Hey, I want to say, but I can only agree with you.

It's the best pleading I've ever had.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I want to kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-kinky-k

Oh, my God, he's coming out of the grass.

Punish? Punish?

Kill her before she sees you!


Some comments are chaotic, too.

Well, Lin-chan, which one is better?

"Um, Takoyaki. No?"

No way!

So we head to the takoyaki stall.

The baking method seems to be the same as the real one.It's a uniquely shaped iron plate that I use for dexterity.

"Oh... you're a professional..."

"Hey! I want to see it!"

"Yes, yes."

I'll put my hands on your sides and lift them up.Oniisan, who was roasting octopus, looked at it and laughed thinly, and turned it slowly so that Lin-chan could understand it.Slowly, slowly, slowly. It's craftsmanship.

"Wow! Wow!"

Len-chan is also admiringly cute.Niisan seems to be flattered by the straightforward praise from Len-chan. I might be a little jealous.

Okay, I want to be told like this.

I just wanted to be praised by you.

What's going on with your life?

I was looking at such craftsmanship for a while, but oniisan looked at me with an indescribable bitter smile.I know somehow even if it is not spoken.You're not going to order it, are you?

Well, two packs of six, please.

Yes, sir.

It is also very dexterous.It's a box of brown paper. A regular one, huh?

What about the sauce and mayonnaise?

Len-chan, what are you going to do?

Lots of them!

It's a lie.

"Haha, okay."

Oniisan laughed and sprinkled plenty of sauce and mayonnaise.There is also plenty of blue sky and bonito.Of course, he listened to me properly.

Pay up, collect the takoyaki, and head straight to the inventory.It's unique to VR games that you can carry around nicely. Thank you very much.

Len-chan stares at you, but it's bad manners to eat while walking.I want you to be patient for a little longer.

I'll see you when I get back.


"I hate honest Len-chan!"


"[]/(n, adj-no) (uk) (uk) (ksb:) (ksb:) (uk) (ksb:) (ksb:) (ksb:)/" While stroking Len-chan, I bought two additional packs.This one was for Alice and Lulu.I don't know if I'm going to eat it, but if I don't want it, I'll just eat it the other day.If you put it in your inventory, you can always eat it.

Len-chan, do you have anything else you want to eat?

"Mmm... lots!"

Alright, let's do all kinds for now!

I'll buy a lot!

You really enjoy shopping lol

It's just grass that we buy all kinds of things.

Well, if it's limited to food, you'll be fine in time.

I went shopping a lot and came back to the audience.When I went to the previous place, Alice and Lulu were in the same place.There were two empty foxes between them.Apparently, you picked up the place for me.

As we headed over, they greeted us with a smile.

"Welcome back. Are you satisfied?"

I did. Alice and Lulu also have a good hem.

"Hmm. Thanks... no, it's a lot"

When I split the product I bought from the trade screen between the two of them, their faces were subtly drawn together.Isn't that much? No, a lot.There are ten kinds.

If you're real, you can't eat it all by yourself.

”If we share it and eat it, we can do something about it......”

I'm too used to VR, so I bought and ate too much like VR, and there are reports that I got fat as a result, so be careful.


I think we really have to be careful with that.Especially since there's no feeling of fullness here, you can keep eating it.To get used to it, I'm really scared, that's what I often hear.

I sat next to Alice, followed by Lin-chan and Lulu on the other side.Len-chan is happy to hold up her arms.I'm worried my lucky head won't be jealous, but I'm sleeping here feeling good.

Sometimes lucky sleeps on your head, but you're dexterous.

You're clinging to your dexterity, aren't you?

Sometimes I like that you adjust your position so that you don't fall out.

I know. It's cute.

Yep. I wonder if Lucky is about to fall, and when he does, you're subtly changing Lucky's position.Lucky won't react to it.

Okay. Let's eat for now. Len-chan is also staring excitedly.

I took out the long-awaited octopus from my inventory and gave it to you.Len quickly opened the lid and put it in one mouth.It looks a little hot, but it's fufufu.Hahaha, mooing, mooing, mooing.Yan-chan's face glowed suddenly.


"Yeah, yeah, that's good."

I'm very happy that you're happy.

I'll eat too. Snap. It's not that hot in VR, but it feels pretty hot.But it's not like I can't eat it.The outside is crispy and the inside is muddy. It's delicious.

"Ah, this taste... Mirai-chan, didn't this cool oniisan bake this octopus?"

"Eh? Yeah. Blonde oniisan."

It's a player.


Haven't you noticed lol?

Nearly half of the food stalls that Mirai and the others went around were players.

I wonder when they were ready...