I played for an hour and came back to the river.

"I made a seal dress."


It's not a level to work so fast lol

That's our teacher, Alice!

I don't think it's the level!?Isn't it too soon!?

Thank you for that.I want to see a seal.

Len is heading to the river with a seal.I think the expression "take me with you" is a little strange.I summoned Dia, put it on my back, and I had her carry it.

You're going to have to take turns getting the seals down by the river from Dia's back, and you're going to be happy.You're a little seal, and you're a fool. You're cute.

"Len-chan, it looks like you have a seal on you."


That's why I'm going to have you turn into a seal!

Alice transferred her dress to you, and you were equipped.Yeah... yeah.

The seal's clothes were just clothes that came out of his face.It's like a sleeping bag. Po Tan, the fallen man, is strangely blinking his eyes.I'm trying to move, but it looks like I can't.



Hey, somebody tell me something.

I can see you're all laughing lol

You're going to be angry lol

No, I mean it. This is a bit...

Groovy. Groovy. Groovy.

"I can't do it..."

"You're so cute, you're so creepy!"


You don't care about anything lol

Anything would be fine with you, right?

It's safe to drive normally lol

I feel like I've been fooled, but you're cute!

When I understood such a strange thing, Lin-chan stared at me.I want you to help me. Yeah, you really have to help me.

I'll hold up the seal and take you to the seals.Seals seem a little confused.

Len-chan is getting a little used to it too, and she's twitching and moving and getting a thistle in her nose.

"Nfufu... how cute..."

Len-chan, weeeeeeeee!

Awesome! A disturbed soldier! Medic! Medic!

Kill me!

Finally, you can't even check me lol

You're getting a little used to it, Lin-chan's body is moving with dexterity...Ah, no, it's just rolling.Rolling around with the seals.Maybe the seals are just imitating Yen-chan.

When Len-chan rolls around, the seals also roll around.When Len-chan stops, the seal hits Len-chan and rolls in the opposite direction.This time, Len-chan is rolling like she's chasing it.

Yeah. I don't know what she's doing. It's okay because it's cute.



"You should do something about your face."You know... frankly, no one... "



It's rare for Alice to be so straightforward and abusive lol

I know what it's like to want to say it.

”Mirai, that face just now was really no good.I can't even use pronunciation words like that. "

"Was that, for example...?"



W-Was that so disgusting?"Let's be careful..."

Len-chan seemed satisfied and returned to her usual gear.She holds up the seals and takes turns greeting them with her nose.I wonder if you like the greeting.

But, yes. It's almost time to end this.Unfortunately, today is over.

Welcome back!

Len-chan came back after seeing Mons go home.You stormed at me, so I hugged you.Nh, I'm rubbing my head somehow.All right, all right, you're cute.


This is what I told you lol

Well, speaking of Mirai, I can't help it!

It's better than not being close. Yeah.

Have you told yourself that?

Don't say that!

That's rude of you guys.

"Well then, it's about time."Please thank me properly. "


When Len-chan left me, she went to Lulu first.

Thank you for bringing me here!

"Nh... I want you to say it whenever you want."

Ah, Lulu's face is a little red.It's unusual. I just took a picture.

It's Lulu!

This is preservation, and Mirai is taking pictures and grass faster than we can move.

Too quick craftsmanship. If it wasn't for us, we'd miss it. "

In fact, you're the one who noticed because you're not there, right?

It seems that Lulu read the comments and looked back at me!I hope you don't have to say anything extra!


If Lulu wants to delete your photo, I'll delete it.

"I give up"

Immediate Responsew

I don't want to turn it off so much lol

This guy actually saved quite a bit...?

I know. Lulu has a folder on her computer.Definitely. Because Lulu is a little closer to me. I love cute things.

Why would that be?Because that's what I would do.

What do you say?


I was distracted when I asked. It appears to be a picture of a star.

Next, Ren-chan turned to Alice.

Alice-san, thank you for wearing it!

"No. I'll make you more. I'll make more and more.That's why I want you to wear lots of them. "


There's definitely a folder on Alice's computer, too.

Everyone makes them. I make them too.

Sometimes I wonder if you can talk about me like this...?

Len-chan finally hugged me again and grabbed her head.I raised my face and laughed briefly.

"Good night, onee-chan"

"Yeah. Good night, Len-chan. I need to get some sleep."

That's how Lin-chan logged out.

I'll say hello, cut the delivery, too.

"Alice. Lulu."

“Yes, where are we going today?”

"Nh... I'll do the same."

I feel that the tea party after the delivery has become a regular event, but I don't care!