Today is a Sunday with nothing to do.That's why I'm going to see Roon-chan in the morning.Have a new stuffed toy. No, not from me, but from Alice.

I sent Alice a real birthday present from Ren-chan a while ago, but I got it back.What a handmade stuffed toy Alice made.A child who defaulted on Legend, said the fact model was Legend.Because I wanted to send it quickly, so it is a small handheld size.

They want to spend time making it for Len's birthday, but I wonder what to make.

That's why today we're bringing you the Deformelle Plush Toy.

"Ronchaaaaahn! My beloved sister has come to see me!"

"Shut up."


I got angry three seconds after the opening. Let's reflect.

Ron is staring at me with a stuffed toy.Are the stuffed toys in there, pandas?I think this is very appealing.More than that, I definitely appeal.He wants to see you soon.

"Do you want to see Panda-san?"

Kokun-chan nods.The one is cute. That's my goddess, Ron-chan!

"Hey, what's going on? Are you okay?"

"What does that mean?"

"Eh? Um... Ahahah..."

"Wait!? Why are you laughing and flushing!?"

I think there's something that you don't have to say! In a bad way!

Well, yeah. Let's just calm down. I really coughed up.

Is Panda-san okay tomorrow?

"Hmm... yeah."

Apparently, they convinced me.Small, reassuring sigh. Good.

"I have a present for Renchan today!"


Brighten your eyes to expectations.I took the Deformeregie stuffed toy out of my bag.I'll put it in my hand and show it to Renchan.


Len-chan's eyes are sparkling.He's tingling like he touched it!Don't hesitate to take it.

Yes, I'll put a stuffed toy on Ron's palm.Renchan stared seriously at the stuffed animal and leaned her neck.

"It looks like a legend...."

"Yes, the model is a legend."


Roon-chan rounded her eyes like she was surprised.Fufufu, let's go with the rattling.

"This is a gift from Alice.It's a birthday present. "

"In return...? Why...?"

"Let's flush it down there."

Yeah. Wonderful payback, even if you don't think about it.It's a birthday present.Besides, she said she would prepare a different birthday present.

But I don't know how Alice feels, but I don't.Maybe for a simple reason.

"I wanted to give you a present, I think that's all."


Oh, yeah.

I think it's the same reason that I often give it to Roon-chan. Maybe.

Ron is holding on to a stuffed animal, strangely.Fuyah, that's a pretty smile.Once it's stuck, it's cute with your nose.

"Do you want to thank Alice? It'll be a phone call."

I will!

I thought Renchan would say that.

That's why I called Alice.I immediately called Alice on my smartphone.I'll give it to Renchan during the call.Of course, he made sure I could hear him.

Yes, it's Alice. What's wrong, Mirai-chan? "

"Ah, Alice...?"

Hmm? Is this voice, Ron-chan?

"Yes. Um... Hi...."

"Fufu. Yes, hello."

I know, Ron. Even if you don't usually feel comfortable talking, you get a little nervous when you call for the first time.I was a little nervous, too.

"Well, thanks for the stuffed animal."

Ah, have you already received it?No, you're welcome. Isn't it cute? '

"Yeah! It's so cute!"

Ahahah. It's enough for me to just hear that voice. "

Looks like you don't know it well, but I know it too.Happy to laugh, that's enough.I want to buy you more.

I'll make you another one, so look forward to it!

"Eh? But...."

It's okay, it's okay. It's like a hobby, right? "

"Uh-huh... thank you..."

"No, you're welcome."

"Um, um... I'll replace you with onie-chan!"


Len-chan will give me the phone.A little nervous. I received my phone with a small smile on my face.

Hello? Hello?

Ah, Mirai-chan, Ren-chan is so cute.

Speaker mode, by the way.

Would you tell me that soon!?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

If you'll excuse me, I thought I'd hang up right away...Yeah, okay.

By the way, next week doesn't seem like a problem, does it?

"Yeah, I checked with your dads. It's okay."

That's good.

Of course, it's about the athletic event. I'm sure I'll be able to join next week without any problems.I'm looking forward to the player-sponsored athletic event.

See you in the game.

Yeah, see you later.

Hang up the phone and look at Len.He glanced at me and made Deformeregie his friend.

All right, Len, let's play.


Lotus, who smiles so much, is still the most cute today!