Today is Nanatsu. Ren-chan looks at the bamboo blossoms and sees them well.It's exciting. It's exciting.

Sa! Sa! Sa! That's it! "

Yeah, I don't know what that means, but it sounds fun!

"Yes, I've seen the first floor bamboo.They decorated Len-chan's rectangle too. "

Will it come true?

I'll make it happen.

The first-floor bamboo is so big that it can decorate a lot of rectangles.So it seems that Len-chan wrote about two.I've seen it because I was told I could see it during yesterday, but one of them was very trivial.

He wants to be friends with the most humble kid.Looks like it's a good game. Good luck!

By the way, the other thing is, I want to go out with everyone.It seems to be a real story. I wanted to cry.

Both come true. If you're sick, you'll be cured. Absolutely.

For the time being, games are the main thing today.I want to get ready, so I'll go home without lenticularity.

"You can count on me!"


I feel guilty about Len, who seems a little lonely.Yeah, we're all set!



Let's beat Len-chan to the brink.

"I'm sorry."

I logged in and sat down with Alice and the others.There was no hesitation. Momentum is important.

"Well, I had an idea, Mirai-chan."

"Nh... I'm expecting to be playing with Renchan."

"When it comes to preparation, it's about shopping and cooking.We were good enough. "

It was Alice, Lulu, and Edgar who brought us together.I thought I'd log in early and get ready for everything.How did this happen? Nothing is entirely my fault.

"Anyway, we don't have much time until Roon-chan logs in, so let's get ready."

Tools are fine. All you have to do is assemble it. "

"I've prepared some meals for the Thames."

Thank you so much. That's why.

"I'm dying of guilt."

Yeah, let's get moving, Mirai.

Alice got a little angry with me, so I'm going to take it seriously.

Go to Renchan's home and get ready.Today is Tanabata. Speaking of what you eat on Tanabata, that's right.Seems so. No, I just checked it out, and I never realized it.

Yeah, well, it's hard to do in the hospital room.You're so flushed!

It seems that the tools needed to wash soy noodles were sold at a grocery store in Fatos and featured in the Tanabata Feature.Edgar bought it for me, so I will use it.It is a straight line course without using strange curves.I don't like mistakes and failures.

The height is about that because I plan to flush it from the back of Sit Dear.By the way, you can specify the speed of flow as a setting.That's the game. Set it a little later to make it easier for you to pick it up.

Lulu and Edgar made such preparations in a hurry. Thank you very much.

Me and Alice are getting ready for the noodles.No, I'm just boiling.It won't be a waste because the monsters will eat it. I'll make a lot of it.

When I was in a hurry to prepare it, Len logged in.Looks at us moving around and solidifies.Lucky dive on your face!Even more diving puppies with fallen lentils!


While the puppies are playing with Roon-chan, they're ready!

"Safe as you can!"

"No, I think it's just out."

When I saw Len-chan, I was staring at her with her cheeks slightly inflated.



"Welcome, Ron-chan!"


You flushed it! I mean, it's very safe!

"Is that okay...?"

"That's fine."

Ah, yes.

It's all right if Ron wants it!

Well, before we start broadcasting,Call Len-chan to shine her eyes by looking at the bamboo shoots used to wash soy noodles.I know you're worried about bamboo shoots, but I'd like you to take a look first.



"Let's see the sky."

Roon-chan looks at the sky with her neck properly tilted.The eyes were wide open.


The night sky of the home is full of stars.The Milky Way is clearly visible in the starry sky.Honestly, I think this Milky Way is a little exaggerated, but I think it's better for Len.

It's not real. Even so, this starry sky and the Milky Way are incredibly beautiful.


Put your hands up, Haguren-chan.It's cute to be jumping.

"This is the Milky Way."


Fuwa, Ron stares at the Milky Way.Regardless of the starry sky, the Milky Way would never have been real.Though it's virtual, I wonder if you've felt something.

Okay, let's start the broadcast.I photographed Renchan staring at the Milky Way.


I've been waiting!

Opening Lotus is cute

I'm kind of staring at the sky, but what are you looking at?

"It's the Milky Way. It's the first Milky Way I've seen for Renchan."


Well, isn't it real?That's right, I don't see it... "

I'll leave you alone. I want you to look at it slowly. "

That's true, too. I'll let you enjoy it until you're done.