Renchan's home has a large forest, or primary forest, but there are more bamboo groves next to it.No, I can't, but why next door?I think bamboo and bamboo were very fertile, but are you okay?If they told me it was a game, I couldn't say anything.

Bamboo forest monsters, of course, are pandas.There are only three of them, so it's not that big.It is a very small area compared to the area of the primary forest.It's still big enough to play around.

"That's why I'm playing with pandas in the bamboo forest today."

Wait a minute.

Let me take a good look at Len-chan.

What a cute thing!

That's how quickly you realize that.Let's take a look at Goodwill today.I turned the light bulb towards Len-chan.

Today, Goodwill is wearing a goodwill and a panda.The ears and buttocks on the hood are black.Does it suit the stuffed animal? Very cute.

On the other side of Len-chan, Alice finished a job.He decided to make a panda from the moment he saw it, and in just one day he made a panda costume.

The panda costume is fluffy as well.This is Fuwamoko Panda Ron-chan.

"This hug feels so fluffy and pleasant...."

Hey, sweetheart?

"Almost there."


It's kind of stunned, but it looks like it's fine as it is.

"How about my sister! Isn't she cute?"

I know.

You can see it even if you go over the screen.

It's so cute. I want to hug it.

"What about it?"



All right, let's kill him.

Bye to public execution!


Everyone began to get angry before I got angry.What are you afraid of? No, but I will never allow you to hug Len-chan. Absolutely.


Yes, Gyu.



No, yeah. Alice and Lulu are the exceptions. Ha ha ha.

After she hugged Lotus, Alice had Lotus come around and stared at her.Is that a confirmation? I nodded satisfactorily whether there was no problem or not.

"Okay, I don't know, Mirai.Fuwamoko Panda Ren-chan. "

"Awesome. Cute. Alice, get married!"

"If you'll give me Ron-chan!"

"What about it?"


"Palm Crew"

When I thought you were in such a good mood, you dropped out all at once.

Too emotionally unstable wow

"Shut up."

Ron is my sister.Catch Roon-chan coming back here. Gyu.

"What's wrong?"

"I wanted to hug you."


Len-chan, let's stop being unresponsive.

Blasphemy hurts, but ignorance is more than that.

I wanted to play with the panda, and Ton-chan started to rub, so I let him go. Just a little disappointment.

Well then, let's go.


That's why we're leaving for the back of the bamboo forest.I soon realized that Alice was not coming to follow Renchan, who was rushing away happily.Looking back, she smiled like she was in trouble.

"Alice, what's wrong?"

"Hmm... can I come with you?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Do you care about what I just said? Are you kidding me?"

"Yeah... I see. Yeah. Okay, let's go."

Did you really care?Or is it something different? Well, come on.

Take Alice to the back of the bamboo grove.I don't see Renchan anymore, but I think it's okay because it's a home.Shiro is going with me, as usual.

"Still, I'm glad you were able to tame it right away.Some people have been looking for more than a week. "

"No, really, thanks to Lucky.I don't really know if Lucky Wolf is capable. "

"It's just the operation. You know it."

Yamashita-san may tell me if I ask him, but I don't think I can ask him anything.Yamashita-san is probably busy, and I just want to ask him what he really wants to hear.

Walking with such a story, I arrived at a little square like the one where the pandas led me.There is also a square in the primary forest area, and there may always be a square.

So, Ron is playing with a small panda in the square.Are you playing or taking a walk?

A big panda walks ahead, followed by fluffy pandas.Then the little pandas. He's circling the square.

Is it a walk?

"I'm just walking, but it's really healing."

Bye, Kawahn.

The pandas were walking for a while, but stopped for a moment.The big panda looks back and looks at Len.

"What's wrong?"

Roon-chan tilts her head. After the panda patted Renchan with her nose, she sat there satisfactorily.

"What...? Good night?"

Do big pandas take a break?Renchan looked back at the little panda as if she had decided not to disturb her.Lotus hugs a small panda.Even a small panda remains.


I wonder if it's comfortable to hold.Renchan, who laughs, is so cute.

"Lotus is cute. Pandas are cute too. Is it an ideal place?"

Mirai-chan, aren't there too many ideals?

The ideal place was here too......

Here, too.

"Renchan is full, that's all it takes to make it an ideal place."

In other words, Renchan's home is the ideal place.

That's it!

Yeah, definitely!