more than six books. It's all about Renchan, so if you don't mind, Alice, please. "

I see. I could use all six of them.

"Seems like you can't? I didn't ask why...Well, I guess I kind of get it. "

Looks like it's Renchan who doesn't have a monopoly.

Really. I think if we make a wish, we all do. Good boy.

I wonder if Lulu could ask you something else.

Fine, I'll email you later.

Nice to meet you.

So you can send it by e-mail.Speaking of which, Ron-chan is in the middle of writing a wish in a book.Shouldn't I look at it?

A little while later, did you finish writing? Put down your pencil and it looks satisfying.Ufu, that's my face. Too cute.I left it in the picture as soon as I was in the game.

Hey, honey? Where's Alice?

"Yeah, I'll write it because you're going to email me later."

"Yes, then, Onee-chan's pussy!"

Ah... My wish is settled.Well, look, pencil it.

May Len's illness heal and get better.

"Yes, I wrote it."

"I want to see it!"

"Go ahead."

It's not like I'm hiding anything, and I'll show you everything if it's Ron.I am always open to Renchan.... it's not weird.

Well, Roon-chan was right after reading my wish, but she showed me a little shy smile.

Thank you, Onee-chan

"No, I mean it. I would be so happy if Renchan would be well."

I want something small, but above all, I want Len-chan's disease to be cured.I'm not lying. I mean it.

What did Renchan write?


Wow, you showed me without hesitation.I'm a little happy. Then don't hesitate...

May everyone be happy.


"Ron-chan, it's okay with you."

"Everyone's better off."

"Yeah... I see. Really?"

Hey, sweetheart?

Sitting on the bed, putting Len-chan on her lap and cumming from behind.What's wrong with my head?



Thank you all the time.


What should I do? I'm going to cry.