Decorate a short book with Alice and Lulu's wishes on a small bamboo flower.My father and mother will write later.Well, I can easily imagine what those two would write.I think it's almost the same as mine.

By the way, Alice and Lulu's wish was also related to Renchan.

May Alice have fun with Len forever.

May Lulu become friends with lots of animals.

I don't know. Yeah. Thank you very much.

By the way, the reason I'm not sick is because I write. You're absolutely right.

Ren-chan stares at a sausage decorated with four rectangles.Maybe I am worried because it is something that is not always available.



Panda-san, are you there?


There you are! You're connected!That's right, when it comes to bamboo, it's a panda!

It's only natural that you should be in that game.I don't know. I wonder if there's a panda.I don't think there's anything strange about that operation.

Can I look into it for a minute?


So I leave the room once.Search on your phone.

Yeah. You're a panda. There seems to be a bamboo forest area where white and black bears appear as rare monsters.She said she looks like a panda.Somehow, the name looks exactly the same.

By the way, it seems that the original kanji of a panda is a giant panda.Is it a bear or a cat?

Return to the ward, leave your phone, and sit on the bed.Put Len on your lap and take a breath. Calm down.

Incidentally, Len-chan didn't react during this flow.I feel used to it.

"Looks like you have pandas.It's like a rare monster, so let's find it together next week. "

"Next week?"

"Yeah, we have a little event today and tomorrow."

Even in the game, there are proper events named after Nanatsu.I want Len to join you.

"So, Ron. See you at night."


Okay. Okay. Ready.

There are no major events in this game on Tanabata.But you can enjoy the atmosphere.You can buy a large bamboo shoot, and on the evening of the seventh, your home is fixed at night, regardless of real time, so you can see the Milky Way.

Today is the day before, the day of preparation for that.

"So I bought a bamboo shoot."



"With a cute bamboo shoot."

But that's good.

The bamboo I bought in the city is not as small as the real flowers I brought, but it is very small compared to the native bamboo.A little taller than mine.Considering the decoration, I wonder if this is enough.

"Come on, Ron-chan, let's write a lot of wishes!"


I'm making a rectangle with Ron.I write at Renchan's house.

"It seems that about thirty sheets are fine, so I will make thirty.That's why we're asking for wishes. Write a wish in your message and send it to me.I will choose and write for you. "


Are you okay? I think it's still going to be a lot.

"Light and over a thousand copies, no doubt."

That's what I expected. I'm studying at the Cokeran.

"Yeah, that's why I almost ignore it.I don't know if it's the subject. Open appropriately and adopt as is if there is no problem with the contents.Also, it is forbidden to get involved with Roon-chan.Definitely a lot of them. "

Must be www

"I was preparing a message, Wye, and I hurried to delete it."

How many people are rewriting it? www

Maybe a few hundred.Thank you, but this time it's a bit.Because I want diversity.

After a while, I started getting messages. Hmm.

"Do you want her? God forbid. Give it up."

Stop it!

Read Kano no www

"It's too spicy and grass."

No, if you don't have to read it, you can see it...

"Ah, Roon-chan. He wants Roon-chan's stuffed toy."


"Whoa, there's a drawback!"

"The demon or this sister"

Too much wild animal www

Normally, you wouldn't choose that.

Instead of avoiding it, I'm showing it to myself www

I mean, I wanted to see Len's reaction...

"You want a good test score? Study."

That's right! That's right! Come on!

Mirai is kind enough to write it in the rectangle while saying so.

"Gentle... gentle...?"

What is kindness......?

"Kind (Laughter)"

"Shut up."

Because it's fun.

Now, the next request...Oh, oh...

"Tomorrow, we are announcing the passing of the qualification exam.HR is exhausted. I hope you can pass. "

"Oh, this is my first decent wish...!"

I wonder what qualifications.I hope you've passed.

Don't ask God here.I'll pray for you.

You guys are so sweet www

"Yeah, I'll pray for you, too.... but tomorrow's announcement looks like the Nanatsu show is over... "



If you ask me, it's definitely www

Well, if we wish for it now, it will come true!

"Rather, it's our prayers that make us unhappy...."

Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.

You calm down ~

"It's important to feel this way."

So let me ask you something.

"Ron-chan, this guy is announcing his passing exam tomorrow.Ron-chan, pray that you can pass. "


Roon-chan, who had received the scratchy rectangle, leaned her neck strangely, but when she put the rectangle on her desk, she hit her hand twice and began to roar.

"May I chew you up...."

It's different, but it looks very profitable.

Definitely passed!

Look, I want to ask Ron-chan to do me a favor.

Yeah, yeah. I'm sure it's okay because Roon-chan prayed for it to pass. Definitely!

Afterwards, I wrote a lot of short books together with the spatula and decorated them.It took a long time, but when I saw the decorated bamboo, Len-chan seemed satisfied, so I think this is fine.

Well, it's tomorrow. I hope Ron-chan will be happy.


Roon-chan runs around the bamboo with Lucky.Yeah, I'm sure it'll be all right in this state.