After you've finished eating soy noodles, take your time to see the stars.It might be nice to look around, but I definitely wanted to do something this time.After consulting with everyone, I definitely wanted to do it, so I got a ride with Ren-chan on Legge.

Yes, I mean, we're on the clouds.

"Oni-chan! My wife is in trouble!"

Ron's tension is very high.She jumped with excitement on Leggett's back.But I also know how Ron feels. Really, it's amazing.

Countless stars in the night sky.The Milky Way is clearly visible. This is exactly what

"Natural Planetarium!"

Natural (VR)

I don't care what you think, it's artificial.

Let's flush it down there.

That's right. I almost forgot because it looks too natural. It's embarrassing.

"But I know how Mirai-chan feels.It's amazing, isn't it? It's really amazing. "

"Nh... it's so beautiful. I can see how it's flying in the head of operations."

"I don't think you're the only ones who want to talk about the operation."

"When it comes to Len-chan, her reason evaporates, her masochist producer looks relatively decent and her head is still flying, Tamer."


"What am I supposed to do when I'm in that hell?"

"Edgar dies."

"I envy you. I envy you. I curse you."

Shinshin Shinshin.


The viewers are strong against Edgar, aren't they?I really just happened to get to know you by coincidence, so I hope you don't blame him too much.I won't just say what I think.

Invite Len-chan to jump, put her on her lap, and hug her from behind.Ron-chan came to me, too.Let's keep my throat tight.

Renchan, are you okay? Are you going to bed?


"Ahahah. Really?"

I think it's okay because I'm starting to play with my lucky head.Ron-chan raised her hand to the front of Lucky's eyes, and Lucky slapped her hand.That's all, but that's a nice smile.

"Nh... it's about time"

"Whoa, Ron, it's time to look at the sky."


I've seen it many times, but I want you to take a good look at it from here.This is an event where management put particular effort into it.

Watch the starry sky. Watch the Milky Way.From the Milky Way, there is a ray of light.

"Ah......! Nah, nasty! Nagareboshi!"

Oh, Ron is so excited.It's probably the first time I've seen a meteor.But we're not done yet.

If you keep looking at the sky, there's another one, two, three shooting stars...And finally, there were countless.

What is this, a meteor cluster?

You should read the news.It's a five-minute event once every two hours. "

You must have worked too hard to run it, you idiot!

I'm worried about Len-chan's reaction.

"Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah!

I don't know what it means, but I know you're excited.

You're feeling pretty excited.I've never seen a group of meteors in real life, so I'm a little touched.

"Ron, it's a shooting star. What about shooting stars?"


"All right, go ahead!"


Roon-chan closed her eyes with a slap on her hand.I don't want to slap my hands, but it looks fun and I'll be careful tomorrow.

"Hey, let's keep it together forever....."


Please stop surprising me.

Mirai-chan, are you okay?

"I feel like crying."

"Yeah, I can see that."

Is it oneechan who comes out aggressively?

You really love oneechan.

Regardless of your usual behavior, you're a good oneechan.

Just in case.

"Shut up...."

"Shut up, I don't have any cuts."

Shut up, you're so cute ~

No, that's right. I want you to stop now. Yeah.

Renchan, who had finished her wish, raised her face and looked at me as if she were still calm.My eyes met. For a moment I was confused and laughed embarrassed. Pretty.

"Ah, you're so cute already!I love it! "


Hold her tightly. Feel the warmth of Lotus. Yeah, yeah.


"Hey, sweetheart...."


That's Mirai.

"Sometimes I want you to be honest with me."

What do you know? I'm Roon-chan first!

Almost five minutes. Meteor cluster time is over.But there's actually a little present at the end of this event.

"What? Onee-chan, that..."

The stars fall straight.Yes, at the end of this event, there will be stars falling.It's a child's dream, isn't it?Grab the stars. Ron's eyes are shining too.Incidentally, the number of people is falling. "[]/(exp, n, vs) exhaustion/exhaustion/exhaustion/(P)/"

The stars are straight and slow in front of you.When Len-chan spread her hand forward, a star fell into her hand.

If I give my hand, the stars will fall.It doesn't hurt or burn.I checked and found that it was an item.By the way, it seems you can get this randomly from three types.

What about Renchan?

"Shards of the stars."

Souvenirs. By the way, I'm a shard of the stars, too.There were two other things like souvenirs, and one should have been a coin.

Where is everybody?

"I'm a piece, too."

"Nh. Same."

Oh, you're all set.

A little fate!

"Rather, I feel something random."

Don't say that ww

Maybe the operator actually did something for me.

The last one, Edgar, smiled bitterly.It seems it was a different item. Coins, perhaps?




Even Ren-chan is in good shape.Let me see the details.

Smoke. Starflesh. It's not dried meat.

"No, Dajale!? Come this far!? And this is bullshit!"

Hoshiniku www

This is terrible www

Last but not least, it's a soft operation.

No, I'm surprised.Edgar should be laughing too.I don't think I could say anything if I got it. This is terrible.

Well, yeah. I was there, and today it's disbanded.It was fun, but I felt like I had it all at the end.I hope Ron was laughing too.

Oh, by the way, Hoshiniku-san baked them all and ate them. It was delicious.