Come in ~

After school, I went into Renchan's ward and closed the door.Now, what shall we talk about today?

That's what I thought. When I looked at Len, he looked at me with a penguin stuffed toy. I wonder what it is.

"Ron-chan, what's wrong?"


Roon-chan slaps her bed.I hear you're going to sit down. When she sat down as she was told, Len gave her a book.Uh... Animal atlas, huh?

"Do you have a girl you want to see?"

When I asked him, he nodded.Hmm. I wonder which one.

Len-chan opens the animal atlas and presents it. Um...



Hmm. A seal?

I've never seen him before, but he might be in that lost forest pond someday.Let's ask Lulu.

"But why again?"

"You know, I saw an animated seal come out. It was so cute!"

"An animation with seals...?"

"Yeah, he said it was an old anime."

Ah... yeah. I see. I guess you know how that seal feels, too.

"Later, I watched the baby's video.But she was so cute! "

"Oh, yeah. I get it. I get it, Lotus."

I've seen seal baby videos before.That was really cute.No, even if it's really small...If you do see that, you can see that Ron-chan is interested.

Len-chan looks at me with a gaze full of anticipation.If you can see it like that, you can't say no.I'm not going to tell you!

"Okay, I'll check it out."


Lotus laughs happily.All right, oneechan, I'll do my best!

"So today I'm looking for seals."

Is that really the first word of the opening?

"Millay, you know what? That's why it's a prerequisite word."

Where is the premise...? Here?

"If you're a trained audience, you'll probably understand!"

That's stupid. That's why.

Ron wants to see you. I know.

I don't know the details, but I know why you're here.

Seriously, guys, www

Wow, are you new?Mirai's behavior is for 100% of the reason.

Ten percent of the time.

Yeah. No, I don't know what to do. I can't deny it.But I think that's fine, so that's fine.

"The destination is the lost forest pond.Lulu's Tammmons, that's where you'll take me. "

I mean, even Lulu today?

There you are.

We are already by that river.Len-chan quickly wipes off the sky fox.I'm delighted to have a small hand.

Lulu looks at Len-chan with a smile. I know how you feel.

Alice, Lulu's escort, is waiting by the river.I've got a tent and a folding chair sometime.I'm going to read here today.

"Does Alice read in the game?"

It can't even be real...

"No, Mirai, I think it's VR's trick to make things like camping easier."

"Ah... yeah, I see. I see."

If you ask, you're right.Even if you're too busy to go camping, you can feel the camp that Renchan can do it.

"I'm relaxing here today, so let me know if you need anything."

"Yes, thank you, Alice."

Alice, are you crazy now!?You're leaving Mirai and Lulu in a set!?

I have a very, very bad feeling!

What is that character? ww

"It's okay, Mirai-chan and Lulu-chan are here."


Renchan (Parent)

I don't know what to do, I don't feel uncomfortable wu

"Shut up."

Excuse me, these guys. I'm the guardian, damn it.

Hey, Ron-chan


Are you obsessed with mufufu?

I'm thumping, thumping, thumping, thumping. Is this okay?I'm going to look for seals now.Aren't you satisfied?

But he remembered the purpose properly and gave it to Lulu.Funn, you're so cute when you put your temper in it.

Now, let's go find seals.

Bye, Alice.


Alice thought for a moment and said.

"Be careful. Hmm...I can't go out with you, so let me go back to my room! "

Room...... tent?

Don't try to make a weird flag www

This is a hunch of an incident!

"Would you stop!?"

We're going to do seals peacefully today!There's no way this is gonna happen!

Looking at Alice, she lowered her head with a smile.I can't help it, so I'll forgive you.