The arena is very spacious.I think we can afford a dome ballpark.There are a lot of players in such a square.It can vary from being ready to be a participant to waiting.

By the way, there are audience seats around. There are quite a few people over here.I wonder if it would be unusual for an official event to have a fair audience at a player-sponsored event.

Well, let's see.

Where's Alice?

I wonder.

Repeat after me, you're a little surprised by the crowd, hiding behind me.It looked like a small animal that quickly hid with a little face.

It's so cute. The surrounding gaze is smiling!

Oh, there's Alice. The person who wants to participate has a placard that says here. Is it handmade?


Ah, Mirai-chan. Lan-chan too. Hello.


Oh!? Somehow, my gaze turned to me at once!Rather, I'm watching you!Len seemed to have figured it out, and she quickly hid behind me.

But, Len-chan. I can see it from the person on the other side of Yen-chan. I won't tell you.

"Then, can you choose what kind of competition you want to take part in?"Len-chan is a priority, so you can do whatever you want. "

While Alice said that, she gave Len a large piece of paper.It looks like you're writing a brief description of the competition you're holding.By the way, I am an audience. I have an important role to play in mirroring Len-chan's bravery!

Nevertheless, I didn't know if anyone else would complain, but everyone was watching Len-chan with a sarcasm.

What kind of situation is this?

"Hmm? Yeah, yeah. There's always room for one person."That's why someone has to leave because you chose it. "

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"So, can I go to the competition with my goodwill now, or is it a moment of nervousness?"

"Ah, yes. I see."

I wonder if everyone is a fan of Len-chan...?

Len-chan was plenty troubled and chose.

Borrowed object race. Obstacle race. Ball holder.Tug of war. And two legs. Five events.

You picked a lot of them.

"I wonder if I can't...?"

“It's okay, but if you're tired, just say it.”

When Alice got the paper back from her, she immediately went to tell the other participants and people who seemed to be related."Oh, some kind of snort..." I know the people in the same competition and the people in different competitions well.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,


Nan-san, let's do it, shall we?

Huh. Of course I'm very happy, but I wonder if my stature is okay.No, it's okay. It doesn't matter.

"Yeah. Let's go out together."


Len-chan, who smiles happily, is very cute. Let's go, let's go.

At the opening ceremony, we were all aligned and listened to.As expected, there were a lot of people and they could not practice, so they made a compromise.

Oh, before I do, I have to start delivering.I'd like to start from scratch.


"It's an athletic event."


I've been waiting for you!

You're just too much!

“No, I'm sorry, I forgot about the viewer.”

It's hard to find a broadcaster who doesn't care about his audience lol

That's right. I may not have seen it either.

If there's a Lin-chan, that's fine.

I fully agree.

"Come on, you guys, get out."I'll take care of it all by myself. "

Oh, you can't do that, can you, Temele?

"Yes, yes, I don't fight."

Who's to blame lol

It's not my fault!

Okay, first of all, I would like to say hello to the delegates.In the middle of the arena, there was a bowl, and a representative climbed on top of it...

Kimpika-san!? You're alive!?

Please don't kill me on your own!?

Oh, I heard you.

Grass www

"Grass to grass periodically"

It's just not very involved, so it's working properly.

There's no way I can properly intertwine it from my playstyle.

By the way, why doesn't he log in between 18: 00 and 20: 00?

Huh ~. That's strange.

You guys lol

Yeah. Well, thank you for looking at me all the time.

Konon, Kimpika-san coughs and raises one hand.

"Athlete Sworn"

"Oh, it's like that..."

"Lin-chan, you're so cute!"

Hey, hey.

"Lin-chan, you're so cute!"

You're so cute!

What the hell is this big chorus lin-chan doing so cute!

What kind of athlete shouldn't be sworn in?I don't think so.No, I know it was originally planned for you, but this is a surprise.

What's a good adult doing?

I don't think Kim Pika would want to be the only one to tell Mirai.

I made a summary video of Mirai, but do you want to watch it?

Please don't. You'll die.

Incidentally, Ren-chan was strangely strange.Len, you're so cute!