Point the sphere of light towards the Milky Way.A lot of people will already be watching this feed, but we'd love to see it together.

"This river is beautiful no matter how many times you look at it."

It's beautiful, but I really don't know where the power of management is coming from.

I don't know what to say, but I'm just doing my best in the starry sky.

As for me, I appreciate the operation because Renchan was able to see it, but I think it is certainly strange from other people.I'm not directly involved in the game, and I'm not having a big event. And yet, this starry sky.

"Instead, I spent time and money on the starry sky to make the Tanabata event impossible."

I just wanted to say that this is the operation, so I don't know.

Perhaps that's really the right answer.

But I don't hate it. Renchan will be delighted. "

"Sure, that's all that makes Ron happy."

Whatever I say, it's getting poisoned.Lotus is so cute, I can't help it!

After enjoying the beautiful starry sky, I washed it away.Mr. Edgar is the one who serves soy noodles.At first, I thought you were taking turns, but Mr. Edgar seems to be doing it all the time.

"The reason is because I'm a man with a narrow shoulder.You don't have to worry about it. "

No, I understand.

I guess I won't either.

"Only tea and lightning can mix your face."

Tea Thunder

Tea thunder www

Uh-uh, that's a typo. Spread the fucking word!

It's so beautiful ~

I feel derailed, but it seems that way.Well, then, is that okay?

Len-chan with chopsticks and bowls is looking at the bamboo shoot with excitement.It's funny to watch. Mr. Edgar, who sat on Deer's back when you sat down, is also in the air.You'll see a lot from there.

Yeah. Isn't that place, in a sense, a premium seat?

"You plotted it, Mr. Edgar!"

"Suddenly what!?"

Stop shouting without context ww

I can't wait for Len-chan anymore ~

Oh, yeah. Let's get started.

The water flowing through the bamboo shoots is naturally overflowing when you start to flush the sommen noodles.That's the game.There is no need to worry about water in particular.When Edgar moved his fingers several times, water began to flow through the bamboo shoots.

At the bottom of the bamboo shoot is a large barrel.Around the bucket, there's a bunch of crazy things gathering around, and I'm waiting for it now or now.These children are going to eat the fallen soy noodles.I don't think it will fall that far, but if it doesn't look like much, I'll give it away from my bowl later.

Let's flush it.


As soon as Edgar signaled, the sommen began to flow.The small chunks of sommen slip slowly through the bamboo shoots and pop into the barrels.



No, somebody get it.

"It's unexpected that everyone won't take it."

I'm surprised, too. I didn't even try to take Len.Yeah, but, yeah, I should have thought about it.

"You were trying to figure out how to take it?"


I mean, that's what it looks like.

I mean?

Mirai-chan is the same, but we were going through to get Roon-chan to take it, and Roon-chan was looking at us and trying to remember how to take it.

"Nh. We're all going through as a result"

I see ww

What happened to the fallen soymen?

There's a bucket, so you'll eat later.

"No, monsters' snacks."

When I pointed the light bulb towards the barrel, I was inhaling it all the time.I wonder if it tastes good even though I don't have any sauce, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. It seems satisfactory.


Ah, Ron-chan's consciousness is turning towards you.Somen is going to stop eating.

"Ron-chan, these kids have their own dinner.Eat it properly. Otherwise I'd better get ready.... "

Ah, yeah.

He seemed to understand.He's waiting for me with chopsticks.

In the meantime, I'm going to take one look on behalf of you.

Apply chopsticks to gently flowing water.Grab the flowing soy noodles and go to the bowl.Put it firmly on the soot and eat it. Yeah, it's delicious.

Well then, Ron-chan. Here you go.


While I was a little nervous, Len-chan put chopsticks on the water.Catch the flowing soy noodles and put them in a bowl.When I ate the churry bowl, Renchan's face glowed.


That's good.

Lotus is so cute to eat so delicious. No, really.


Today's smile came in ~

"What are you saying, Alice?"

Today's Smile Wu

"Smile (Madness)"

"Smile (creepy)"

Beyond today.

"Shut up!"

Lotus is cute!

Afterwards, the four of you will take turns taking the soymen that Edgar will be flushing one after the other.Sometimes what I can't get is as good a snack as the monsters, and sooner or later foxes and snacks gathered.

Mirai-chan, my feet are going to be amazing.

If I kick you, you'll get mad at me.

"Nh, it's hard to taste."

Of course, more than a hundred wolves are gathering.At some point, my feet are overflowing with fluff.What the hell are you doing? That's why you looked up at us and hugged us. It's so cute already.

I can't help it because it's cute, so I'll give you the soy noodles I took.There you go. Is it delicious? It's delicious, right? Eat it.

The spirit has completely changed.....

This is fine.

This is fine, fufufu......

By the way, Ren-chan is also feeding the monsters some soy noodles.Of course, I eat it myself, but everyone wants to eat something delicious.Lotus smiles when she looks at her fufu and eats deliciously.

It may have been a little different from the original rinsed Somen noodles, but I think it's good because Ron seems to be having fun.Somen was delicious too!