But if I had done that, the pandas would have left.I'm just leaving.

"Ah, Ron-chan, Panda-san is leaving."

"Hmm... that's okay."


It's okay.

If you like Len, I'm not going to tell you anything...Are you sure?

I look at the pandas. The pandas look back and they look at me.Such a panda meets my eyes.Soon the pandas will stop, but maybe they're waiting for something?



Pointing at the panda, Len-chan looked back with her neck tilted.Len-chan and the panda meet.As the panda nodded satisfactorily, she walked a little and looked back.

"Does this mean maybe you don't have to come in?"

Probably, but what is this event?

I have to go with you!

Oh? Tamer the Event Experience?

Ah, it's Lulu.

"Hey, Lulu, aren't the characters in the comments a little too blurry?It's a little hard to understand if you don't unify me a little bit more. "

I'm angry...

"I completely agree with Mirai this time."

It's different every time ~

Really. I'm not saying no, but I think you're new.I thought you might want to hide it, but I'll name it myself like this... No, it's fine.

In the meantime, I'll go with Ren-chan to the panda.Well, I wonder what's going on.

Walking in the woods is enough.I was very involved, but I was able to follow the panda without being let go.Thanks to you for waiting so many times.

"This panda is a good panda."

Rather, it's a bad panda www

Is it a black panda?

"It's just a bear."

The panda showed me where it was a little open.Is it a panda house? Is it unexpected, rather unexpected, to be in such a square?

Little panda-san!

On the side of the panda is a small panda.I think it's a child. A fluffy panda that looks like a child.The little panda was circling around the big panda, but the big panda prompted me to walk here.


When Len offered her both hands, a small panda hugged Len.So, it was pushed down as is. You just can't support it.Even if it's a child, it's a little smaller than Renchan's.


Roon-chan still looks happy after being crushed.I'm enjoying my fufu all over my body.My hands are moving. They're so fluffy.

Speaking of which, it looks like there was another one...


When I noticed, the other little panda stuck to my leg.He looks at me as if he wanted to.Keep your eyes shut. What a cute, so cute!

"Oh, oh..."

Hold up a small panda.It's a little heavy, but I can hold it without any problems.And it's so fluffy. A very friendly panda, happy.

Are you so used to pandas?

In the wild, there's usually a sense of territoriality.

It's like this with a zoo panda.

"The videos of pandas hanging around the people cleaning were great."

"I want to see that too. Tell me later."

It's fine, but you're already enjoying it.

I'd rather envy that panda.

Mirai, that's where I am. I want to fluff the pandas too. "

Absolutely not. This child is mine!

I hate to say this, but I haven't even had a tame yet.Okay. Now, Renchan...

"We're together!"

Isn't that right?

How soon will you be?

I was feeding you at the end of the camera.

That's right, Renchan, don't blur!

Looks like Ron is feeding her while playing with a small panda.I'd like to give it to you too, but I think Renchan should tame it...

When I was thinking about what to do, a big panda slipped out.Speaking of which, I haven't tamed this one yet, but I wonder what will happen to this one.You ever get a hostile verdict about a little panda named Tame?They tamed my child.

What about there, Lulu?

No problem.


If that's what Lulu says, I'm sure it is.I think I've done this event before.

As she watched the little panda, the panda walked towards Len-chan.And I stared at Ren-chan.Ron-chan also noticed and tilted her neck.

"Ah, Onee-chan. I fell in love with her!"

"Oh, thank goodness, Roon-chan!... such an event? "

Later, of course, questions for the audience.

Yes, the pandas will take you to the nest when they meet the conditions.When you get along with the child panda, the parent panda can also be tamed.Conditions are being verified.

If you feed him like you've always done, he's not Tame.

Teko, if the conditions are known, I can also tame...!?

It seems pretty tough that you still don't understand.

If it's a loose condition, someone who loves validation will be able to check it out right away.You may need specific skills, you may need some other mons tame, or you may have conditions like that.Regardless of Mons, it would be quite difficult to find out if it was a skill.

Len-chan jumped onto the belly of a large panda that fell asleep and began to wipe her head.Next to Renchan, there is also a small panda hugging.You remind me of an animated movie.

"You want to go, too? I think Len should be friends anyway."

My little panda looked a little lost, but she went to Len's.I miss you a little, but I wouldn't call you too much if I were tamed.Instead, you might as well meet me with Roon-chan.

Len-chan made her face shine when she approached the other one and fed her.Looks like Tame made it without a problem, hugging a big panda with one or two. It seems fluffy and pleasant.

Maybe we'll just relax like this today.I think I can play with pandas tomorrow, and I look forward to it.

"So tomorrow I'll play with the pandas."

What do you mean, ww

As usual, but there's no context wu

But I'm looking forward to it.

Now, let's look at the pandas and the playful lenticulars. Relax. And slowly.


"There's nothing I can do about this guy..."

"There's no way you can do it. Regular."

"Unpleasant regular births and grass."

"Shut up."