Len-chan's home, the pond.A new resident joined the pond, which was only a little bigger.To the racks, to the seals.What a healing space.

Okay, let's play with our new family of seals today!

...... I can't accept how many family members there are.Honestly, I don't know either.Maybe Yen-chan will remember.

Oh, delivery starts again

Mirai isn't here again.

There's no one here

There's a lot of raccoons and seals lol

Can you believe it? They're all Tammons.

That's why you can tame so much www

It's getting worse, isn't it?

Ah, there was a pussy!

Little racket and little seal in your arms, you happy len-chan

It's cute.

It's so cute.


All I could hear was a disgusting laugh.

It's rude to say it's disgusting.

“It's a perfectly good day. I'm taking a relaxing sunbath, so please relax and watch the seals play with the lacquer."

I'm mouth-watering.

No motivation?

"Hmm... do you want to try fishing?"

No way lol

I am satisfied when I see Fuwen-chan.Let's watch while fishing.

Go to the side of the pond and remove the chair from the inventory.It's a folding chair for camping or something.I like this, don't I?Somehow, I feel like I'm outdoors playing.

Sit in a chair and take a breath.... somehow, Len-chan is looking at me really hard.I'm holding a seal's hand and mowing.He's waving to me.Let's flip it back.

Len-chan smiled.

”You're pretending to hold your hand, it's cute.”

I know.

If I was working part-time at a convenience store, my mom would shake my little girl's hand, but it would be a little soothing.

I like your part-time job first.

There seems to be a considerable difference between convenience stores and shops.I'm not going to do it for now.I'm going to spend less time with Len-chan.

Attach the bait and shake the pole.Yeah, I flew nicely.

I'm so used to it.

I know. Mirai's hobbies include fishing!

Yeah, it's an automatic skill motion.


This is embarrassing www

I want to beat myself to death ten seconds ago...

As long as you have the skills, you can do it somewhat automatically.It seems that people who are hobbyists don't rely on their skills.

By the way, can you catch anything from the home pond?

You can catch the same thing as Fatos.

I don't want to do it in the pond of Phatos, but I recommend it to people who want to relax by themselves.

Well, you have to tame the water-related mons, and if you don't put in the auto-expansion, it won't come out!

It's so hard on the ground lol

Billing privileges.I don't think it's okay to give you such a preferential treatment.

Relax, watch the fishing line, and watch Len-chan.When I alternated between them, I found that Len-chan was getting a little closer.


Have you noticed?

Gradually, Mirai's gaze was approaching the moment she was out of sight.

Len-chan is watching Mirai's every step of the way, huh?

Hmph. Then let's try it and try not to look.

Remove your gaze from Len-chan and concentrate on fishing."I wonder if you'll do something for me...?"

Yeah. Yeah. Somehow, my legs are on my legs.

"Len-chan, what are you doing...?"

Rakko-san! Is she cute?

"Yeah. It's cute, though."

A small raccoon gazes at her with her squinty eyes. What's so cute about this?

After staring at each other for a while, Lin-chan lowered his rack. And then the seals.

"Seals are also cute, aren't they?"..... Fufu..... "

If you stroke the seal, it will narrow your eyes to make it feel good. Really, really cute.

Also, the seal was lowered by Len-chan's hand."What's next..."

Len-chan's on board.

"Alright...... Ehehe......"


Oh no! Mirai's consciousness!

Medic! Medic!

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to kill him once?

I see.

I see, but I don't know.

Haha! I'm so happy, I'm so happy that my consciousness has jumped.

What's the matter, Lin-chan?

"Mmm... alone!"

Um, yeah.

What a cute girl. Whose kid is that?It's my sister. How about that? My sister will be cute.


Don't fuck around so much today...

In a sense, it's normal operation.

But I envy you so much.

It's my sister's privilege. Anyway, I envy you. "

Hmph. My sister is cute!

Len sprang her legs from my lap and gently hugged the seal.Then they lean on me.Oh, my God, I'm so happy.

For now, Gyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


She seemed strange, but Len-chan accepted her. That's my goddess.

Yes. Yes. Today is a very good day."This is my ideal home..."

After that, I hugged Len while relaxing and fishing till the end of the time. Bliss.

About the fishing line dropping for nearly two hours and catching zero

Is something like this happening?

Your fishing talent is devastating!

Next time I see Mirai fishing, let's not do it on my own.

No, I'd rather catch that on Mirai's side!?

Are you a genius!? Mirei, let's fish together!

No, not with me!

No, no, no!

"Shut up...!"

Leave me alone, you idiot!