No, I really didn't notice! I see, it was you!No, I'm surprised. I didn't mean to be rude...?

But I see. If you were a player, you might be able to buy this octopus again. This is really delicious.

"Alice, where does this takoyaki person usually serve at?"

I'm in Phatos.

Oh my God.

You were selling octopus to Fatos.Honestly, I had no idea. It's probably good for primary industry production, but I don't think it's a good place to sell.Compared to Secan, the number of players is completely different.

"Because that person has a strange passion for making delicious octopus rather than making money."

Strange Passion

Is that what Alice says...?

'No, you don't have to look in the mirror.Look at Mirei and Lulu in front of you?

I feel like I've been taken for granted.

I just love Len-chan.There's nothing wrong with that!

"It seems that you can catch fresh octopus in the pond of Phatos."They're making octopus from that octopus. "

"Hmm... yeah?"

Octopus? In the pond? Why?

Have you noticed?

Don't worry about it now.

Incidentally, this name was pond octopus.It's very plump and delicious even with sashimi. "

Seriously, I'm going to go fishing for octopus.

You're still seeing a strange world in a strange place, this game.No, thank you. There are tigers living in caves in the first place, so it's no use thinking about it.

When I thought about it while doing octopus, it seemed like the first competition was about to start, and something like a fanfare began to ring."Wow, I can't believe there was such a function in the arena..."

Player plays


I think you put too much force in the strange place!?

Looking at Alice pointing, I wonder if it's a trumpet?There were dozens of people playing.That's amazing. You must have some playing skills, but it's still compelling when you hear it live. It's about VR.

Hmm? The sleeve was pulled out.

What's the matter?

"I want to hear it nearby... can't I?"

Ok, here we go.


Len-chan asked for it, so I left my seat.When I told Alice, she laughed and waved her hand.

Stay close to the people who are walking and playing.But unfortunately, the performance was just finished.Everyone's putting down their trumpets. The fanfare itself was supposed to be a short song, so I guess it's only natural that I won't be able to make it.

It's a bit of a kitty-kitty mess.

"Hmm? Ah, it's Little Daddy."

Ah, the people who were playing noticed.Everyone is laughing and waving.Len-chan hid behind me, but she just waves her hand out of her face. She's cute.

What's going on here, Ran-chan?

One of them asks.Len-chan looks at me and nods with a smile.You can do as Len-chan likes.

"Um... I'm here to play."


"What is it?!"

"Yay! I'm glad you did it!"

Everyone is so excited.Everyone's pulling scores from the inventory one after the other.I started consulting on which one to do and which one to do. No, what about the competition?

“No problem! I'll just play at the next fanfare!”

Aren't they too free?

I feel like there's a long score coming out of it.

I don't know how many minutes of songs you can play!

What is Fanfare?

It's the one that's definitely going to get mad.

But it didn't seem like I was going to do it on my own, so the child I talked to went to check it out.It seems that you will ask Kimpika-san.

"In the meantime, I'll give you my backup..."

Len-chan, Len-chan


Would you like to blow it?

One of us will give you the trumpet.Len-chan nodded again and again, his eyes shining.Take the handed trumpet politely and say goodbye.


I knew it lol

You promised me lol

If I didn't have the playing skills, it wouldn't seem like it would be any different from real... lol

Len seemed a bit sorry, but she quickly returned the trumpet.It seems that I know now that it is difficult.You're a genius, Ran-chan!

Oops, it's almost time for the first event. "Um..."

Big rope jump?

That's right.

Incidentally, as you can see from the members' decision today, there is no practice at all

It's my first time hitting with a companion.

It's the one that will never be a scoundrel!?

While I was doing that, the big jump rope didn't even start... at first...It doesn't start. Someone's waving a rope.Ah, I'm starting to quarrel. Is that all right?

Grass from the first shot

Well, it's a player-sponsored event.... lol

Oh, it looks like it's about to start again.

It started... and it ended.

Zero records. I knew it.

I guess it's because Temeye doesn't shake properly!

"Ah!? You guys are the ones who have to jump!"

Oh... I thought we got into a fight, but it seems we're going to do it a second time soon.Somehow, the ropewalker and the jumper are sparking, but I wonder if that's okay.

"Alright, Lin-chan. Cheer him up. Good luck."

"Huh? Huh. Huh..." Good luck! "

Len-chan's support by waving and jumping.It's cute. I want to take it home.

Everyone at the venue loosened their cheeks, and the rope was shaken and no one jumped.

No, the grass

It's so bad that there's no salvation lol

At least jump lol

Yin-chan really supported me.

Len-chan doesn't seem to know much about tilting her neck.I think that's fine with Len-chan.

So the first event ended in about three minutes.It's too early to laugh.