Here comes the big pond. Move a little further while being drawn to the sun by the raccoons.Ah, no, Len-chan.Aren't you friends with the Lucos already?


"You're always playing on the platform...?"

Lucky times, I miss it.

It's a bit outdated for delivery, but there are times when you're still playing.

I want to see the lucky one playing with Luco. Don't you want to see it?

I want to see it.

I'll see you later. I'm a seal today anyway.

Under the leadership of Lulu, I walked around the pond.Lulu was strolling around this pond in her spare time and seemed to remember mostly where she was.By the way, I didn't see anything passing by, but there's a dolphin in the pond.What's a pond?

A little further, it looks like we've reached our destination.

"Here, Renchan."

The place Lulu pointed out with his fingers was on the rocky ground facing the pond.No, there are too many rocky areas facing ponds in this area. I don't know where they are.Well, anyway, that's the place.

There were many seals on the rock.Some swim in the sun, while others swim in pleasure.I'm a little surprised that there's so many of them.


Len-chan approaches the runway at once.Oh, I noticed the seals right away, and I raised my face all at once. I'm a little scared.

A small seal runs ahead of Renchan.It is a seal of a pure white and plump child.The child seal stares at Lotus strangely.Even if Len-chan puts out her hand, she won't do anything in particular.I won't run away. When I gently stroked it, I narrowed my eyes to feel good.





I felt that everyone's hearts were united.

As Len stroked the seals, the others approached.Of course, there are also large seals. The way everyone surrounds Renchan is a little scary, even though the seals are cute.

Of course, Ren-chan doesn't seem to care, but she's rather happy.

And Ron finally took out his secret weapon!


It's a brush.


Lotus with a brush is cute

It's like putting on a legendary sword......

Legendary Brush

What kind of brush lol

The scales of the original dragon seem to be used.

Ron rolls seals in turn and brushes gently.The seals also seem to feel good.I'd like to try it, but if everyone was crazy about Renchan... only one of them came to me.Or Lulu.

What's the matter?

When I asked Lulu, he tilted his neck.Lulu didn't seem to know either.

I hugged the seal. It's not a child, but it's not an adult seal either.It's not as small as the kid who first started playing with Len, but it's not as big as an adult.Good size for me to lift.

Then I stroked the seals.She thinned her eyes to feel good and very cute.

"I want to take it home."

"Nh... you should tame me."

Ah, right.

Yes, it was.I'll try Tame once in a while.This is still Tamer.

When I lowered my seals to the ground, they stared at me with crushing eyes.My gaze hurts a bit. Stop it, don't look at me like that...!

"What are you doing?"

"It's nothing."

Unusual behavior.

What? It's just an oddity?

That's not true. It's an unusual behavior that Ron-chan doesn't get involved in. "

I see, it's unusual.

Oh, no. It's more complicated for me to be taken for granted if there's something weird going on.It's not strange, it's an appeal for your love.

"Hey, Ron-chan!"


"I lost to seals....."

There's no way you can beat the new one, right?

Well www, don't be shy, Miray www

You're so stirring up ~

"I'm banished because they sold me a fight."

"I'm sorry. I'm just kidding. Please don't do this."

"Too desperate for grass."

"A mysterious sense of trust that this guy could really do."

I don't need that kind of trust.

When I tried to feed him, he had a light tame.That's why I can't take you to battle, so it's the healing frame of my home.I'm sure Kuro and I will be able to play.

Fufufu. There's a little more healing on my platform.... I only go there once in a while.

Now, what about Shin-chan?

"Hmm... nh"

He's got a seal on his nose.


Lovely and cute, and cute, my nose is a little cute together!

What a terrible guy!?

It's like Miray.


I pulled it without thinking, but when you look at me from the edge...?I might have to be a little careful with this...No, but Ren-chan is so cute, I can't help it!

"In the meantime... I want to see the seal lens.I'll ask Alice to put on a seal later..... "

I don't even know how to wear seals.

But I want to see it. I want to see it very much.

Alice would do it! I'm looking forward to it!

I'm looking forward to it!